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    • 進階聽說lesson1添加文本 Graduate English series, progress in listening and speaking, High Education press 1999. 1.B listening, Follow these instructions and do these exercises. A: Hello, are you Juan? B: Yes I am. A: I need to ask you a few questions. Could you come with me
    • 進階聽說lesson2 Unit 2 My family 1.B Listening, Following these instructions and do these exercise. My family, let's see, My mother she's sixty-one, My father died many years ago, so I don't remeber him very well. I have two brothers, and the most wonderful husband
    • 進階聽說lesson3 Unit 3 Music 1.A Listening, Follow these instructions and do these exercises. Oh, my love, My darling. I've hungered for your touch for a long longly time. And time goes by so slowly and time can do so much; Are you still mine? I need your love, I ne
    • 進階聽說lesson4 Unit four Getting Around 1.B Listening, Following these intructions and doing these exercises. 1. A: Excuse me! Where is the bus station, please? B: Oh, it's at end of the street, Across from the church. A: OK, I see it, thanks. Across from the churc
    • 進階聽說lesson5 Unit Five Cliamate and Weather 1.B Listening, Following these instructions and doing these exsercises 1. A: Have you just come from Hawait? Those are beautiful flowers. B: Thank you. Yes, I've just arrivd from Honolulu. A: Honolulu! Now that's exciti
    • 進階聽說lesson6 英語聽說,常用英語口語,英語聽力
    • 進階聽說lesson7 英語聽說,常用英語口語,英語聽力
    • 進階聽說lesson7 英語聽說,常用英語口語,英語聽力
    • 進階聽說lesson8 英語聽說,常用英語口語,英語聽力
    • 進階聽說lesson9 英語聽說,常用英語口語,英語聽力
    • 進階聽說lesson10 英語聽說,常用英語口語,英語聽力
    • 進階聽說lesson11 英語聽說,常用英語口語,英語聽力
    • 進階聽說lesson12 英語聽說,常用英語口語,英語聽力
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