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    • 冰與火之歌系列之《權力的游戲》第1期:序曲(1) PROLOGUE 序曲 We should start back, Gared urged as the woods began to grow dark around them. The wildlings are dead. 既然野人已經死了,眼看周圍的樹林逐漸黯淡,蓋瑞不禁催促,咱們回頭吧。 Do the dead frighten you? Se
    • 冰與火之歌系列之《權利的游戲》第2期:序曲(2) Will could see the tightness around Gared's mouth, 威爾看見蓋瑞緊抿的嘴唇, the barely suppressed anger in his eyes under the thick black hood of his cloak. 以及他厚重黑斗篷下強自遏抑的怒火。 Gared had spent forty years i
    • 冰與火之歌系列之《權利的游戲》第3期 序曲(3) Especially not a commander like this one. 尤其是這樣的長官。 Ser Waymar Royce was the youngest son of an ancient house with too many heirs. 威瑪羅伊斯爵士出身貴族世家,在兒孫滿堂的家里排行老幺。 He was a handsome y
    • 冰與火之歌系列之《權利的游戲》第4期 序曲(4) Will had been a hunter before he joined the Night's Watch. 在成為守夜人以前,威爾原本靠打獵為生。 Well, a poacher in truth. Mallister freeriders had caught him red-handed in the Mallisters' own woods, 說難聽點,其實就是偷獵
    • 冰與火之歌系列之《權利的游戲》第5期:序曲(5) You have a chill? Royce asked. 你受寒了?羅伊斯問。 Some,Will muttered. The wind, my lord. 有點罷,威爾喃喃道,大人,是風的關系啊。 The young knight turned back to his grizzled man-at-arms. 年輕騎士轉頭面對灰發老
    • 冰與火之歌系列之《權利的游戲》第6期:序曲(6) Ser Waymar shrugged. You ought dress more warmly, Gared. 威瑪爵士聳聳肩道:我說蓋瑞,你該多穿兩件衣服。 Gared glared at the lordling, the scars around his ear holes flushed red with anger where Maester Aemon had cut the ears aw
    • 冰與火之歌系列之《權利的游戲》第7期:序曲(7) Will went in front, his shaggy little garron picking the way carefully through the undergrowth. 威爾打前鋒,騎著他那匹長毛的馬,在矮樹叢里小小心翼翼地探路。 A light snow had fallen the night before, and there were stones
    • 冰與火之歌系列之《權利的游戲》第8期:序曲(8) There's something wrong here, Gared muttered. 這兒不太對勁。蓋瑞喃喃地說。 The young knight gave him a disdainful smile. Is there? 年輕騎士對他輕蔑地一笑。是嗎? Can't you feel it? Gared asked. Listen to the darkness. 你難
    • 冰與火之歌系列之《權利的游戲》第9期:序曲(9) Finally Gared looked down. No fire, he muttered, low under his breath. 最后蓋瑞低下頭。那就算了。他訕訕地說。 Royce took it for acquiescence and turned away. Lead on, he said to Will. 羅伊斯于是妥協,帶路罷。他對威爾說
    • 冰與火之歌系列之《權利的游戲》第10期:序曲(10) Get down! Will whispered urgently. Something's wrong. 快趴下來!威爾焦急地低聲說:出怪事了。 Royce did not move. He looked down at the empty clearing and laughed. 羅伊斯沒動,他俯瞰著下面空蕩蕩的平地笑道: Your
    • 冰與火之歌系列之《權利的游戲》第11期:序曲(11) Down below, the lordling called out suddenly, Who goes there? 下方突然傳來年輕貴族的喊叫。誰在那里? Will heard uncertainty in the challenge. He stopped climbing; he listened; he watched. 威爾在他的恫嚇中聽出了不安,便
    • 冰與火之歌系列之《權力的游戲》第12期:序曲(12) Will heard the breath go out of Ser Waymar Royce in a long hiss. 威爾只聽威瑪羅伊斯爵士倒抽一口冷氣。 Come no farther, the lordling warned. His voice cracked like a boy's. 不要過來!貴族少爺警告對方,聲音卻小得像個
    • 冰與火之歌系列之《權力的游戲》第13期:序曲(13) They emerged silently from the shadows, twins to the first. 此時它們靜悄悄地從陰影里冒出來,與第一個異鬼長得一模一樣, Three of them? four? five? Ser Waymar may have felt the cold that came with them, but he never saw the
    • 冰與火之歌系列之《權力的游戲》第14期:序曲(14) The Other said something in a language that Will did not know; 異鬼開口用一種威爾聽不懂的語言說了幾句話, his voice was like the cracking of ice on a winter lake, and the words were mocking. 聲音如冰湖碎裂,腔調充滿嘲弄
    • 冰與火之歌系列之《權力的游戲》第15期:序曲(15) Royce's body lay facedown in the snow, one arm outflung. The thick sable cloak had been slashed in a dozen places. 羅伊斯的尸體面朝下倒臥在雪地里,一只手臂朝外伸出,厚重的貂皮披風被砍得慘不忍睹。 Lying dead lik
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