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    • 辦公室英語口語第1期:Greeting 清晨問候 Greeting A: Hi, Jane. How are you doing this morning? B: Im all right, thanks. Just a little tired. A: Late night? B: Yeah, I got home around two. 清晨問候 A:嗨,珍妮。你今天早上還好嗎? B:還好。謝謝。就是有點累。 A:
    • 辦公室英語口語第2期:Feeling better today? 今天好些 Feeling better today? A: Hello, Mr. Macmillan. B: Hi, Susan. How are you feeling today? A: Much better, thanks. B: Glad to hear it. 今天好些了嗎? A:你好,麥克米倫先生。 B:你好,蘇珊。今天感覺怎么樣? A:好多了,
    • 辦公室英語口語第3期:Long time no see! 好久沒見 Long time no see! A: Hi, Jim. How are you? I havent seen you for a while. B: Im fine. Ive been out of town. I just got back. A: Where were you? B: I was in New York for a wedding. 好久沒見 A:嗨,吉姆。你好嗎?好久沒見啦。 B:我很
    • 辦公室英語口語第4期:With a new employee 見到新雇員 With a new employee A: Hi there! My names Terry Graham. Youre new around here, huh? B: Yes. My names Mark Benson. I just started a couple of weeks ago. A: Well, if theres anything I can do for you, let me know. B: Thanks, I appreciate that! 見到新雇
    • 辦公室英語口語第5期:With the general manager 見到總 With the general manager A: Hello, Ms. Barkley. How are you? B: Fine, thank you, sir. Its nice to see you again. A: Good to see you again, too. Hows you family? B: Very well, thank you, Mr. Parker. 見到總經理 A:嗨,巴克利女士。你好嗎?
    • 辦公室英語口語第6期:Directions to the supply shop 辦公 Directions to the supply shop A: Mary? Can you tell me where the supply shop is? B: Sure. Its on basement level one. Turn right when you get off the elevator. A: Great! Thanks a lot! B: No problem, John. 辦公用品店在哪? A:瑪麗,能告訴我
    • 辦公室英語口語第7期:Directions to the copy room Directions to the copy room A: Excuse me, Mr. Emory? B: Yes, Christine? A: Could you tell me where the copier is, please? B: Sure. You just walk down this hallway. The copy room is the second room on the right. 復印室在哪 A:打擾一下,埃莫
    • 辦公室英語口語第8期:Directions to the lunch room 餐廳 Directions to the lunch room A: Excuse me, maam? B: Yes. What can I do for you? A: Im new here and I cant seem to find the lunch room. B: Oh, its right downstairs. Im going there myself. Just follow me. 餐廳在哪 A:這位女士,打擾您一下?
    • 辦公室英語口語第9期:Looking for someone’s office 尋 Looking for someones office A: Excuse me? B: Yes. Can I help you? A: Yes, please. Im looking for Mr. Macmillans office. Do you know where it is? B: Im sorry, I dont know, but the guard over there should know. 尋找某人辦公室 A:麻煩您一下?
    • 辦公室英語口語第10期:Directions to a bank 銀行在哪 Directions to a bank A: Excuse me, young man? B: Yes, maam? A: Could you point me in the direction of the bank? Ive lost my way. B: Certainly, maam. Just take these stairs down to the first floor and turn left. You cant miss it. 銀行在哪 A:勞駕
    • 辦公室英語口語第11期:Asking for a phone number 詢問電 Asking for a phone number A: Richard? Do you have the number for that Chinese restaurant on the corner? B: Yeah, hold on a second. Ive got it in my office. Here it is. 553-2213. A: 553-2213. Great, thanks. B: No problem. Pick me up something to eat t
    • 辦公室英語口語第12期:Getting a phone number 要電話號 Getting a phone number A: Christine? B: Yes, Mr. Emory? A: I need the number for John Reeses office. B: Just one moment, sir. Here you are 767-4512. 要電話號碼 A:克莉絲??? B:什么事,埃莫里先生? A:我需要約翰瑞斯辦公室
    • 辦公室英語口語第13期:Asking for a client’s informa Asking for a clients information A: When would you like me to send those plans over to your office, Mr. Montgomery? B: It would be good if you could get them to me by Thursday afternoon, Ms. Barkley. A: That shouldnt be a problem. What is the exact a
    • 辦公室英語口語第14期:Asking for a client’s address Asking for a clients address A: Excuse me, sir? I just need a little bit more information. Could you tell me your telephone number and mailing address? B: Sure. My number is 545-8897, and I live at 908 Mulbury Street. A: Thats 545-8897 and your maili
    • 辦公室英語口語第15期:Farewell before Christmas 圣誕前 Farewell before Christmas A: Im really glad I got a chance to talk to you before you left, Mary. Have a safe trip! B: Thanks. Try not to work too hard while Im away! A: Yeah, Ill try not to! See you after Christmas. B: Okay-bye! Have a nice Christmas
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