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       2、教材注重學生的全面發展,開發學生的自主學習精神和實踐能力。教材關注了對學生學習策略的培養,讓學生在學習語言的聽、說、讀、寫實踐中學會學習?! ?br />    3、教材內容聯系社會生活,富有時代氣息,體現時代精神。全套教材語言表達規范,語言現象再現率高,符合學習語言的認知規律?! ?br />    4、編排體例突破傳統模式,體現語言教學的整體性和綜合性?!?/p>




    • 牛津初中英語三年級課文UNIT1

      [00:32.60]1.It's nice of you tobring me thenewspaper,Hobo. [00:37.75]2.You should readyour stars,Eddie.It's very interesting. [00:43.39]3.Wow! It says I'llhave lots to eat anddrink today.I won'tbe hungry! [00:50.83]4.Well,you shouldn'tworry about not...

    • 牛津初中英語三年級課文UNIT2

      00:06.19]1.Which one do youwant to wear,Eddie? [00:12.15]2.I'd rather wearblue than pink.Pinkis a girl's colour. [00:18.60]3.There's nothingwrong with pink,youknow. [00:22.65]4.But blue looksgood on you! [00:26.49]▲ReadingColours and yourmoods [00:3...

    • 牛津初中英語三年級課文UNIT3

      [00:08.78]Hobo,I've got aproblem.What is it,Eddie?I'm getting fat. [00:16.93]Look at my stomach.Eating too much makesyou unhealthy. [00:23.46]Running and swimmingare good at you. [00:27.69]Maybe you're right.Good,I'll finish thefood for you then. [00...

    • 牛津初中英語三年級課文UNIT4

      [00:04.78]Eddie, shall we goshopping today? [00:13.53]I'm far too busy togo shopping [00:18.00]Busy? But you havenothing to do! [00:23.04]No, you're wrong !From 9 to 12, I hareto watch TV. [00:30.41]Then I'll have lunchand a little sleepbetween 2 and...

    • 牛津初中英語三年級課文UNIT5

      00:10.48]1. Listen, Hobo,you're very lucky,you know. [00:15.80]2.Why? Because I'myour friend. [00:20.74]Do you know who I am?Tomorrow's TVsuperstar! [00:27.40]3.You? A TVsuperstar? Why don'tyou stop daydreaming? [00:34.74]You should be morerealistic....

    • 牛津初中英語三年級課文UNIT6

      [00:08.78]1.Why are youdressed like that,Eddie? [00:12.90]2.I'm a detective.I'm doing some veryimportant work. [00:19.85]3.Wow! Who are youlooking for?A murderer? [00:25.29]4.No, this is muchmore serious.My food hasgone missing. [00:32.84]ReadingAMur...

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