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    • 紀錄片《中國美食之旅》 第1期 前言 搜索 復制 China, home to one in five of the planets population. 中國,世界五分之一人口的家園 The superpower the world fears, but few really know. 世界敬畏的超級大國,卻鮮有人真正了解 Ken Hom is the Godfather of Chi
    • 紀錄片《中國美食之旅》 第2期:北京篇(1) We're spending the first week of our month-long trip 為期一月的旅行中,我們將在首都北京 in the capital, Beijing. 度過一周的時間 I was raised in Chicago, 我在芝加哥長大 and when I first came here in the 1980s, 我第一次
    • 紀錄片《中國美食之旅》 第3期:北京篇(2) 搜索 復制 'They serve 20 different types of noodles here, 他們會做20多種不同式樣的面條 'and these guys are masters of them all.' 這些家伙都是面條大神 To perfect the technique, every year 為了精益求精,每年 he would
    • 紀錄片《中國美食之旅》 第4期:北京篇(3) 搜索 復制 My dish is a classic stir-fry 這個菜是傳統干煸茄子 of aubergines with mild green chillies. 用的配菜是青椒 I've been chefing now for 52 years. 我做主廚52年了 I started in my uncle's restaurant when I was 11. 我11歲
    • 紀錄片《中國美食之旅》 第5期:北京篇(4) 搜索 復制 It's not just the classics of Chinese cuisine, like noodles, 不僅像面條一樣的傳統中國菜 that are being showcased. 被展示出來 Street food is also getting a shiny, modern makeover. 街邊小吃也也愈富光澤,時尚現
    • 紀錄片《中國美食之旅》 第6期:北京篇(5) 搜索 復制 For both Ching and I,this trip is deeply personal. 對于我倆來說,這個旅行是純粹的個人行為 We want to understand more about our relationship with our homeland. 我們想探尋我們和故土的羈絆之情 Even though
    • 紀錄片《中國美食之旅》 第7期:北京篇(6) 搜索 復制 The first step is most important to separate the skin from the fat. 首先最重要的是從脂肪上分離出表皮 It can inflate, so that when it roasts, 皮可以充氣膨脹,這樣在烘烤時 the skin can roast separately in thi
    • 紀錄片《中國美食之旅》 第8期:北京篇(7) 搜索 復制 We've been in the capital for a couple of days, 我們已在首都待了幾天 and we're starting to appreciate the spirit of the Beijingers. 我們開始欣賞北京人的精神 Being in the north of the country,Beijing is exposed to s
    • 紀錄片《中國美食之旅》 第9期:北京篇(8) 搜索 復制 It is in Nanluoguxiang, one of the hutong areas 南鑼鼓巷,北京胡同的一部分 that instead of being bulldozed are now being protected and regenerated 這里不是被拆遷而是被保護并涅槃而生 as the government begins
    • 紀錄片《中國美食之旅》 第10期:北京篇(9) 搜索 復制 'The dough rests for 20 minutes, and we start on the filling 面團放20分鐘,我們開始做餡兒 'smoked tofu and shiitake mushrooms, finely diced. 熏豆腐和香菇,切成小塊 'We're also adding rice noodles,chopped carrot a
    • 紀錄片《中國美食之旅》 第11期:北京篇(10) 搜索 復制 Cooking with Chairman Wang's brought back memories 和王董一起烹飪把我思緒帶回到 of being in the kitchen of my grandmother's farm in Taiwan, 臺灣我祖母農場的廚房里 where I spent my early childhood. 在那里我度過
    • 紀錄片《中國美食之旅》 第12期:北京篇(11) 搜索 復制 Being as Western as I am Chinese,it's pretty challenging 既是西方人又是中國人的我,在別人家里 cooking authentic food for people in their homes, especially 烹飪地道的美食是一種相當的挑戰 in some of the mo
    • 紀錄片《中國美食之旅》 第13期:北京篇(12) 搜索 復制 Mrs Han's an expert in making a little go a long way. 韓夫人是把東西做到極致方面的專家 She's using the leaves of a pepper plant to make a kind of tempura. 她正用花椒葉做一種天婦羅 Oh, this is Sichuan pepper l
    • 紀錄片《中國美食之旅》 第14期:北京篇(13) 搜索 復制 Like many villages across the country, 就像全國的很多村莊一樣 Chuandixia has seen most of the younger generation up sticks. 爨底下村見證了大多數年輕人離開家鄉 30 years ago, just one in five people lived in ur
    • 紀錄片《中國美食之旅》 第15期:北京篇(14) 搜索 復制 When China opened up,Hong Ying moved abroad 中國改革開放后,紅英移居國外 and became a successful food and fiction writer. 成了一名成功的美食家和小說家 She returned to Beijing ten years ago. 多年以后她回到
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