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    • 《功夫熊貓2》精講 01沈王爺黑暗力量 Long ago, in ancient China, the Peacocks ruled over Gongmen City. 很久以前,在古代中國,孔雀一族統治著宮門城。 They brought great joy and prosperity to the city for they had invented fireworks. 他們為這座城帶來了歡聲笑
    • 《功夫熊貓2》精講 02金屬 It's almost done, Lord Shen, but we've run out of metal. 就要完成了,沈王爺,但是我們的金屬用完了。 Search the farthest villages! Find more metal! China will be mine. 找遍最遙遠的村莊,找到更多金屬!中國將是我的
    • 《功夫熊貓2》精講 03心氣平和 Inner peace. Inner peace. Inner peace. 心氣平和。心氣平和。心氣平和。 Master Shifu. Master Shifu, what do we got? 師傅。師傅,有什么麻煩? Pirates? Vandals of Volcano Mountain? 海盜?熔城山劫匪? Whatever it is, I
    • 《功夫熊貓2》精講 04好戲開場 So that's it? I just need inner peace? 就這樣嘛?我只需要心氣平和? My innards are already super, super peaceful, so all I need to do is just get this thing going. 我的內臟已經非常、非常平靜了,所以我要做的就是讓這
    • 《功夫熊貓2》精講 05神龍大俠 The Dragon Warrior! 神龍大俠! A panda? That's impossible. 有熊貓?這不可能。 My fist hungers for justice. 我的拳頭渴望伸張正義。 That was my...fist. 那是我的拳頭。 Get 'em! - Come on! 放躺他們!- 來吧! Take t
    • 《功夫熊貓2》精講 06神龍大俠面豆腐 Sweetie, are you OK? - What happened? 親愛的,你還好吧?- 發生什么了? I think I saw...I think...I gotta go. 我感覺我看見了,我覺得,我得走了。 Thank you. Thank you for coming to Dragon Warrior Noodles and Tofu. 謝謝,
    • 《功夫熊貓2》精講 07被收養 I know it's not. I think it's time I told you something I should have told you a long time ago. 我知道不是。我想是時候該告訴你一些事了,我很早以前就該告訴你。 OK. 好的。 You might have been kind of a adopted. 你也許
    • 《功夫熊貓2》精講 08改變人生 I brought you inside. 我把你帶進屋。 Fed you. Gave you a bath. 喂你飯。給你洗澡。 And fed you again. And again. 又喂你飯,又喂。 And tried to put some pants on you. 還想給你穿上褲子。 And then I made a decision that w
    • 《功夫熊貓2》精講 09宮門城 Shen? 沈? Good afternoon, gentlemen. 下午好,諸位。 Now we've got the pleasantries out of the way, please leave my house. 既然我們已經寒暄過了,就請離開我的宅子吧。 Your house? - Yes. 你的宅子?- 是的。 Didn't y
    • 《功夫熊貓2》精講 10警告 Show-off. - That is a warning. 炫耀嗎?- 這是個警告。 You are no match for our kung fu. 你沒法跟我們的功夫抗衡。 I agree. But this is. 我同意。但是這個可以。 Are you familiar with the master of Gongmen City? 你們熟悉
    • 《功夫熊貓2》精講 11可愛的蘿卜 Come on, guys, let's go! 打起精神,伙計們,我們走! Yeah! 耶! Yeah...Yeah, yeah. Yeah. 耶耶,耶,耶。 Mom? Dad? Is that you? 媽媽?爸爸?是你們嗎? Mom! Dad! 媽媽!爸爸! Oh, hi. Hey, son. You're back. 嘿,兒子
    • 《功夫熊貓2》精講 12打金剛木 I think I prefer the mast. 我想我還是喜歡桅桿。 Apologies. I used to punch the ironwood trees by the palace to train. Now I feel nothing. 抱歉,我以前訓練的時候都是打金剛木?,F在我沒有任何感覺。 That's severely c
    • 《功夫熊貓2》精講 13兵器 A little to the left. 往左一點。 Oh, but it's so heavy, Master! 噢,但是這很重,主人! Thirty years I've waited for this moment. 這一刻我已經等了30年了。 Everything must be exactly how I envisioned it. And I envisioned it a
    • 《功夫熊貓2》精講 14黑白大俠 A peacock is defeated by a warrior of black and white. Nothing has changed. 一只孔雀被一位黑白大俠打敗。沒什么變化。 That's impossible, and you know it. 這不可能,你知道的。 It is not impossible, and he knows it. 沒什么
    • 《功夫熊貓2》精講 15鐵牛大師 Guys! Guys? 伙計們,伙計們? Hey, Po. - What? Sorry. 阿寶。- 什么?對不起。 So that was stealth mode, huh? 這就是隱身模式? To be honest, not one of my stronger modes. 說實話,這不是我的強項。 Gold in there, come
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