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    • 英語聽力訓練連載 listen 1 Dialoge 1 Making Cookies Laurance-Would you like some cookies? I just made them. Soomy- Thank you. Yes, I would. Laurance-These are chocolate,and those are almond-flavored. Soony- I guess I'll try a c
    • 英語聽力訓練連載 listen 2 Dialogue 2 Inviting a friend to dinner. Laurance- When can we expect you for dinner? Can you come tonight? Soony- Not tonight. I promised to go to a concert with my sister. Laurance- Well .... How abo
    • 英語聽力訓練連載 listen 3 Dialogue3 CAR INSURANCE laurance-I need to get car insurance.Ya got any ideas? Soony--- Well,you could try ny company.It seems to have fair rates. Laurance-Do they insure older cars? Soony--- As far a
    • 英語聽力訓練連載 listen 4 Dialogue 4 BUYING A SECOND-HAND CAR Laurance- What kind of a car do you have? Soony--- An old one. Laurance- I know it's old, but what make is it? Soony-- - It's a Chevrolet. Why do you ask? You going
    • 英語聽力訓練連載 listen 5 Dialogue 5 GETTING SOMETHING FIXED (between customer and repairman) Laurance- How long do you think it'll take to fix it? Soony- Hard to tell. Sometimes we can find the problem right away and sometime
    • 英語聽力訓練連載 listen 6 Dialogue 6 EXPECTING A PHONE CALL Laurance-Was i hat the telephone ringing? Soony- I didn't hear anything. Laurance-I thought I heard it ring two or three times. Soony- Sometimes when the windows are
    • 英語聽力訓練連載 listen 7 Dialogue 7 WHY DIDN'T CALL US? Laurance-When did you get here? Soony- Just a few minutes ago. Ikea- We've been waiting for almost an hour. Soony- I'm sorry, but I had car trouble--a flat tire. Lauranc
    • 英語聽力訓練連載 listen 8 Dialogue 8 WHERE ARE WE? Laurance-Where on earth are we? Soony- Judging by all the traffic, I'd say we're near the heart of the downtown area. Laurance-What did I do wrong? Did I take a wrong turn? So
    • 英語聽力訓練連載 listen 9 Dialogue 9 CATCHING A BUS Laurance- Is this where I catch the bus for the zoo? Soony- You can take a T-30 from here, but then you have to walk about six blocks. Laurance- That doesn't sound too bad. S
    • 英語聽力訓練連載 listen 10 Dialogue 10 AIRPORT BUS laurance--What time doesd the bus leave for the airport? soony--I don't know.It used to leave every half hour,but I think the schedule's been changed. laurance--Do you know the
    • 英語聽力訓練連載 listen 11 Dialogue 11 NEAR ACCIDENT laurance--How about that? soony--What?What happened? laurance--Did you see what that guy did? soony--No.I was looking the other way. laurance--He made a U-turn right in the m
    • 英語聽力訓練連載 listen 12 Dialogue12 A CAREFUL DRIVER laurance--There's a good chance that Mary will get home today. soony--Teah.I had a letter from her friend,Susan, yesterday,and she said that Mary would probably arrive toda
    • 英語聽力訓練連載 listen 13 Dialogue13 STAN IS WILLING TO GO THE EXTRA MILE 1--You're the only person who knows what really happened. 2--That's not quite true. Stan Bailey was there,too. 3--Oh. Was he there? I didn't know that.
    • 英語聽力訓練連載 listen 14 Dialogue 14 CAN I HELP? laurance--Hey!What's the rush? soony--The bank closes in half an hour and I need to cash a check. laurance--I can lend you some money. soony--I need to cash a check because I'm
    • 英語聽力訓練連載 listen 15 Dialogue 15 IS THERE ANYTHING I CAN DO? laurance--Is there anything I can do?I'd like to help in some way if I can. soony--I can't think of anything at the moment. laurance--Well,maybe I could run err
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