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    • 考研英語長難句講解第1期 1. Yet, in several instances, justices acted in ways that weaken the court's reputation for being independent and impartial. 【分析】復合句。主句主干為 justices acted。in several instances 和 in ways作狀語, that 引導定語從句修
    • 考研英語長難句講解第2期 3. At the very least, the court should make itself subject to the code of conduct that applies to the rest of the federal judiciary. 【分析】復合句。At the very least在句首作狀語,that 引導定語從句修飾 the code of conduct。 【譯
    • 考研英語長難句講解第3期 5. Constitutional law is political because it results from choices rooted in fundamental social concepts like liberty and property. 【分析】復合句。主句為 Constitutional law is political。because 引導原因狀語從句;其中分詞短語
    • 考研英語長難句講解第4期 7. The justices must address doubts about the court's legitimacy by making themselves accountable to the code of conduct. 【分析】簡單句。句子主干為 The justices must address doubts,介詞短語 about the court's legitimacy 修飾 doub
    • 考研英語長難句講解第5期 2. But because hard laughter is diffficult to suatain, a good laugh is unlikely to have measurable benefits the way, say, walking or jogging does. 【分析】復合句。句首為 because 引導的原因狀語從句。主句的主干為 a good laugh
    • 考研英語長難句講解第6期 4. In an experiment pubished in 1988, social psychologist Fritz Strack of the University of Wurzburg in Germany asked volunteers to hold a pen either with their teeththereby creating an artificial smileor with their lips, which would produce a disapp
    • 考研英語長難句講解第7期 1. Instead, the studies ended up giving their name to the Hawthorne effect, the extremely influential idea that the very act of being experimented upon changes subjects' behavior. 【分析】復合句。句子主干為 the studies ended up giving th
    • 考研英語長難句講解第8期 3. An awareness that they were being experimented upon seemed to be enough to alter workers's behavior by itself. 【分析】復合句。句子主干為 。An awareness...seemed to be enough to alter...。 that 引導同位語從句補充說明 awar
    • 考研英語長難句講解第9期 5. It turns out that peculiar way of conducting the experiments may have led to misleading interpretations of what happened. 【分析】復合句,句子主干為 It turns out that..., It 作形式主語,真正的主語是 that 引導的主語從
    • 考研英語長難句講解第10期 7. However, a comparison with data for weeks when there was no experimentation showed that output always went upon Monday. 【分析】復合句。句子主干為 a comparison...showed that...,that 引導的賓語從句。 with data 作 comparison 的
    • 考研英語長難句講解第11期 2. It takes more upkeep, burns more fuel and is slow off the starting line it depends on learninga gradual processinstead of instinct. 【分析】復合句。本句的謂語動詞有三個:takes,burn 和 is。because 引導原因狀語從句,其
    • 考研英語長難句講解第12期 4. Instead of casting a wistful glance backward at all the species we've left in the dust I.Q.-wise, it implicitly asks what the real costs of our own intelligencies might be. 【分析】復合句。介詞短語 Instead of...I.Q.-wise作句子狀語,
    • 考研英語長難句講解第13期 6. They would try to decide what intelligence in huamns is really for, not merely how much of it there is. 【分析】復合句。本句的主干是 They would try to decide...。decide 后跟兩個并列的賓語從句,分別由 what 和 how much
    • 考研英語長難句講解第14期 2. He helped popularize the idea that some diseases not previously thought to have a bacterial cause were actually infections, which aroused much controversy when was first suggested. 【分析】多重復合句。主句主干是 He helped popularize
    • 考研英語長難句講解第15期 4. This group generally do well in IQ test, scoring 12-15 points above the mean value of 100, and have contributed disproportinately to the intellectual, and cultural life of the West, as the careers of their elites, including several world-renowned
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