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    • 旅游英語口語就該這么說:第1期 旅游計劃句型大全 You can hear this... 你可以聽這個 1.Well, sightseeing gives you much joy. 觀光會給你增添許多樂趣。 2.However beautiful the view is,I'm not happy without you. 無論風景多么美麗,沒有你我不會快樂。 3.The transportatio
    • 旅游英語口語就該這么說:第2期 旅游計劃 去哪里 Do you have a sightseeing plan in the coming holiday? 在即將來臨的暑假你打算去做什么? Oh, not yet. What about you? 哦,還沒想好。你呢? Where are you going to go this year? 今年你們打算去什么地方? What are you
    • 旅游英語口語就該這么說:第3期 旅游計劃 為何去 What's your reason to go to Qingdao? 你去青島的理由是什么? Because I want to get nearer to the sea. 因為我想離大海更近。 I was attracted by the monkeys in the mountain. 我被山中的猴子吸引了。 It can enlarge you knowle
    • 旅游英語口語就該這么說:第4期 旅游計劃 何時去 I am looking forward to going to Tian'anmen this Spring Festival with you. 我盼望著這個春節能和你去天安門。 I'm afraid but I only have three days free. 對不起,我可能只有有三天空閑時間。 When will you have time on ear
    • 旅游英語口語就該這么說:第5期 旅游計劃 和誰去 Do you want me to go with you? 你想讓我跟你一起去嗎? Of course. 當然了。 Whom would you like to go with? 你想和誰一起去? I think you can't do without me. 我覺得你少了我不行。 I like to go there with the people havin
    • 旅游英語口語就該這么說:第6期 旅游計劃 去多久 How long are you going to stay in Zhang jia jie? 你準備在張家界待多久? It depends on the view there. 這將由那邊的風景決定。 I really want to live here for ever if I had no work. 如果我沒有工作,我真的想永遠住在這
    • 旅游英語口語就該這么說:第7期 旅游計劃 收集信息 Have you find the information about the consumption level there? 你找到有關消費水平的信息了嗎? Let me see. I just connected the Internet. 讓我看看,我剛接通網絡。 What the city looks like? 那是一個怎樣的城市? Wh
    • 旅游英語口語就該這么說:第8期 旅游計劃 旅行預算 The transportation fee takes a great part in the budget. 交通費在預算中占很大一部分。 It always happens when going sightseeing. Let's check the other fees next. 出去旅游時這種事情經常發生。下面我們檢查一下其他費用
    • 旅游英語口語就該這么說:第9期 旅游計劃 看天氣 It is said there will be rain tomorrow on the mountain. 據說明天山上會有雨。 Oh, what can we do. 噢,那我們怎么辦? What will the weather be like there when we arrive? 當我們到的時候,那里的天氣會是怎樣的呢? We
    • 旅游英語口語就該這么說:第10期 旅游準備 句型大全 You can hear this... 你可以聽這個 1.Can I have a tour brochure? 能給我一個旅行手冊嗎? 2.Can you introduce some of your tours to me? 你能給我推薦一些你們的旅行線路嗎? 3.Is there a tour with a guide speaking English?
    • 旅游英語口語就該這么說:第11期 旅游準備 聯系旅行社 Is there a tour goes to Shanghai these days? 這些天有到上海的旅行嗎? Yes.The tour that goes to Shanghai leaves every other day. 有的。到上海的旅行每隔一天發團一次。 How often does this line set out? 這條線多長時間發
    • 旅游英語口語就該這么說:第12期 旅游準備 旅行線路 Could you tell me which tour is the best for this season? 你能告訴我哪一個旅行線路是這個季節最好的嗎? A short term tour or a long-distant tour? 一個短期的旅行,還是長期的? Do you have any other tour? 你們還有別
    • 旅游英語口語就該這么說:第13期 旅游準備 旅行費用 May I ask you how much is the tour fee? 我可以問一下旅行收費是多少嗎? It is two thousand two hundred Yuan per capita. 每人2200元。 What about children? 兒童呢? The fee for children is one thousand one hundred, namely it is ha
    • 旅游英語口語就該這么說:第14期 旅游準備 導游 We want a guide for 2 days. How much is it for a day? 我們想請一位導游,用兩天。一天多少錢? 300 Yuan. 300元。 Do you have a French-speaking guide? 你們有說法語的導游嗎? This is the sight point called Wind Cave. 這個景
    • 旅游英語口語就該這么說:第15期 旅游準備 辦證 I apply for a visa. 我申請一個簽證。 What's your purpose to Australia? 你去澳大利亞的目的是什么? Do you have sufficient funds to support yourself during the period of the visit? 你有足夠的資金保證你在游覽期間的花費
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