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    • 朗文3L看聽學英語第三冊 Lesson 01 Revison Lesson 1 Not a very good morning Mother: Breakfasts ready, children! Sandy(sadly): All right, mum. Were coming. Mother and Father: Good morning, Sandy. Good morning, Sue. Children(sadly): Good morning, mum. Good morning, dad. Father(copying
    • 朗文3L看聽學英語第三冊 Lesson 03 Revision Lesson 3 Look out, boys! Narrator: Sandy and Sue are at school. Sue is having a lesson with her new teacher, Mr Slade. Narrator: Sandy is with his friends. Sandys class is having a swimming lesson. Sandy: Come and have a swim, Billy! Were h
    • 朗文3L看聽學英語第三冊 Lesson 05 Revision Lesson 5 With Billys best wishes Narrator: Sandys new teacher is Mrs Hart. Mrs Hart is talking to Sandy now. Mrs Hart: You arent paying attention, Sandy. What are you looking at? Sandy: A postcard, Mrs Hart. Billy sent it to me during the h
    • 朗文3L看聽學英語第三冊 Lesson 07 Revision Lesson 7 New Neighbours The house next door to the Clarks has been empty for a long time. On Monday a big van arrived at the house and stopped outside the gate. The van was full of furniture. Two workmen carried the furniture into the empty
    • 朗文3L看聽學英語第三冊 Lesson 09 Revision Lesson 9 The Blakes move in Mother: Where have you been, children? Sue: Weve been next door, mum. Mother: Next door? But that house is empty. Sue: No, it isnt, mum. Look out of the window. Weve got some new neighbours. Sandy: Thats Mr Blake
    • 朗文3L看聽學英語第三冊 Lesson 11 Revision Lesson 11 Dick and Harry Mrs Blake: Have you brought in the piano yet? Dick and Harry: Yes, Mrs. Mrs Blake: Where have you put it? Dick: Weve put it there, Mrs in that room. Mrs Blake: I dont want it in that room. Thats the kitchen. Bring i
    • 朗文3L看聽學英語第三冊 Lesson 13 Revision Lesson 13 Youre a nuisance! Narrator: Its Saturday morning. Mother and father are shopping. Father is in a hurry and mother is cross with him. Father: Hurry up, Betty! Haven't you finished yet? Mother: No, I havent. Father: What are you goi
    • 朗文3L看聽學英語第三冊 Lesson 15 Revision Lesson 15 A safe place Father: Wheres my blue suit, dear? Mother: Its at the cleaners, Jim. Itll be ready now. Can you go and get it? Father: Yes. Ill go now. Give me the ticket please. Mother: Ill look in my handbag. Thats funny. It isnt h
    • 朗文3L看聽學英語第三冊 Lesson 17 Lesson 17 Please be polite! Sandy: May I leave the table please, dad? Father: No, you may not, Sandy. We havent finished our dinner yet. Sue: Can I leave the table please, dad? Mother: No, you cant, Sue. We havent finished our dinner yet. Sandy: May
    • 朗文3L看聽學英語第三冊 Lesson 19 Lesson 19 Isnt he a lovely baby! Narrator: Sue is travelling by train. Theres an old man beside her. Hes reading a newspaper. Theres a young woman opposite her. She has a lovely baby. Sue: Isnt he a lovely baby! Can he talk yet? Young woman: No, he
    • 朗文3L看聽學英語第三冊 Lesson 21 Lesson 21 The wrong car Father: Ah, here we are. This is our car. Father: Would you get the key out of my pocket for me please, dear? My hands are full. Mother: There arent any keys in this pocket. Father: Could you look in the other pocket please?
    • 朗文3L看聽學英語第三冊 Lesson 23 Lesson 23 Billys favourite subject Mrs Hart: You were absent from school yesterday, Sandy. Where were you? Sandy: I couldnt come to school, Mrs Hart. My mother took me to the doctors. Mrs Hart: Why, Sandy? Sandy: I hurt my foot yesterday and I wasnt
    • 朗文3L看聽學英語第三冊 Lesson 25 Lesson 25 Television Day: The Flyer Narrator: The childrens favourite subject is General Knowledge. They watch a programme on television every week. There is a television in their classroom. TV Commentary: Today our programme is about the first aero
    • 朗文3L看聽學英語第三冊 Lesson 27 Lesson 27 The music lesson Narrator: Sandys class is having a music lesson. The music teacher is showing the children a violin. Teacher: Who can play a musical instrument? Sandy: I can, sir. Teacher: Come and play this violin, Sandy. Play a note lik
    • 朗文3L看聽學英語第三冊 Lesson 29 Lesson 29 The weight-lifter Last week father took the children to a circus. First they saw a weight-lifter. He was very strong. He picked up a heavy weight. He was strong enough to lift it above his head. Then a clown appeared. He tried to lift the
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