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    • 劉毅詞匯(中級)5000 lesson 1 第一課的單詞 Barren adj.貧瘠的 同:sterile The barren land could produce little food. Bump v.碰撞 同:collide The room was dark and I bumped my head against the door. Devise v.設計;發明 同:invent He devised a new method for teaching
    • 劉毅詞匯(中級)5000 lesson 2 第二課的單詞 Apparatus n.儀器 同:equipment The town has recently purchased some new fire-fighting apparatus. Assert v.斷言 同:insist The witness asserted that the salesman was dishonest. Assign v.分派 同:allot He was pleased that he was
    • 劉毅詞匯 5000 lesson 3 第三課的單詞 Alter v.改變 同:change If the coat is too large , the tailor can alter it to fit you. Doom n.命運;劫數 同:fate As the ship sank, they faced their doom. Fragile adj.易碎的 同:breakable This old dish is in a very fragile
    • 劉毅詞匯 5000 lesson 4 第四課的單詞 Bellow v.吼叫 同:roar He bellowed with pain when the tooth was pulled out. Beverage n.飲料 同:drink In some countries, it is illegal to sell alcoholic beverages on Sundays. Calculate v.計算 同:compute You must calculate all
    • 劉毅詞匯 5000 lesson 5 第五課的單詞 1.Anticipate v.預期 同:expect Mother anticipated my hunger and baked cookies for me. 2.Aspire v.渴望 同:desire In his childhood, he aspired to become a great general. 3.Attorney n.律師 同:lawyer The court appointed and atto
    • 劉毅詞匯(中級)5000 lesson 6 LESSON 6 1.Avenue n.大街 同:road Many people walked down the avenue through the center of the park. 2.Bestow v.贈予 同:confer The president of the college bestowed honors on the best students. 3.Brim 1.n.(杯,碗,盤等的)邊 同:brink
    • 劉毅詞匯 5000 lesson 7 LESSON 7 1.Batter v.重擊 同:beat There is someone battering at the door youd better let him in. 2.Clutch v.緊握 同:grasp The mother clutched her baby in her arms. 3.Contemplate v.審視;考慮 同:ponder The police contemplated various kinds o
    • 劉毅詞匯 5000 lesson 8 LESSON 8 1.Abrupt adj. 1.突然的 同:sudden 2.陡峭的 He made an abrupt turn to avoid hitting another car. The road made an abrupt rise up the hill. 2.Acknowledge 承認 同:admit 函謝;承認收到 I am sure that she will soon acknowledge her
    • 劉毅詞匯 5000 lesson 9 LESSON 9 1.Assail v.攻擊 同:assault The enemy may assail our defense positions tomorrow. 2.Barrier n.界線 同:hindrance Countries can no longer depend on mountain barriers for protection. 3.Burglar n.夜賊 同:thief A burglar broke into my house
    • 劉毅詞匯 5000 lesson 10 LESSON 10 1.Adore v.崇拜 同:worship All the girls in our school adore the handsome mathematics teacher who happens to be a bachelor. 2.Blend v. 1.混合 同:mix 2.調和 A grocer must know how to blend different kinds of tea. These houses seem to b
    • 劉毅詞匯(中級)5000 lesson 11 LESSON 11 1.Abode n.住處 同:residence The woodcutters abode was a house in the forest. 2.Annual adj.一年一次的 同:yearly The company allows us an annual vacation of two weeks. 3.Coax v.誘哄 同:cajole The mother coaxed the boy to take the m
    • 劉毅詞匯 5000 lesson 12 LESSON 12 1.Appropriate 1. adj.適合的 同:proper 2.占有 v. 同:embezzle Thick , woolen clothes would not be appropriate for a hot summer day. You should not appropriate other peoples belongings without their permission. 2.Coarse adj.粗魯的 同
    • 劉毅詞匯 5000 lesson 13 LESSON 13 1.Appeal v. 1.懇請 同:implore 2.吸引 The government is appealing to everyone to save water. The music is too old-fashioned to appeal to people any longer. 2.Bustle n.喧擾的活動 同:fuss There was a great bustle as the children got
    • 劉毅詞匯 5000 lesson 14 LESSON 14 1.Amaze v.使驚訝 同:surprise They were all amazed at the mighty power of nature. 2.Bargain n. 1.協定 同:contract 2.廉價貨 The boys made a bargain with one another to exchange baseball gloves. These good shoes are a real bargain at
    • 劉毅詞匯(中級)5000 lesson 15 劉毅詞匯 5000 lesson 15
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