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    • 我的第一本英文作文書01 Chapter one:self-introduction Tips: 名字和年齡:My name is peter, I am six years old. 興趣:My hobby is playing basketball. 個性:I am a talktive person. My name is peter. I am six years old. I am from Taiwan. Many people ask me about my
    • 我的第一本英文作文書02 第二章 我的母親 My Mom 寫作技巧Tips: 第一段開頭句:My mom is about 45 years old. 第二段開頭句:My mom is always reasonable. 第三段開頭句:I love my mom and so I give her a hug. Jenny 的文章: My mom is about 45 ye
    • 我的第一本英文作文書03 第三章 我最崇拜的偶像My favourite hero tips:第一段的開頭句:JianMing Wang has a round face. 第二段的開頭句:When Wang was a child,he was very interested in baseball. 第三段的開頭句:Wang is now a starting pitcher for the U.S. Major League Baseball
    • 我的第一本英文作文書04 第四章:我的家庭My family Tips: 第一段開頭句:There are four people in my family. 第二段開頭句:In my family I love my puppy best. 第三段開頭句:I love my family very much. Peter 的文章: Including me,there are four people in my family:my dad, mom,a
    • 我的第一本英文作文書05添加文本 My Classmates I like to go to school. All of the boys in my class are outgoing. I like my school life very much, because I can do lots of thing with my classmates. Peter 的文章: I like to go to school. There are many activities I can do at school
    • 我的第一本英文作文書06 Chapter 7 Great people The people in Ciji are ordinary people, but they have done a great job. Ciji started as a group of 30 housewives, who saved a small amount of money each day and has grown to have more than 4.5 million members worldwide. Many pe
    • 我的第一本英文作文書07 A bad day I felt very bad early today because everything went wrong. Then in the classroom I found that I brought a wrong test book and no pen. Finally when I got home everything became much better. Peter的文章 I felt very bad early today because
    • 我的第一本英文作文書08 I had an argument with my good friend. I had a big argument with my good friend yesterday because of the baseball teams. Then he still didn't talk to me during the next break time. In the end,while I was watching TV the phone ring. Peter的文章 I h
    • 我的第一本英文作文書09 What a surprising birthday party! Today is my birthday and I'm so excited about it. When it was time to leave school I couldn't wait to go home. And then,things changed completely. Peter的文章: Today is my birthday and I'm so excited about it.In
    • 我的第一本英文作文書10 我的第一本英文作文書10
    • 我的第一本英文作文書11 The happist moment I remember last summer vacation I went to a beach to spend my holiday. I remember one day I went to the beach with some other kids in the hotel. On the day we will leaving we took a lot of picturs in the hotel and outside the hotel
    • 我的第一本英文作文書12 My wish I have no other wish except to be an English teacher. There is another reason why I want to be an English teacher. Now I am the English teacher's aide in my class. Jenny的文章: I have no other wish except to be an English teacher.This is
    • 我的第一本英文作文書13 Having fun at the zoo I went to the Mu zha zoo with my friends last Sunday. There were many sections in the zoo. I was most inpriced by the nocturnal animal house. Peter的文章: I went to the Mu zha zoo with my friends last Sunday.It is on the ro
    • 我的第一本英文作文書14 My bedroom Today I'm going to show you around my bedroom.My bedroom is the bigest room in my house. On the other side of my bedroom is a fish tank and there are many colourful fish in it. My favourite place in my bedroom is under the bed. Peter的文章
    • 我的第一本英文作文書15 A beautiful place Last Saturday I went to Yang Min Shan Park with my friends. In the park we could see some birds flying up in the sky. I like to go to the mountains and I like to see nature,too. Peter的文章: Last Sunday I went to Yang Min Shan
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