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    • 最In導購口語 第1期:招呼顧客 導購口語: Welcome to out shop. 歡迎您來我們店。 Welcome, sir. Step right in. 歡迎您,先生。請進。 Im pleased to have you here. 很高興您能來我們這兒。 語句解析: Welcome to our shop. 歡迎您來我們店。shop是英
    • 最In導購口語 第2期:為您效勞 導購口語: Can I help you? 我能幫您什么嗎? May I help you? 您需要什么? What can I do for you? 有什么需要的嘛? 語句解析: 以上三個句型可以相互替換。這三個句子其實表達的是一個意思,多種翻譯方
    • 最In導購口語 第3期:為您效勞 導購口語: Good morning, miss. Do you want to buy something here? 晚上好,小姐。要買東西嗎? Are you being served? 有人招呼您嗎? Is there anything youre interested in here? 有什么您感興趣的嗎? 語句解析: Are you
    • 最In導購口語 第4期:客氣探尋 導購口語: If you've decided on something, please let me know. 如果您決定買什么,請告訴我一聲。 If you will permit me, I would be happy to show you around and explain some of the items. 如果您愿意的話,我樂意帶您周圍看
    • 最In導購口語 第5期:慢慢參觀 導購口語: Please take your time. 慢慢看/參觀。 Go right ahead, please. 隨便參觀。 Come along and judge for yourself. 請參觀,隨意挑選。 語句解析: 作為導購,您的熱情不是每位顧客都能感受得到,這時不可
    • 最In導購口語 第6期:熱情接待(1) Conversation 1 A: Good morning, sir. Can I help you? A:先生,早上好,您想買什么? B: I'm thinking of buying a toy for my son. B:我想給我兒子買個玩具。 A: may I know how old is he? A:他幾歲了? B: Hell be six next Su
    • 最In導購口語 第7期:熱情接待(2) Conversation 2 A: Welcome to counter, madam. What can I do for you? A:歡迎光臨本柜,你想買什么? B: I'm just looking around. B:我只是隨便看看。 A: Please take your time. If anything you like,just let me know. A:請隨意,如
    • 最In導購口語 第8期:熱情接待(3) Conversation 3 A: Good afternoon, sit. I'm pleased to have you here. A:下午好,先生。很高興您能來我們這兒。 B: Good afternoon. B:下午好。 A: Are you looking for some particular type of decoration materials? A:您是在找裝
    • 最In導購口語 第9期:征詢意見 導購口語: Are you looking for something? 您在找什么東西嗎? Would you like to choose something? 您想挑選點什么嗎? What kind would you like? 您喜歡什么樣式的? 語句解析: Would you like? 您愿意嗎?該句型最適合
    • 最In導購口語 第10期:引導提問 導購口語: Why don't you buy the whole set, sir? It will be much cheaper. 先生,為什么您不買整套呢?這樣會便宜許多。 Is it for yourself or for others? 是您自己穿還是替別人買? How about ordering a tailor-made suit
    • 最In導購口語 第11期:給予評價 導購口語: Casual elegance is the principal spirit of this season. 精致休閑是這一季的主格調。 The pants match your jacket very well. 這條褲子陪你的夾克正合適。 This windbreaker is perfect for spring. 這件防風衣很適合
    • 最In導購口語 第12期:贊美一下 導購口語: The yellow shirt with a V-neck looks pretty. 這件V領的黃色襯衫看起來很漂亮。 Thas's beautiful pendant. It looks perfect on you. 那是個漂亮的垂飾。你戴上真好看。 Taht dress looks loveyly on you. 裙子穿在你
    • 最In導購口語 第13期:購買服飾(1) Conversation 1 A: Excuse me. B: Yes? How can I help you? A: Well. I need a tie. Can you select one that goes well with my shirt? B: My pleasure. Do you like this one? A: Not really, I'm afraid. B: Well, here are more samples. You may have a good look
    • 最In導購口語 第14期:購買服飾(2) Conversation 2 A: Good morning, sir. What can I do for you. B: I'm looking for a pair of table tennis bats. A: Do you want rubber bats or sponge bats? B: I want sponge ones. A: How do you like your pimpled rubber turned, outside or inside? B: Inside.
    • 最In導購口語 第15期:購買服飾(3) Conversation 3 A: What can I show you, madam? A:夫人,您要看點什么嗎? B: Where are the bracelets? B:請問手鐲在哪里? A: This ay, please. What kind would you prefer, gold or jade? A:請到這邊來。您喜歡金的還是玉的
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