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    • 《姐姐的守護者》精講 01 When l was a kid, my mother told me... 當我還是個小孩子時,我媽媽告訴我 that l was a little piece of blue sky... 我是蒼天的一小塊 that came into this world because she and dad loved me so much. 由于父母的愛來到人間 l
    • 《姐姐的守護者》精講 02 What can l do for you? 我能為你做什么嗎? Fourteen karat gold. hardly ever worn. 14K金,基本沒帶過 That's my sister. Kate. 這是我的姐姐,Kate She's dying. 她快死了 ANNA: Montana? l don't get it. 蒙大拿?我沒找到它
    • 《姐姐的守護者》精講 03 That's not a word. BRIAN: What about that language? 這不僅僅是詞藻 - 這種說法怎么樣? Nice shirt. sissy. - Good. right? 這襯衫不錯,小妹 - 很好看,對吧? Hey Mom you wanna see our routine? - What routine? 嘿,媽媽想不
    • 《姐姐的守護者》精講 04 JESSE: You ready? Come on. Iet's go. 準備好了嗎?來吧,走 Are you sure you want to do this? 你確定你要這么做? You know you're nuts. right? 你知道你瘋了,是吧? l'll be right back. - All right. l'll be waiting. 我很快回
    • 《姐姐的守護者》精講 05 My sister has leukemia. They're trying to force me to give her my body parts. 我姐姐得了白血病 他們試圖迫使我捐獻身體器官 You're supposed to give her a kidney? 你指的是給她一個腎? She's been in renal failure for months
    • 《姐姐的守護者》精講 06 SARA: It's hard to imagine now... 現在很難想象 but there was a time before all this happened... 但曾幾何時 when the kids were iust kids. and everyone was happy. 孩子僅僅是孩子,每個人都很快樂 SARA: Hi. baby. 嗨,寶貝 Whe
    • 《姐姐的守護者》精講 07 WOMAN: Mr. and Mrs. Fitzgerald? 是Fitzgerald夫婦嗎? l'm Ileana Farquad. 我是Ileana Farquad KATE: Hello. - Hi. 你好 - 你好 So l took a look at Kate's CBC. 我看了Kate的全血球計數 Her white blood count is very low. 她的白血細胞數
    • 《姐姐的守護者》精講 08 Hello? 喂? but she wouldn't open the door. Your mom kicked it in. 但是她不肯開門,你媽媽踢開了門 We heard her coughing... 我們聽到她咳嗽 I haven't gotten in touch with them. she's lost a lot of blood. 我還沒有聯系他們,
    • 《姐姐的守護者》精講 09 NGUYEN: Kate's leuhemia is back. Kate的白血病復發了 She's no longer missing. 她撐不久的 CHANCE: We've looked at her smear... 我們檢查了她的嘔吐物 and her leukemic cells are showing at 23%. 她的白細胞含量是23% How many
    • 《姐姐的守護者》精講 10 l'd like to suggest something completely off the record. 我想建議一些記錄上完全沒有提及的事 Many times one sibling isn't a match. but another is. 很多時候一個兄弟姐妹不匹配,但另一個會 Have you considered having an
    • 《姐姐的守護者》精講 11 Someone here to see you. 有人來看你了 MAN: Sara Fitzgerald? - Yes. - Sara Fitzgerald? 是我 You've been served. 你被起訴了 KELLY: What is that? 那是什么? SARA: 'Petition for medical emancipation by.... 醫學自由請愿書 SARA:
    • 《姐姐的守護者》精講 12 BRIAN: All right. Iet's hear it. What's going on? 好吧,讓我們聽聽,發生了什么? Okay. 好吧 Forget about the fact that the operation is dangerous. or that it would hurt... 忘了手術很危險這個事實,或者它可能傷害 or
    • 《姐姐的守護者》精講 13 BRIAN: Mom needs to cool off a bit. She's a little upset. 媽媽要冷靜一會,她有點心煩 ANNA: Yeah. l heard her. 嘿,我聽見啦 Get her out of here. l don't want to look at her face anymore.' 帶她走,我再也不想看見她 BRIAN:
    • 《姐姐的守護者》精講 14 SARA: What do you mean. you don't know? 你什么意思,你不知道? BRIAN: She won't talk. 她不肯說 You know. maybe she just wants to be considered. 你知道,她可能僅僅是想得到尊重 Take the credit that it's her decision. l don
    • 《姐姐的守護者》精講 15 GLORIA: Your 1 1: OO appointment is here. 你十一點約的人來了 l don't have an 1 1: OO. GLORIA: Wait. you can't go in there. 我沒約人 - 等等,你不能進來 Mr. Alexander l'm Sara Fitzgerald. Anna's mother. Alexander先生,我是Sara
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