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    • 365個英語簡短小故事- 1. New to America Nancy was new to America. She came to America speaking only her native language. She brought her 8-year-old son with her. He was all she had in the world. They found an apartment in Arcadia. They were there for only two months when a neighbors dog ju
    • 365個英語簡短小故事- 2. A Haircut It was time for a haircut. Lenny didnt even have to look in the mirror. Even though he was going bald, he knew that he needed to cut his hair every two weeks. He had a tongue of hair on the top of his head. His hair was thinning at the crown. He stil
    • 365個英語簡短小故事- 3. The Yardman The yardman comes every two weeks. He drives a gray pickup truck. The truck is a Ford. It is about 15 years old, but it runs well. It doesnt burn oil, and it gets decent gas mileage. The yardmans name is Byron. In the back of his truck are a lawn mow
    • 365個英語簡短小故事- 4. Grab Your Umbrellas It looked like rain. The sky was gray. It was almost noon, but the sun was hidden by a gray blanket. It was cool. There were no birds flying anywhere. A couple of birds sat on the telephone wire. Bob was standing outside talking to Bill. They both ha
    • 365個英語簡短小故事- 5. Shopping for Bargains Jim went to the thrift shop. He wasnt looking for anything in particular. He liked to go there just to browse. A big sign on the front door said OPEN. The shop was closed on Sunday and Monday. The rest of the week, it opened at 10 a.m. and closed at
    • 365個英語簡短小故事- 6. Horses to Ride Laura went to the stable. Four horses stood there. She put a saddle on Star. He was seven years old, big and dark brown. Her sister came out to the stable. They were both going to exercise the horses. It was a warm, sunny day. Janice saddled up Moonb
    • 365個英語簡短小故事- 7. Does Garlic Mean Garlic? Mike looked at the label on the big plastic container. It said Garlic Powder. There was a U with a circle around it after the word Powder. What does this U mean, Mike wondered. Under the word Powder was another word, Seasoning. Under that word was a
    • 365個英語簡短小故事- 8. A Shower Injury Ben leaned over the edge of the tub. He turned on the hot and cold water faucets. The water came out of the spout near the top of the tub. He pushed down on the lever beneath the spout so that the water would drain. He was going to take a shower, not
    • 365個英語簡短小故事- 9. Pete's Sharp Knife Pete was in his kitchen. He was about to slice three green apples. He liked to eat fresh apples with cinnamon sprinkled on them. He opened the blinds so that he could get more sunlight into the kitchen. Now he could see what he was doing. He grabbed
    • 365個英語簡短小故事- 10.Provider Overbills Customer Simon got a monthly bill that he didnt like. His Internet service provider, Wink, automatically withdrew $15 from his checking account each month. This was called direct payment. It made things simpler for him because it meant one less check to write
    • 365個英語簡短小故事- 11. A Good Sandwich Gordon was hungry. He opened the refrigerator. There must be something in here to eat, he thought. There wasa single hot dog. He took it out of its package and put a small frying pan onto the stoves gas burner. He turned on the heat. Then he poured a
    • 365個英語簡短小故事- 12. Sara's Upset Stomach Sara needed to see the doctor. She had an upset stomach. She felt bloated, and needed to pass gas every minute or so. This was terrible. She couldnt go anywhere in public. Her friends told her it was because she had moved to America. The air, water,
    • 365個英語簡短小故事- 13. Please Marry Me! Jill answered the phone. It was Jack. Jill, will you marry me next week? What? Jack repeated his question. Of course not, she replied. She wondered why he was asking her that question. They had already agreed that when people get married, they immedi
    • 365個英語簡短小故事- 14. Laundry Day Saturday morning meant one thing for Susandoing the laundry. She hated doing the laundry. Unenthusiastically, she took the pillow cases off all the pillows. Then she removed the fitted sheet from the mattress. She took the towel off the towel bar in
    • 365個英語簡短小故事- 15. A Noisy Neighbor Barbara couldnt take it any more. Her upstairs neighbor was blasting his stereo again. She had asked him twice already to turn the volume down. The first time she asked, he was surprised. He said he didnt know that she could hear his stereo. Yes, she
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