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    • 紀錄片《凡爾賽宮》 01國王的夢想 Louis XIV - so powerful, 法王路易十四 他大權在握 he took his name from the sun itself. 自詡為太陽王 So dominant, 他權傾天下 he made the haughtiest aristocrats bend to his will. 即使最傲慢的貴族也對他俯首稱臣 So in
    • 紀錄片《凡爾賽宮》 02夢想的開始 It started in a swamp. 凡爾賽宮的建造始于一片沼澤 It was here, in a stretch of mosquito-infested marshland, 就在這片蚊蟲滋生的澤地里 that Louis, the 27-year-old King of France, 27歲的法王路易 decided to construct his ne
    • 紀錄片《凡爾賽宮》 03是熱情,還是愛情? Louis was to devote much of his energy to his new project, 路易為新殿工程投入了巨大精力 but he was always sure to make time for his other great passion. 但他總能為另一愛好騰出時間 Although married to Queen Marie-Therese, 盡管
    • 紀錄片《凡爾賽宮》 04"太陽王"的由來 As a kind of living god, Louis liked nothing more 作為現世神靈 than being the centre of everyone else's attention. 路易最享受成為所有人關注的焦點 Louis was brought up in a theatre-mad age. 路易在一個戲劇狂熱的年代長大
    • 紀錄片《凡爾賽宮》 05人生苦短,及時行樂 Le Vau's plans for the remodelling of Versailles were complete, 勒沃改造凡爾賽宮的計劃已經完成 and ready to present to his demanding boss. 已可呈現給他挑剔的主顧 Louis certainly knew that what he wanted, 路易當然知道自己
    • 紀錄片《凡爾賽宮》 06法國——時尚之國的淵源 Louis liked to display his power. 路易喜愛展示權力 After winning a war against Spain, 戰勝西班牙后 he celebrated with a huge party in the gardens of Versailles. 他在凡爾賽花園里開辦大型慶祝會 It was also a chance for the
    • 紀錄片《凡爾賽宮》 07哪里有壓迫哪里就有反抗 Because Louis was spending, 因為路易在凡爾賽宮 more and more time at Versailles, 停留的時間逐漸變長 he decided to move his entire government there. 他決定將整個政府移至此地 Toaccommodatethe new officials, 為安頓新的官
    • 紀錄片《凡爾賽宮》 08怎樣能讓男人對你俯首貼耳? Louis' mistress Madame De Montespan 路易的情婦德蒙特斯潘夫人 was already married, 已為人婦 but that didn't stop herspendingmost of her time with the King. 但她并未因此疏遠國王 And he made sure she got the VIP treatment. 路易
    • 紀錄片《凡爾賽宮》 09暴君與專制的形成 Louis kept a close eye on the building works. 路易密切關注建筑的進展 But one inspection visit brought a nasty surprise. 但一次視察途中他受驚不小 A mother angry at the death of her son, killed on site, 一位在工地上痛失愛子
    • 紀錄片《凡爾賽宮》 10善于捕獲人心才能掌權持久 The envelope around the old hunting lodge wascomplete. 舊日行宮外的圍護結構已經完成 Louis' ministers were installed in their new apartments, 路易的朝臣們搬入了新房 and the King began governing from Versailles. 國王開始了在
    • 紀錄片《凡爾賽宮》 11浮華外表下的無靈之地 However magnificent the plans, 無論計劃多么宏偉 Louis' experience with his builders was a familiar one. 路易與建造者的經歷仍舊如昔 Everything took much longer and cost far more than the estimates. 開銷與所用時間遠遠超出預
    • 紀錄片《凡爾賽宮》 12最時尚的國王是怎樣煉成的 Louis' desire for magnificence extended to every aspect of his life 路易追求每個方面的恢弘 especially his wardrobe. 尤其是他的衣櫥 He dressed in the finest cloth, 他穿著華服美裳 and expected his courtiers to do likewise. 并希
    • 紀錄片《凡爾賽宮》 13凡爾賽宮的奇觀之一 Even the King's mealtimes turned into a performance, 就連國王的晚餐也變成了表演 where the nobles stood 貴族們站在一邊 and watched the King eat, waiting for him to speak to them. 觀看國王進餐 等著他開口 One of the phenom
    • 紀錄片《凡爾賽宮》 14路易十四始終未能解決的問題 Louis' restless pursuit of glory and magnificence 路易對榮耀與宏偉的無盡追求 found expression in the gardens of Versailles. 體現在凡爾賽宮的花園里 But even the King could notchange 但即使是國王 the geography of a region 也
    • 紀錄片《凡爾賽宮》 15這里是宛若仙境的夢想之國 Fortunately, there was enough glass 所幸經過六年的日夜兼工后 to furnish the Palace's most ambitious development, 宮殿里有足夠的玻璃 the result of six years' intense work. 用以實現路易完善宮殿的野心 This was Mansart a
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