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    • 金融口語實戰會話 第1期:商場購物 信用卡付款 A:What else, Ma'am? 還要別的嗎,女士? B:No, thanks. My husband said, We'd like to pay now. 不用了,謝謝。我丈夫說,我們現在要去付款。 A:Let me show you to the cashier's. It's 905 yuan in total. 我帶你們去收銀臺
    • 金融口語實戰會話 第2期:申請個人信用卡 A:I'd like to apply for a credit card. Can you help me with my application? 我想申請一張信用卡。你可以幫我申請嗎? B:I'd be glad to. 我很樂意幫你。 A:I'm afraid that I don't have a credit history. I just came to this c
    • 金融口語實戰會話 第3期:信用卡還款日期 到銀行還款 A:are you ready to go to the bank? 你要到銀行去嗎? B:sure, what do you need to do there? 是的。你也要去嗎? A:theres problem with my bank statement. Theres a mistake on it. I also need to withdraw some money form the ATM. 我的
    • 金融口語實戰會話 第4期:個人理財第一步 辦理銀行賬戶 A:Hello, I'd like to open an account. 你好,我想開個帳戶。 B:Which account would you like to open? 您想開什么樣的帳戶? A:I'd like to open a savings account. What's the interest rate now? 我想開個存款帳戶?,F在的利
    • 金融口語實戰會話 第5期:個人銀行賬戶管理 存錢 A:Good morning, sir. Can I help you? 早上好,先生。我能幫您點什么嗎? B:Yes, I want to deposit 1000 Yuan in my bank account. 是的,我想在銀行賬戶中存1000元錢。 A:Please fill out this deposit form, first. 請先填一
    • 金融口語實戰會話 第6期:辦理銀行業務 匯款業務 A:Good morning, may I help you? 早上好,請問有什么可以幫您? B:Hello, I want to remit one thousand Yuan to Magnolia Company. 你好,我想給馬諾麗亞公司匯一千元錢。 A:Please fill out this form, please. 請您填一下
    • 金融口語實戰會話 第7期:辦理銀行業務 旅行支票 A:Can I help you, sir? 我有什么能幫您的,先生? B:Uh, yes. I'm going to the States and I need some traveler's checks. 是的,我準備去美國,然后需要一些旅行支票。 A:All right. How much do you need? 好的,你需要
    • 金融口語實戰會話 第8期:辦理銀行業務 柜臺取款 A:May I help you? 先生,請問有什么能幫您的嗎? B:I'd like to withdraw some money. 我想取一些錢。 A:Please fill in the slip, stating the exact amount you wish to withdraw. 請填寫一份單據,寫上確切的數目。 B:
    • 金融口語實戰會話 第9期:辦理銀行業務 支票兌現 A:May I help you? 我能幫你什么? B:I'd like to cash this check, please. 我想把這張支票兌現。 A:Do you have an account with us? 請問,您在我方銀行有賬戶嗎? B:Yeah. Here's my identification card. 是的。這是我
    • 金融口語實戰會話 第10期:辦理銀行業務 月度計息賬戶 A:Good moming, sir. What can I do for you? 早上好先生,有什么需要幫助的嗎? B:Good moming. I would like to open a new account. I want to deposit 500 dollars. 早上好,我想開一個新賬戶,然后存500塊錢。 A:Very go
    • 金融口語實戰會話 第11期:銀行業務 活期儲蓄 A:Morning. May I help you? 早上好,我能幫您什么? B:Yes. I'd like to open an account that enables me to draw money easily. 我想開一個取錢容易的賬戶。 A:Well, in that case, I think a checking account may be more convenien
    • 金融口語實戰會話 第12期:銀行業務 個人貸款 A:Hello, Sir, may I help you? 你好,先生,您需要什么服務? B:Yes. I would like some information for requesting a loan. 我想了解些申請貸款的信息。 A:Very well, here are the general terms of our loan policies. We pride
    • 金融口語實戰會話 第13期:銀行業務 辦理個人轉賬 A:Good morning ,welcome to Bank of the USA. How may I help you today? 早晨好,歡迎來到美國銀行,我能為你做點什么? B:Hi,I need to transfer some money to another account. Its urgent. 你好,我需要將錢轉到另一個賬號
    • 金融口語實戰會話第14期 銀行業務 查詢賬戶余額 A:Good afternoon, Miss. What can I do for you? 小姐,下午好。有什么我可以幫你的嗎? B:Could you tell me my account balance? My account number is... 你可以告訴我我的賬戶還有多少余額嗎?我的賬號是 A:Just a
    • 金融口語實戰回話第15期:銀行業務 申請助學貸款 A:Hello! How can I help you, sir? 你好!有什么可以幫你嗎,先生? B:I want to take out a loan for school. What kind of interest rate do you offer? 我想辦理助學貸款。你們的利率是多少? A:Do you qualify for any of
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