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    • 口腔臨床英語對話 第1期:第一次看牙預約(1) Good morning, Doctor Smith. 早安,史密斯醫生。 Good morning, Miss Jones. Please come in. 早安,瓊斯小姐。請進。 I see that you brought some new nurses uniforms with you. 我看見你帶著新的護士服裝。 They're very attract
    • 口腔臨床英語對話 第2期:第一次看牙預約(2) Have you ever been treated for a heart condition, or for a prolonged illness such as diabetes, liver disease or kidney disease? 你有沒有因為心臟情況接受過治療?或者因為糖尿病, 肝病和腎臟病這些慢性疾病而接受過治
    • 口腔臨床英語對話 第3期:第一次看牙預約(3) Please do as much as you can for me today. I'm not busy this morning. 今天你就盡量做吧。我今天上午不忙。 You'll need two appointments for your cleaning. I'll review the X-rays and decide upon a treatment plan for your next appointmen
    • 口腔臨床英語對話 第4期:口腔預防治療(1) Part two 第二章 Oral Prophylaxis 口腔預防治療 What kind of toothbrush do you use, Mrs. Williamson? 威廉森太太,你用什么樣的牙刷? I use a soft brush. I don't remember the brand name. 我用的是軟牙刷。我記不得身摸牌
    • 口腔臨床英語對話 第5期:口腔預防治療(2) Before you leave, I'll polish your teeth and remove the rest of the stain. 在你離開以前,我要把你的牙齒磨一磨, 并把留下來的著色劑磨掉。 How much have you done, Miss Jones? 瓊斯小姐,干到哪了? Oh, hello Doctor
    • 口腔臨床英語對話 第6期:牙科手術(1) Good morning Mrs. Hall. If none of your teeth are bothering you, I'll restore the tooth with the largest cavity. 霍爾太太,早安。 假如你的牙齒不讓你難受的話, 那么我就把蛀的最厲害的牙補一補。 This is the tooth th
    • 口腔臨床英語對話 第7期:牙科手術(2) What is the chance of the pulp dying,Doctor? 醫生,牙髓壞死是常見的死嗎? You can't be absolutely sure in these cases,but I'm very confident (sure) that everything will be OK. 你的情況不一定是牙髓壞死, 我有信心一切
    • 口腔臨床英語對話 第8期:有關齲齒的解釋(1) Part four 第四章 An Explanation of Dental Caries 有關齲齒的解釋 Why do I have so many cavities,Doctor? 醫生,為什么我有這么多蛀牙? It seems that every time I go to the dentist,there are at least three or four new ones. 好像
    • 口腔臨床英語對話 第9期:有關齲齒的解釋(2) Enamel is the hard outer tooth layer. 牙釉質是牙齒堅硬的外層。 The cavity gets larger by entering the softer second tooth layer, the dentin. 蛀牙洞到了牙齒的較軟的第二層, 也就是牙本質時,齲洞就會變得大的多。
    • 口腔臨床英語對話 第10期:根管治療法(1) Part five 第五章 Endodontic Treatment 根管治療法 There's a patient with severe pain in the waiting room, Doctor. 醫生,在候診室有一個病人牙痛得很厲害。 Take an X-ray and ask him to sit down in treatment room number two. 給她
    • 口腔臨床英語對話 第11期:根管治療法(2) I'll treat the infection by putting medication in the tooth with a temporary filling until your next appointment. 在牙齒里放上藥物進行治療。至下次預約治療之前先暫時填補上。 Will the tooth be alright? 那么牙齒行嗎?
    • 口腔臨床英語對話 第12期:根管治療法(3) I have a root canal filling in one of my teeth. The tooth is changing color. Can anything be done about it? 我有一顆牙在牙根管里補過?,F在這顆牙變了顏色,有什么辦法可以解決? Sometimes a tooth with a root canal fillin
    • 口腔臨床英語對話 第13期:根尖切除術(1) Part six 第六章 Apicoectomy 根尖切除術 Excuse me. Is the Doctor in? 請問,醫生在嗎? Good afternoon, sir. The Doctor is here today. Do you have an appointment? 下午好,先生。醫生今天不上班。你預約了沒有? No, I d
    • 口腔臨床英語對話 第14期:根尖切除術(2) Good. I'm not busy now, but I have to meet a friend in an hour and a half. 好,我現在不忙,但是我過了一個半小時要見一個朋友。 Will there be any side effects? 會有什么副作用嗎? There'll be a little bit of bleeding, b
    • 口腔臨床英語對話 第15期:拔牙(1) Part seven 第七章 Extraction 拔牙 Doctor Smith, a patient is in the waiting room. She has a toothache. She doesn't have an appointment. 候診室里有一個病人。她患牙痛。她沒有事先預約。 Bring her into this treatment room, ple
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