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    • 情景英語口語100主題 001age年齡 Beginner A: how old is Keith? B: hes 21. how old is James? A: hes a year older than Keith, but he looks younger. B: hows your father? A: hes fine. He retired last week. Its turning poing in his life. Now he can relax and enjoy his retirement. B: he
    • 情景英語口語100主題 002character性格 2 Character Beginner A: do you like Barry? B: no, not very much. Hes too ambitious and dishonest. A: I agree. I like his brother, Paul. They are not alike. B: yes. They are completely different. Paul is very sociable and much more honest than his br
    • 情景英語口語100主題 003personal apperance相貌 3 personal appearance Beginner A: That girl looks very attractive, doesnt she? B: do you think so? I dont like girls who look like that. I like girls who arent too slim. If you like her, go and talk to her. A: Id like to, but theres her boyfriend. H
    • 情景英語口語100主題 004part of the body身體部分 4 parts of the body Beginner A: Im going to the beauty parlor. Do you want to come too? B: sure. Lets go. What are you going to have done? A: I want to have a foot massage and haircut. B: a foot massage sounds like a great idea. They are very relaxi
    • 情景英語口語100主題 005movements of parts of the body身體部位的運動 005 movements of parts of the body Beginner A: when you are in a restaurant you want the waiter to bring the bill, what do you do to attract his attention? B: I just make eye contact with him and nod my head. Then I tell him when he comes over to th
    • 情景英語口語100主題 006family家庭 06 family Beginner A: who is cindys husband? B: cindys husband is ron. A: how many children do cindy and ron have? B: they have two children-one son and one daughter-as well as one daughter-in-law and one son-in-law. A: do they have any grandchildre
    • 情景英語口語100主題 007marriage and dating婚姻與約會 007 marriage and dating beginner A: how are you wedding plans going. B: very well. We started organizing everything early to avoid a last minute rush to get things done. The only thing that isnt ready yet is my wedding dress. A: when will that be re
    • 情景英語口語100主題 008friends朋友 008 friends Beginner A: I had a big argument with david yesterday. I hope hes not still mad at me. B: what did you argue about? A: he borrowed some money from me and I needed it back. He said he didnt have the money yet. B: well, he should pay out b
    • 情景英語口語100主題 009parties聚會 009 parties Beginner A: are you going to helens birthday party on Friday evening? B: I wouldnt miss it for the world! Its sure to be fun. Shes invited a lot of people. Do you thind everyone will be able to get into her house? A: if everyone turned u
    • 情景英語口語100主題 010renting an apartment住宅與公寓 010 renting an apartment beginner a: what kind of place shall we rent? b:it should be close to the universtity. neither of us are good at getting up in the morinings and closer it is, the later we can get up. a:asolutely. that's the most important t
    • 情景英語口語100主題 011houses and apartments住宅與公寓 011 houses and apartment Beginner A: I like this apartment. Do you think we can afford the mortgage? B: yes. I think so. Its not a very expensive apartment. Its in the right area and it has everything that we are looking for. The rooms are quite lar
    • 情景英語口語100主題 012living rooms起居室 012 living rooms Beginner A: good morning. Im thinking about buying some new furniture for my living room. Could you help me? B: certainly. As you can see, we have several three-piece suites on sale. Feel free to sit down and test how comfortable th
    • 情景英語口語100主題 013kitchens廚房 013 kitchen Beginner A: can you give me a hand with some things in the kitchen? I dont think I can finish everything in time. B: ok, what do you want me to do? A: first of all, I need you to do the drying up. Im almost finished the washing up. Im go
    • 情景英語口語100主題 014bderooms臥室 014 bedroom Words Bed bedside table alarm clock wardrobe pillow duvet blanket sheet chest of drawers bedside lamp mirror dressing table pyjamas nightdress mattress Phrases Go to bed Get up Set the alarm clock Go to sleep Read in bed Make your bed Be
    • 情景英語口語100主題 015bathrooms浴室 015 bathroom Words Shower Bath Washbasin Mirror Towel rail Toilet Tiles Toothbrush Toothpaste Soap Shampoo Shower gel Shaving cream Razor Shave Bath towel Phrases Take a shower Have a wash Look in the mirror Have a shave Brush your teeth Comb/brush
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