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    • 血字的研究 01福爾摩斯先生(1) Chapter 1 第一章 MR. SHERLOCK HOLMES 歇洛克福爾摩斯先生 IN THE YEAR 1878, I took my degree of Doctor of Medicine of the University of London, 一八七八年我在倫敦大學獲得醫學博士學位以后, and proceeded to Netley to go
    • 血字的研究 02福爾摩斯先生(2) Choosing the latter alternative, I began by making up my mind to leave the hotel, 我選定了后一個辦法,決心離開這家公寓, and take up my quarters in some less pretentious and less expensive domicile. 另找一個不太奢侈而又花費
    • 血字的研究 03福爾摩斯先生(3) As we made our way to the hospital after leaving the Holborn, 在我們離開侯本前往醫院去的路上, Stamford gave me a few more particulars about the gentleman whom I proposed to take as a fellow-lodger. 斯坦弗又給我講了一些關于那
    • 血字的研究 04福爾摩斯先生(4) Dr. Watson, Mr. Sherlock Holmes, said Stamford, introducing us. 斯坦弗給我們介紹說:這位是華生醫生,這位是福爾摩斯先生。 How are you? he said cordially, gripping my hand with a strength for which I should hardly have given
    • 血字的研究 05福爾摩斯先生(5) You seem to be a walking calendar of crime, said Stamford with a laugh. 斯坦弗不禁大笑起來,他說:你好象是犯罪案件的活字典。 You might start a paper on those lines. Call it the 'Police News of the Past.' 你真可以創辦一份
    • 血字的研究 06演繹法(1) Chapter 2 第二章 THE SCIENCE OF DEDUCTION 演繹法 We met next day as he had arranged, and inspected the rooms at No.221B, Baker Street, of which he had spoken at our meeting. 按照福爾摩斯的安排,我們第二天又見了面,并且到上
    • 血字的研究 07演繹法(2) My health forbade me from venturing out unless the weather was exceptionally genial, 除非是天氣特別晴和,我的健康情況又不允許我到外面去; and I had no friends who would call upon me and break the monotony of my daily existen
    • 血字的研究 08演繹法(3) I was on the point of asking him what that work might be, 我幾乎就要問他,他的工作究竟是什么的時候, but something in his manner showed me that the question would be an unwelcome one. 我從他的態度中看出來,這個問題也
    • 血字的研究 09演繹法(4) During the first week or so we had no callers, 在頭一兩個星期中,沒有人來拜訪我們。 and I had begun to think that my companion was as friendless a man as I was myself. 我曾以為我的伙伴也象我一樣,孤零零的沒有朋友
    • 血字的研究 10演繹法(5) From a drop of water, said the writer, 作者說:一個邏輯學家不需親眼見到或者聽說過大西洋或尼加拉契布, a logician could infer the possibility of an Atlantic or a Niagara without having seen or heard of one or the other. 他
    • 血字的研究 11演繹法(6) And these other people? 還有另外那些人呢? They are mostly sent on by private inquiry agencies. 他們多半是由私人偵探指點來的, They are all people who are in trouble about something and want a little enlightening. 都是遇到些
    • 血字的研究 12演繹法(7) Have you read Gaboriaus works? I asked. 我問道:你讀過加波利奧的作品嗎? Does Lecoq come up to your idea of a detective? 你對勒高克這個人物的評價如何,他可算得上一個偵探么? Sherlock Holmes sniffed sardonical
    • 血字的研究 13勞瑞斯頓花園街的慘案(1) Chapter 3 第三章 THE LAURISTON GARDEN MYSTERY 勞瑞斯頓花園街的慘案 I CONFESS that I was considerably startled by this fresh proof of the practical nature of my companion's theories. 我同伴的理論的實踐性又一次得到了證明。
    • 血字的研究 14勞瑞斯頓花園街的慘案(2) Gregson is the smartest of the Scotland Yarders, my friend remarked; 我的朋友說道:葛萊森在倫敦警察廳中不愧是首屈一指的能干人物。 he and Lestrade are the pick of a bad lot. 他和雷斯垂德都算是那一群蠢貨之中的
    • 血字的研究 15勞瑞斯頓花園街的慘案(3) Number 3, Lauriston Gardens wore an ill-omened and minatory look. 勞瑞斯頓花園街3號,從外表看來就象是一座兇宅。 It was one of four which stood back some little way from the street, two being occupied and two empty. 這里一連有
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