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    • 《逗鳥外傳》精講 01白鶴送子 For as long as can be remembered, storks delivered babies from their perch on Stork Mountain. It was an honor and a privilege to serve. It was our duty, our core belief, the driving force of our very lifeblood. It wasn't always easy. This was our cha
    • 《逗鳥外傳》精講 02白鶴加入了網購運輸 Our new phones! 我們的新手機! Luckily, now, storks deliver packages for Corner store. com! 幸運地是,現在,白鶴現在加入了網購運輸! My dude! 'Oh, Yeah! 兄弟!哦,耶 Yo, Kevron! Lookin' good, my man! 喲,柯文!看起
    • 《逗鳥外傳》精講 03朱尼爾將當老板 She's in Canada. 她在加拿大。 Yeahhuh. 耶~呼~ She migrated. She's not made up. 她遷走了 我沒騙你。 Okay. 好吧 Look at her! Look at her! She exists, brah! That's great. 看吶!快看她! 她真的存在,布拉 太棒了 Hey, d
    • 《逗鳥外傳》精講 04朱尼爾與老板談話 Cool, cool, cool. Very cool, very cool. 不錯,不錯,不錯,很不錯,相當不錯 Now, look upon your domain with your eyes wide open. 現在,睜大你的雙眼向上看看你的領空 Yeah. Wider. I love it. Feels good. 耶 更寬了 我喜
    • 《逗鳥外傳》精講 05朱尼爾與郁金香 Excuse me! Orphan Tulip? 打擾一下,郁金香小姐 Junior? You're talkin' to me? 朱尼爾?你在和我說話嗎? Yes, Orphan Tulip! 是的,郁金香小姐 No, it's just that you never talk to me. 不,你從沒和我說過話 Well, yeah,
    • 《逗鳥外傳》精講 06郁金香闖禍 Its working, we are flying! 成功了,我們飛起來了。 Enough of this, I wanna go fast! 夠了,我要加快了! No! Dougland, wait! No, no, no! 不!道格蘭,等等!不不不! This is the greatest day of my life! I'm flying! This i
    • 《逗鳥外傳》精講 07郁金香的新工作 You have been liberated. 你解放啦! What does that mean? 啥個意思? Well, it means that you are fired. 好吧,就是那個你被炒魷魚啦! What? 什么? You're... 你被... Are you okay? 你還好吧? Excuse me. You're... You're
    • 《逗鳥外傳》精講 08郁金香的“娛樂場” So, how was your commute? 你咋來的? Oh, I took the bucket. 哦,坐纜車 Me, too. Real backed up. 我也是 You hear about Steve and Gloria? 你聽說過斯蒂文和格勞利亞嗎 What? 什么 I hear they're an item. 我聽說他們有一腿哦
    • 《逗鳥外傳》精講 09自娛自樂的小孩 Ninja Team Commander, are you in position? I'm about to launch the assault. We can absolutely do that. That's not gonna be a problem.Haha! Dr. LeFreeze! You may have me outnumbered seven thousand to one,but you weren't counting on one,I'm not alone
    • 《逗鳥外傳》精講 10我想要個弟弟 We never stop.That's the Gardner promise. Not even for five minutes. 我們永不停止。這是加德納的承諾 不是為了那五分鐘 Oh, look! There's one of our bench ads.And you know what it says? 快看!那是其中一張我們的廣告 你
    • 《逗鳥外傳》精講 11內特寫信要弟弟 No, no, no, don't feel bad.You can call us anytime.Call us morning, noon or night. 不不不,不要難過 你任何時候都可以聯系我們 早上,中午,晚上 Weekends, holidays.No, we will pick up the phone on Christmas. Oh, Well, I don't
    • 《逗鳥外傳》精講 12如何當老板 Happy birthday to you! 祝你生日快樂 Whoo! Guys, thank you so much! Oh, my gosh. 謝謝你!哦,天哪 Don't you think Junior put you down here to get you out of the way? 你不認為朱尼爾在這里把你放下來是想讓你走出去嗎 C
    • 《逗鳥外傳》精講 13寶寶制造機 Great convo, Hunter! 聊的很愉快,亨特 I'm so stupid! I should have just fired her! Why didn't I just fire her? Tulip! Hey, what are you doing out of the room? I told you not to leave the room! 我太蠢了 我本應該炒了她的!我為什么
    • 《逗鳥外傳》精講 14逃離事故現場 What? What? What's happening? 怎么了,什么? 發生了什么? Mom, Dad. The storks are bringing me a baby brother! 爸媽 送子鶴給我送來弟弟 That sounds like a nice dream, buddy. 寶貝,這確實是個好夢 Let's go back to sleep
    • 《逗鳥外傳》精講 15朱尼爾的補救之法 Come on. Let's get to my workshop.We'll be safe there. 快走 去我的工作室 那里很安全 All right, okay, all right, all right. It's gonna be okay. It's gonna be okay.We just need to keep a lowpro here. Okay? If one person sees a stork with a
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