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    • 紀錄片《恐龍滅絕真相》 第01期 挑戰真相 Everybody knows what wiped out the dinosaurs. 所有人都知道恐龍滅絕的原因。 Sixty five million years ago, it came from outer space. 這場災難來自6500萬年前的外太空。 The world changed in an instant, it became an Old Testamen
    • 紀錄片《恐龍滅絕真相》 第02期 震驚了世界的理論 The hills of north east Mexico are full of evidence of a mass murder, sixty five million years ago. 墨西哥東北部丘陵擁有發生在6500萬年前的這場大屠殺的許多證據。 It's a crime that for over a decade, scientists thought they
    • 紀錄片《恐龍滅絕真相》 第03期 第三紀界線層 The arguments are so bitter because Gerta Keller has re-opened the case which most others considered closed. 辯論相當激烈,因為Gerta Keller又重新提起了大多數人認為已經蓋棺定論的事件。 In doing so she has sparked a scien
    • 紀錄片《恐龍滅絕真相》 第04期 巖熔球 In fact there was so much Iridium, scientists realised the asteroid must have been a staggering ten kilometres in diameter. 事實上,銥的含量非常高,科學家們相信小行星的直徑一定大得令人難以置信,至少有10公里。
    • 紀錄片《恐龍滅絕真相》 第05期 熊熊大火 The spherules were evidence that the fireball had vaporised billions of tonnes of rock. 小球體證明了火球使得數億噸巖石蒸發。 In outer space the vapour condensed into tiny droplets which fell back all over the earth as white hot sphe
    • 紀錄片《恐龍滅絕真相》 第06期 蕨類植物孢子 Then there was the final clue from the KT boundary a high concentration of fern spores. 后來第三紀界線層中又發現了最后一條線索,大量蕨類植物孢子。 Ferns flourish whenever all other plants have been killed off by some envi
    • 紀錄片《恐龍滅絕真相》 第07期 尋找隕石坑 Alan Hildebrand who was based in Calgary in western Canada, was determined to be the one to discover the crater. Alan Hildebrand一直在加拿大西部的卡爾加里從事研究,他一心想找到這個隕石坑。 He knew the spherule layers sho
    • 紀錄片《恐龍滅絕真相》 第08期 墨西哥勘探 Now they knew where the crater lay, the theory seemed to be proven. 現在他們知道了隕石坑的位置,這一理論似乎得到了證明。 But it wasn't quite so simple. 但是事情并沒有那么簡單。 At Chicxulub the crater was buried
    • 紀錄片《恐龍滅絕真相》 第09期 巨巖 It was a massive rock outcrop. 這是一塊裸露在地表的巨巖。 It seemed to be exactly the same age as Chicxulub. 它看起來的確與??颂K魯伯處于同一年代。 At last the whole history of the impact could be read in a rock. 終于,
    • 紀錄片《恐龍滅絕真相》 第10期 大海嘯 Smit believed it was a Tsunami tidal wave like no other. Smit認為原因不是別的,就是海嘯。 It would have travelled at hundreds of miles an hour. 它每小時能前進數百英里。 It could have been a thousand feet high. 高度可達10
    • 紀錄片《恐龍滅絕真相》 第11期 觀點中的錯誤 It's a nice story but when you take a second look, the story just doesn't stack up, 這個故事是不錯,但如果你再看一下,你會發現這個故事無法連起來, there is something fishy about it, it just doesn't make sense. 里面有些
    • 紀錄片《恐龍滅絕真相》 第12期 石灰巖層 So this layer up here has nothing to do with the lower level, 所以這里的上層地層和下層地層絲毫不相干, the two are separated by time, and by a considerable amount of time. 它們因為時間而分隔,而且肯定是很長一段時
    • 紀錄片《恐龍滅絕真相》 第13期 小球體層 It was a Eureka moment, absolutely. 這是激動人心的時刻,絕對是。 We danced, we jumped up and down, and said we've got it. 我們跳舞,歡呼雀躍,我們找到它了。 They were excited because these spherules were eight metres be
    • 紀錄片《恐龍滅絕真相》 第14期 第二次碰撞 The Iridium must have come from an asteroid, but it must have been a second impact, three hundred thousand years later, 銥只能來自小行星,但那肯定已是30萬年后的第二次碰撞, for which we simply don't know where the crater is 我
    • 紀錄片《恐龍滅絕真相》 第15期 采集巖芯 At the end of 2001, an international team of scientists gathered near Chicxulub. 2001年底,一支國際科研小組來到??颂K魯伯附近。 They used an oil rig to drill down over a kilometre into the heart of the crater. 他們利用石油鉆
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