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    • 7-1 有效地表達自己 Express Yourself Effectively E Huiyuan: Speech is actually a form of conveying information. Considering that people today have various ways to get necessary information, why is public speaking still w
    • 7-2 表現自己的個性 Being Yourself As a youngster, there was nothing I liked better than Sunday afternoons at my grandfather’s farm in western Pennsylvania. Surrounded by miles of winding stone walls, the house and bar
    • 7-3 沒有天生的成功者 Winners Are Made, Not Born Chef 1 Walter Potenza owns three thriving Italian restaurants in Rhode Island 2 . He studied and trained to be a chef, but he sees now that his abilities are the product of
    • 7-4 說出心里話 Words f rom the Heart Most people need to hear those “three little words”---I love you. Once in a while, they hear them just in time. I met Connie the day she was admitted to the hospice 1 ward, w
    • 7-5 如果有毅力 If There’s a Will I am my mother’s third child, born when she was 20. When I was delivered, nurses took me from the room before she could see me. Her doctor gently explained that my left arm was m
    • 7-6 7月4日——沃爾頓火種節 July 4-- Whalton Baal 1 Fire This annual rite 2 in the Northumbrian village of Whalton takes its name from either the Celtic 3 word bel, meaning “bright,” the Anglo-Saxon 4 bail, meaning “ fire,”
    • 7-7 英國人的年假 British Annual Holidays Once a year most English families take an extended holiday. Until air travel became more common these family holidays were almost always spent in one of the coastal seaside res
    • 7-8 世界人工奇觀:中國長城 Great Wall of China The Great Wall is the most time consuming, material consuming, and labor intensive construction project in human history. It is the ultimate human construction. Like a massive slee
    • 7-9 “大偵探波洛”與世長辭 “Detective Poirot” Takes His Final Bow Sir Peter Ustinov, a brilliant wit and mimic who won two Oscars for an acting career that ranged from the evil Nero in Quo Vadis to the detective Poirot in D
    • 7-10 現代奧運回顧:1984年洛杉磯奧運會 Modern Olympic Games Review: 1984 Olympics, Los Angeles The summer Games returned to the United States for the first time since the Second World War and to Los Angeles for the second time. Its first e
    • 7-11 諾貝爾大師自傳:讓-馬里·萊恩 Autobiography of Nobel Prize Winner: Jean-Marie Lehn I was born on September 30 1939 in Rosheim, a small medieval city of Alsace in France. My father, Pierre Lehn, then a baker, was very interested in
    • 7-12 美國航空航天局成功試飛超高音速噴氣機 NASA Successfully Tests Hypersonic 1 Jet Three years after its first test flight ended in an explosion, NASA on March 27 successfully launched an experimental jet that the agency believes reached a re
    • 7-13 健身要用腦子 Train with Your Brain You've been working out regularly for quite a while, but you're nowhere near 1 your fitness goals. So now it's time to bring in your ultimate weapon -- your mind. Rather than thi
    • 7-14 累而不眠 Unable To Fall Asleep Though Tired Why is it so difficult to fall asleep when you are overtired? There is no one answer that applies to every individual. But many people fail to note the distinction b
    • 7-15 小狗快運(中) The Puppy Express Once back in Fort Wayne, the Topps found a mobile home to rent, one of Joe's brothers gave them his old car, sisters in law provided pots and pans and bed linens, the children return
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