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    • 《了不起的菲麗西》精講 01菲麗西在哪 Bye-bye, orphanage! 再見了,孤兒院 Slowly! Almost there! 慢慢來,就快到了 Stop! 立定 Where is Felicie? 菲麗西又去哪了 Uh, sir, I don't know. 呃,先生,我也不知道 What are you looking at, you idiot? 你在看什么呢,
    • 《了不起的菲麗西》精講 02菲麗西闖禍 Stop! Stop doing your grumpy face! 你別再鬧別扭了 I'm not, I'm just a little bit hurt that you were... 我并沒有,我只是有點在意 ..I don't know, escaping without me! 你居然想丟下我獨自逃跑 Escaping? Me? 逃跑?我想逃跑
    • 《了不起的菲麗西》精講 03菲麗西挨訓 This is the last time! 這是最后一次原諒你們了 We're sorry- We're sorry, and... 我們真的感到很抱歉 Tut-tut-tut! Let them go! 行行行,放開他們 You, go to your room. 你,回到你的房間 Thank you! Thank you, Mother Super
    • 《了不起的菲麗西》精講 04計劃逃跑 Do you have a plan? 那么說 你有計劃了 A brilliant plan! 一個聰明絕頂的計劃 A plan worthy of my total, utter, unquestionable genius. 集合了本天才毋庸置疑的才華與智慧 Let me see. 讓我看看 After we escape. Now! No! N
    • 《了不起的菲麗西》精講 05菲麗西逃跑被發現 I'm taking this pitiful deserter to Mother Superior. 院長嬤嬤讓我帶這個逃跑的孩子去見她 OK, Sister. Hmm... 沒問題 修女 Emergency! Emergency! Activate Plan B! 緊急情況 警報 啟動備用計劃 This way! 從這走 Activate Pl
    • 《了不起的菲麗西》精講 06驚險的逃跑 I'm going to... Got you 終于逮到你們了 Come here, you rascals! 跟我回去 你們兩個小鬼 Goodbye! 后會無期了 What? 什么 Let's go! 讓我們飛吧 One day, everyone will travel like this! 總有一天 人們會這樣出行 My music
    • 《了不起的菲麗西》精講 07菲西麗和維克多逃跑成功 That went well, no? 還算順利吧 You're unbelievable. 你可真棒 I know. 那當然了 Victor, we actually did it! 維克多 我們居然逃出來了 Yes, we actually did! 是啊 我們居然逃出來了 I can fix this. 沒關系 我可以修好它
    • 《了不起的菲麗西》精講 08初到巴黎 Good morning, sunshine! 早安 我的公主 Eww! When's the last time you brushed your teeth? 惡 你是有多久沒刷牙了 Start with this one. 這邊 這個箱子 I can't see where we are. 我們到哪兒了 Relax! We're in Paris! 別擔心 我們在
    • 《了不起的菲麗西》精講 09菲麗西與維克多分開 So, where's the dance school? 巴黎這么大 可舞蹈學校在哪兒呢 Relax, Felicie! 別擔心 菲麗西 Enjoy Paris. Breathe it in. 好好享受吧 這可是夢想之都巴黎啊 Hi there! 你好嗎 Love your moustache, monsieur! 您的小胡子不
    • 《了不起的菲麗西》精講 10菲麗西偷看跳舞 What have you come here to do, huh? 給我老實交代 You came here to steal, didn't you? 你來這兒想偷什么 Answer me! You're a thief! 告訴我 你這個賊 I wasn't stealing! I was looking at the dancer! 我沒想偷東西 我只是在看她跳
    • 《了不起的菲麗西》精講 11我只是個清潔工 Clear off. 別擋路 Wait! 等一下 Go. Get out of here. 快走吧 離開這里 I have nothing to steal! 我可沒什么讓你偷 I-I can't sp... I can't speak! 我這樣 說不出話來 I just wanted to say thank you for saving me! 我只是想說 謝
    • 《了不起的菲麗西》精講 12菲麗西遭嫌棄 But you're the first person to show me any kindness in this city. 可您是在這兒第一個對我這么好的人 I've been separated from my best friend. 我和同伴走丟了 I have nowhere to go, 我現在無家可歸 I'm an orphan. 而且我是個
    • 《了不起的菲麗西》精講 13菲麗西打掃衛生 Are you coming? 還要我請你進來嗎 Whoa! That's a lot of stairs. 哇 這兒臺階真多 Are you the caretaker? 您在這里工作嗎 Yes. And you can stay with me until you get on your feet, 是的 你在能夠獨立生活之前 可以暫住在我
    • 《了不起的菲麗西》精講 14菲麗西闖進練舞房 Get up 起來 Yes, ma'am. 是的 夫人 Who is this? 她是誰 No-one. She helps. 誰也不是 她來幫忙的 You feed it out of your wages. 那你養她 自己出錢 Yes, ma'am. 好的 夫人 I want you to air and press the linen. Now! 我要你把桌
    • 《了不起的菲麗西》精講 15菲麗西被認作小偷 OK! I'm done. 'Bye now! 那我先告退了 回頭見 Wait, little rat! You were spying, weren't you? 站住 小耗子,你剛剛在偷看 對不對? I don't think so. 怎么會 我沒有 Yes, you were. 不 你就是 You were admiring the most wond
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