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    • 高級英語聽力 lesson 1 1. Freed American hostage, David Jacobsen, appealed today for the release of the remaining captives in Lebanon, saying, "Those guys are in hell and we've got to get them home." Jacobsen made his remar
    • listentothis 高級英語聽力 lesson 2 Lesson Two Section One: News in Brief Tapescript 1. Iran's official news agency said today former US National Security Advisor Robert McFarlane and four other Americans were jailed in Tehran for five
    • listentothis 高級英語聽力 lesson 3 Lesson Three Section One: News in Brief 1. IBM, following the lead of General Motors, announced today it's pulling out of South Africa. Like General Motors, IBM says it's selling its South African hol
    • listentothis 高級英語聽力 lesson 4 Lesson Four Section One: News in Brief Tapescript 1. Another American has been kidnapped in West Beirut. Fifty-three-year-old Frank Reed was abducted by four gunmen this morning. Islamic Jihad claimed
    • 高級英語聽力 lesson 5 Section One: News in Brief Tapescript 1. The House began debate today on a three-year bill to combat trafficking and use of illegal drugs. The measure has the support of most representatives and House
    • 高級英語聽力 lesson 6 Lesson Six Section One: News in Brief Tapescript 1. The Senate has voted to override President Reagan's veto of sanc- tions against South Africa by a decisive seventy-eight to twenty-one. As the House
    • 高級英語聽力 lesson 7 Lesson Seven Section One: News in Brief Tapescript 1. Both -House and Senate negotiators today approved sweeping im- migration legislation that could grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens who en
    • 高級英語聽力 lesson 8 Lesson Eight Section One: News in Brief Tapescript 1. Two years of sensitive negotiations paid off today as seventy for- mer Cuban political prisoners arrived in the United Staits. All of the prisoner
    • 高級英語聽力 lesson 9 Lesson Nine Section One: News in Brief Tapescript 1. There was an assassination attempt against Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi today. A man fired several shots at Gandhi and other Indian leaders p
    • 高級英語聽力 lesson 10 Lesson Ten Section One: News in Brief Tapescript 1. President Reagan said today he will veto a defense spending bill if it is approved, as expected, by the House. Speaking to a private group in Washin
    • 高級英語聽力 lesson 11 Lesson Eleven Section One: News in Brief Tapescript 1. Texas Air announced today that it will buy the troubled People Express Airlines for about a hundred and twenty-five million dollars. The proposed
    • 高級英語聽力 lesson 12 American reporter Nicholas Daniloff is in Frankfurt, West Germany, on his way home from Moscow after being detained for a month on espionage charges. President Reagan in Kansas City on a campaign swing announced Daniloff's release, denying that any t
    • 高級英語聽力 lesson 13 Lesson Thirteen Section One: News in Brief Tapescript 1. A special committee of twelve senators today began the impeachment trial of Federal J udge Harry Claiborne. It's the first such proceeding in f
    • 高級英語聽力 lesson 14 Lesson Fourteen Section One: News in Brief Tapescript 1. State Department spokesman Bernard Kalb resigned today be- cause of the Reagan Administration's alleged disinformation cam- paign against Libya
    • 高級英語聽力 lesson 15 Lesson Fifteen Section One: Nev,,s in Brief Tapescript 1. American reporter Nicholas Daniloff arrived back in the United States today, and accused Soviet spy, Gennadi Zakharov, left for the Soviet Uni
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