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    • 快捷之路交際英語1 chapter 1添加文本 [00:12.20]A. Hello. My name is Carlos. [00:18.39]B. Hi, Im Kim. Nice to meet you. [00:21.92]A. Nice meeting you, too. [00:24.19]Id like to introduce [00:31.61]A. Hi! How are you? [00:36.47]B. Fine. And you? [00:38.82]A. Fine , thanks. Id like to intr
    • 快捷之路交際英語1 chapter 2 [00:14.99]A. Directory assistance. What city? [00:21.16]B. Chicago. I'd like the number of Mary Nielson. [00:25.73]A. How do you spell that? [00:27.69]B. N-I-E-L-S-O-N. [00:33.04]A. What street? [00:35.00]B. Hudson Avenue. [00:36.75]A. Just a momentT
    • 快捷之路交際英語1 chapter 3 [00:15.91]A. Excuse me. Is there a post office nearby? [00:23.77]B. Yes, There's a post office on Main Street. [00:28.13]A. On Main Street? [00:29.96]B. Yes. It's on Main Street, next to the bank. [00:34.72]A. Thank you. [00:35.94]A. Excuse me. Is th
    • 快捷之路交際英語1 chapter 4 [00:12.20]Were Looking for a Two-bedroom Apartment Downtown [00:17.95]A. were looking for a two-bedroom apartment downtown. [00:24.01]B. I think I have an apartment for you. [00:26.85]A. Oh, good. Can you describe it? [00:31.29]B. yes, It has two bed
    • 快捷之路交際英語1 chapter 5 [00:13.51]What Job Do you Have Open? [00:15.96]A. Can I talk to the manager? [00:20.61]B. Yes, Im the manager? [00:23.46]A. I saw your help wanted sign. [00:26.02]What job do you have open? [00:28.37]B. were looking for a cook. [00:30.51]A. Id like t
    • 快捷之路交際英語1 chapter 6 [00:11.28]I Have a Headache [00:13.14]A. You know You dont look very well. Are you feeling okay? [00:21.86]B. No, not really. [00:24.48]A. whats the matter? [00:26.31]B. I have a headache. [00:28.06]A. Im sorry to hear that. [00:30.77]What Do You Rec
    • 快捷之路交際英語1 chapter 7 [00:11.00]I Looking for a Shirt [00:16.59]A. Excuse me. Can you help me? [00:19.59]B. Certainly. [00:21.11]A. Im looking for a shirt. [00:23.35]B. Shirts are in Aisle 3. [00:26.23]A. Thank you. [00:27.64]A. Excuse me. Can you help me? [00:37.56]B. Ce
    • 快捷之路交際英語1 chapter 8 [00:13.09]Excuse Me. Wheres the Supply Room? [00:16.43]A. Excuse me. Wheres the supply room? [00:22.67]B. Its down the hall. [00:25.13]A. Thank you. [00:26.36]B. Are you a new employee? [00:29.10]A. Yes. I started yesterday. May name is Bill. [00:34.
    • 快捷之路交際英語1 chapter 9 [00:12.09]What Do You Want to Do Today? [00:14.21]A. What do you want to do today? [00:18.55]B. I dont know. Whats the weather like? [00:21.55]A. Its raining. Do you want to see a movie? [00:24.87]B. Sure. Thats a good idea. [00:27.90]Lets Do Somethi
    • 快捷之路交際英語1 chapter 10 [00:11.60]Hello. Im Your Neighbor [00:14.45]A. Hello. Im your neighbor. My name is Helen. [00:21.11]B. Hi. Im Maria. Nice to meet you. [00:25.36]A. Nice meeting you, too. Tell me, where are you from? [00:30.93]B. Mexico. And you? [00:33.78]A. Greece.
    • 快捷之路交際英語1 chapter 11 [00:13.87]Could You Please Hand Me A Screwdriver? [00:17.03]A. Could you please hand me a screwdriver? [00:21.89]B. A screwdriver? Okay. [00:24.95]A. Thanks. [00:25.99]B. Youre welcome. [00:27.61]Could You Possibly Type This Letter? [00:34.27]A. Coul
    • 快捷之路交際英語1 chapter 12 [00:15.49]Could You Please Tell Me How to Make a Long Distance Call? [00:22.33]A. Excuse me. Could you please tell me how to make a long distance call? [00:31.87]B. Sure. Dial one. Dial the area code. Then, dial the local phone number. Have you got i
    • 快捷英語交際英語1 chapter 13 [00:12.09]Do We Need Anything form the Supermarket? [00:18.16]A. Do we need anything from the supermarket? [00:23.48]B. Yes. WE need a quart of milk. [00:26.93]A. A quart? [00:28.79]B. Yes. [00:29.86]A. Anything else? [00:32.00]B. No, I dont think so
    • 快捷之路交際英語1 chapter 14 [00:10.79]I Dont Thin We Can Afford It [00:13.14]A. which refrigerator do you like? [00:19.85]B. I like this one. Its very large. [00:23.72]A. I know. Its larger than that one, but its also more expensive. [00:29.47]B. Hmm. Youre right. [00:32.63]A.
    • 快捷之路交際英語1 chapter 15 [00:13.87]Am I Assembling This Computer Correctly? [00:17.21]A. Excuse me. Mr. Johnson? [00:21.89]B. Yes? [00:22.94]A. Am I assembling this computer correctly? [00:26.12]B. No, not exactly. Youre supposed to attach the black wire to the switch on the
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