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    1 對話源自生活,能學到地道表達

    2 交互式對話,讓人真實感受對話場景

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    • 聽美劇學英語:《淘小子看世界》Kid Gloves - 1 The following is a list of exciting extracurricular activities offered to you, the student, by your Philadelphia Board of Education. Each student shall select one exciting activity. Vocabulary club. Too exciting. Mr. Matthews, please. It wasn't me,
    • 聽美劇學英語:《淘小子看世界》Kid Gloves - 2 Hey, Cory! You got a box on your face. Hey, get up; some rich put a box on your face. Cory, don't wake up, there's no box on your face. Um? You lie. There is a box on my face. What do you think it is? I bet I know. For my little boy who is about to
    • 聽美劇學英語:《淘小子看世界》Kid Gloves - 3 Well, that's OK if he didn't like it. You know, it's not like I gave it to him, to, to get one of those Kodak moments . I feel very bad. Allen, love of my life. Did you by any chance explain to Cory the meaning of those silver gloves? Not yet. Wel
    • 聽美劇學英語:《淘小子看世界》Kid Gloves - 4 Hello, I am your partner. What's that for? Seeing other submarines? For breathing, didn't you ever go snorkeling ? No, never, did you? Sure, my bathtub. You can totally see things growing down there. You know, I was meant for this underwater life, be
    • 聽美劇學英語:《淘小子看世界》Kid Gloves - 5 Topanga. Yes, Stuart. You're beautiful. That's very sweet, Stuart. My superficial side thanks you. What is Minkus doing? I don't know, but he's doing it better than us. Hey, what's with the necklace? Oh, my dad gave it to me. It's one of those really
    • 聽美劇學英語:《淘小子看世界》Kid Gloves - 6 No, of course I know your name is Donna. I mean, er, Vicky is just a little pet name I like to use. You know, like, er, honey, darling, Vicky. You are gonna hang up on me now, aren't you? Yes, you are. Hey, how come you aren't wearing the little silv
    • 聽美劇學英語:《淘小子看世界》Kid Gloves - 7 No, they are not mittens on the chain, OK? They happen to be the silver boxing gloves of the second best boxer in the whole United States Navy. Yeah, yeah, OK, thanks. Oh, they are not at the comic book store,either? No. They are nowhere in the whole
    • 聽美劇學英語:《淘小子看世界》Kid Gloves - 8 Mr. Matthews! Mr. Matthews! Mr. Matthews! Uh-oh. Mr. Matthews! Didn't you hear a word I said today? Diving alone is not only stupid, it's dangerous. There isn't even a lifeguard on duty. This is gotta be the most half-baked idea you've ever had! No,
    • 聽美劇學英語:《淘小子看世界》Kid Gloves - 9 Amy. George. Allen. Thanks for being there tonight, George. Mr. Feeny, you didn't come over to yell at me some more, did you? No, I can wait until we're back in class for that. I just thought that maybe you'd want these. Mr. Feeny! I can't believe it
    • 聽美劇學英語:《淘小子看世界》The Play's the Thing - 1 Good morning, class! I would like you all to let out your most agonized groan. Ah~ Good. Now, let's start planning our springtime class play. Ah~~~ Been there, heard that. Now, before you give up in despair, you may want to hear my play selection. It
    • 聽美劇學英語:《淘小子看世界》The Play's the Thing - 2 Cory, I don't wanna be a windmill any more. Morgan, you have to work with me. I'm not gonna be humiliated again in front of everyone on New Jersey shore. You and dad are gonna get your butts kicked. Not this year. Mom and Eric's winning streak is ove
    • 聽美劇學英語:《淘小子看世界》The Play's the Thing - 3 Ah, Ophelia, don't you look authentic? Thank you, Mr. Feeny. Here's your costume. Ah. Dad and I sewed it last night. Wait a minute. What was your dad thinking? This is a mini dress and pantyhose . No, no. Actually, this is a doublet and tights which
    • 聽美劇學英語:《淘小子看世界》The Play's the Thing - 4 I just sank 18 in a row. You and mom are Goofy Golf has-beens. I think we'll just keep our trophy on the shelf, the tournament has been canceled. What? Remember that 5% pay cut at the market? Dad's pay got cut, too. He says we can't afford to go away
    • 聽美劇學英語:《淘小子看世界》The Play's the Thing - 5 Hail, Corius! Where is your spear? I get guys to carry my spear. Since when? Since you left the play and Feeny shifted all the roles around. I got bumped up to Polonius. . You look more like a Bellonius]. Yeah, I'm kind of a fat guy, and there's a lo
    • 聽美劇學英語:《淘小子看世界》The Play's the Thing - 6 So, er, how's the play going? Well, as you can see, very poorly. You know, when I quit this thing, I didn't think that everyone would be so affected. Neither did I. OK. Mr. Feeny, still not big on the pantyhose idea but if that's what it takes, you g
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