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    • Office口語 01早晨問候 Greeting A: Hi, Jane. How are you doing this morning? B: Im all right, thanks. Just a little tired. A: Late night? B: Yeah, I got home around two. 清晨問候 A:嗨,珍妮。 B:還好。謝謝。就是有點累。 A:睡晚了? B:是啊,我
    • Office口語 02好久不見 Long time no see! A: Hi, Jim. How are you? I haven't seen you for a while. B: I'm fine. I've been out of town. I just got back. A: Where were you? B: I was in New York for a wedding. 好久沒見 A:嗨,吉姆。你好嗎? 很久沒有見到你啦
    • Office口語 03新同事 ith a new employee A: Hi there! My names Terry Graham. Youre new around here, huh? B: Yes. My names Mark Benson. I just started a couple weeks ago. A: Well, if theres anything I can do for you, let me know. B: Thanks, I appreciate that! 見到新雇員
    • Office口語 04餐廳在哪 Directions to the lunch room A: Excuse me, maam? B: Yes. What can I do for you? A: Im new here and I cant seem to find the lunch room. B: Oh, its right downstairs. Im going there myself. Just follow me. 餐廳在哪 A:這位女士,打擾您一下?
    • Office口語 05詢問客戶資料 Asking for a clients information A: When would you like me to send those plans over to your office, Mr. Montgomery? B: It would be good if you could get them to me by Thursday afternoon, Ms. Barkley. A: That shouldnt be a problem. What is the exact a
    • Office口語 06結束談話 Ending a conversation A: Well, Id better get back to work. Ive got a ton of stuff on my desk! B: Me too. Ill see you after work, huh? A: Yeah, definitely. I was hoping to catch a ride with you. B: Sure. Meet me at five. 結束談話 A:噢,我得回
    • Office口語 07告別 Saying good-bye A: Thanks for the advice, Mr. Macmillan. Ill keep it in mind. I had better head off though. Im meeting my husband for dinner. B: Sure, Im heading out myself. Enjoy your evening. A: Thanks, sir. You too. Drive safely, I hear theres a l
    • Office口語 08終止推銷會談 Ending a sales talk A: Well, Im glad I had a chance to see these samples, but Im really not in a position to make a decision right now. B: Would you like me to leave the samples with you? A: Yeah, why dont you do that, and then you can give me a call
    • Office口語 09詢問最后期限 Asking about deadlines A: Hi, Mark! I was wondering if you finished that presentation you were working on last week? B: Just about. It should be done in the next couple of days. Why? A: Mr. Rodriguez was asking me about it yesterday. B: Ill give him
    • Office口語 10確認日期 Confirming a schedule A: When can you get the finished product to me? B: We should have it put together by the end of next week. A: Great! Thatll be ahead of schedule! Good work. B: Well, as the saying goes we aim to please! 確認日期 A:你什么時
    • Office口語 11午飯邀請 Lunch invitation A: Hi! Susan! I havent seen you for ages! B: Ive been really busy. How is everything? A: Oh, fine. Hey, why dont we grab a bite to eat and do some catching up? B: Yeah, why not? Ive got a little free time on my hands. Where do you wa
    • Office口語 12見新老板 Meeting a new boss A: Good morning, Mr. Montgomery. Ive been sent over from purchasing to fill in for Clare Williams. B: Oh, really? Nice to meet you. I thought they were going to leave me here on my own! How long have you been with the company? A: O
    • Office口語 13努力適應 Trying to get adjusted A: Hi, how are you? B: Im fine, thanks. Just trying to get adjusted. Its hard to keep track of everything around here. A: Thats for sure. Youre new, too, huh? B: Yeah. I just got here a couple of days ago. How about you? 努力適
    • Office口語 14介紹公司 Introducing the company A: Hi, John Phillips? Im Rose Green. Ive been asked to handle your training and introduce a little bit of the company to you. Its nice to meet you. B: Its nice to meet you, too, Ms. Green. This company seems so big right now;
    • Office口語 15召集組會 Calling for a Group Meeting A: All right. I want to bring everybody in on this project. When can we start working on this? B: Well, we could probably get started with a strategy meeting tomorrow morning at 8:00. A: I tell you what,8:00 is no good for
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