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    • 《曾達的囚徒》第1期:拉森狄爾家族與艾爾弗伯格家族(1) 1 The Rassendylls-and the Elphbergs 1 拉森狄爾家族與艾爾弗伯格家族 'I wonder when you're going to do something useful, Rudolf,'my brother's wife said.She looked at me crossly over the breakfast table. 我在想你究竟什么時候
    • 《曾達的囚徒》第2期:拉森狄爾家族與艾爾弗伯格家族(2) The story is told in a book about the Rassendyll family history. 這個故事在一本關于拉森狄爾家族史的書里是這么描述的: In the year 1733 Prince Rudolf of Ruritania came to England on a visit and he stayed for several months.
    • 《曾達的囚徒》第3期:頭發的顏色(1) Chapter 2 The colour of men's hair 第2章 頭發的顏色 On the way to Ruritania I decided to spend a night in Paris with a friend.The next morning he came with me to the station,and as we waited for the train,we watched the crowds. 去盧里
    • 《曾達的囚徒》第4期:頭發的顏色(2) Suddenly I heard a voice say,'Good heavens!He looks just like the King!' 突然間我聽到一個聲音說:天哪,他真像國王! When I opened my eyes,there were two men in front of me.One of them came nearer. 我睜開眼睛,面前
    • 《曾達的囚徒》第5期:國王加冕(1) Chapter 3 The King goes to his coronation 第3章 國王加冕 I do not know how long I was asleep,but when I woken I was cold and wet.Sapt and Fritz stood there looking at me.'We had to wake you,'Sapt said.'Gold water was the only way.' 我
    • 《曾達的囚徒》第6期:國王加冕(2) I'll take him back to Strelsau and you must get out of the country as fast as you can.' 我會帶他去斯特萊索,而你必須離開這個國家。 'But what about the soldiers?Fritz asked.'They're Duke Michael's men,and they're coming to
    • 《曾達的囚徒》第7期:我的歷險開始了(1) Chapter 4 My adventures begin 第4章 我的歷險開始了 As we made our way to the palace,I began to feel that I really was the King of Ruritania,with Marshal Strakencz,the head of the army,on my right and old Sapt on my left. 在去王宮
    • 《曾達的囚徒》第8期:我的歷險開始了(2) 'Come on,'Sapt cried.'There's no time for that now.We must leave for Zenda at once,to find the King!If we're caught,we'll all be killed! 得了,薩普特說,現在沒工夫說這些了,我們得立即去曾達,去找國王!假如
    • 《曾達的囚徒》第9期:國王回到斯特萊索(1) Chapter 5 His Majesty returns to Strelsau 第5章 國王回到斯特萊索 It was one o'clock in the morning.For a few minutes we said nothing.Then Sapt cried,'The Duke's men have taken the King prisoner!' 此刻是凌晨一點鐘。有幾分鐘
    • 《曾達的囚徒》第10期:國王回到斯特萊索(2) When he saw me,he fell to the ground and cried,'Thank God,Your Majesty!You're safe!' 當他看見我時,他跪倒在地叫道:感謝上帝,陛下,您平安無事! 'Well done,boy!'Sapt shouted.'We'll do it!' 干得好,孩子
    • 《曾達的囚徒》第11期:茶桌歷險(1) 6 An adventure with a teatable 6 茶桌歷險 One day Sapt brought me some news he had found out where the King was.Duke Michael was holding him prisoner somewhere in the Castle of Zenda. 有一天薩普特帶來了一個消息他發現了國王在
    • 《曾達的囚徒》第12期:茶桌歷險(2) 'Go across the drawbridge and you come to a heavy door Listen!What's that?They're coming!They're too soon!Put out your lamp!'she cried,her eyes filled with fear. 過了吊橋你能看見一座厚重的大門聽!什么聲兒?他們來啦
    • 《曾達的囚徒》第13期:為了對國王的愛(1) 7 For love of the King 7 為了對國王的愛 Every day I was sent a secret report by the Chief of Police,and the next afternoon I was playing cards with Fritz when Sapt brought it in. 第二天下午我和弗里茨打牌時,薩普特帶給我一
    • 《曾達的囚徒》第14期:為了對國王的愛(2) Flavia smiled.'Oh,why do I love you now?'she said softly.'I didn't love you before,but I do now.' 弗蕾維亞微笑了:哦,為什么我現在愛你了?她溫柔地說,以前我并不愛你,可現在我愛了。 How happy I was!
    • 《曾達的囚徒》第15期:回到曾達(1) 8 Back to Zenda 8 回到曾達 The next day Sapt,Fritz,and I left Strelsau to go to Tarlenheim House.This fine modern house belonged to Fritz's uncle and was near the Castle of Zenda. 第二天薩普特、弗里茨和我離開斯特萊索去塔
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