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    • 求職英語:輕松進外企 01開場白(1) James: Miss Wang, how do you do? Im Allan James, the director of human resourse department of this company. Miss Wang: How do you do, Mr. James? Thank you for asking me to come in. James: Not at all. Please sit down, then we can begin. Miss Wang: Tha
    • 求職英語:輕松進外企 02開場白(2) Smith:Come in, young man. Zhang Wei:(while shaking hands) I am Zhang Wei, nice to meet you, sir. Smith:I am Smith, the personnel director. Please have a seat, son. Zhang Wei:Thank you. Have you received my resume? Smith:Actually, I havent had time to
    • 求職英語:輕松進外企 03問籍貫 Lily:Where do you live? Shu Yun:I live in Beijing. Lily:Whats your permanent address? Shu Yun:My permanent address is Apt. 401, 238 Zhongshan Road, Beijing. Lily:Where is your birthplace? Shu Yun:My birthplace is Suzhou. Lily:Where is your domicile?
    • 求職英語:輕松進外企 04問家庭 Lily:Are you married? Shu Yun:Yes, Ive just married. Lily:How long have you been married? Shu Yun:I have been married for three years. Lily:How many people are there in your family? Shu Yun:There are four people in my family. Lily:Who are the members
    • 求職英語:輕松進外企 05問在校情況 Jill:How aboutyour grades of study? Zhao Ming:I have been doing quite well.Asreach 90% andBsreach 100%. And Ive received Scholarship two times. Jill:Besides your major, do you know some in other fields? Zhao Ming:Yes. To develop my knowledge, I studi
    • 求職英語:輕松進外企 06問教育背景 Smith:May I help you? Zhang Xue:Yes, Ive come in apply for the position as head of claim department. Smith:Im Smith, the manager ofHuman Resources Department. May I ask your name? Zhang Xue:My name is Zhang Xue. Smith:Would you tell me what education
    • 求職英語:輕松進外企 07問工作經驗 Wang Tian:Do you have any sales experience? Xiao Lin:Yes, I worked in a fashion shop as a part time salesgirl. Wang Tian:What kind of work are you doing now? Xiao Lin:I'm working as an export sales staff member for a trade company. Wang Tian:Where ar
    • 求職英語:輕松進外企 08問工作背景 David:What kind of jobs have you had? Zhang Jie:I worked as a personnel manager in astate-ownedcompany, and then I transferred to a joint venture as a sales manager. So I am familiar with the texile market in China. David:How did your previous employ
    • 求職英語:輕松進外企 09問證書 Jones:Can youskillfullyoperate the computer? Yang Lei:Yes, I can. I have three years experience in operating computers. Jones:What kind of software can you use? Yang Lei:I can skillfully use Dos, Windows. Jones:Do you have any certificates on compute
    • 求職英語:輕松進外企 10問駕車意愿 Mark:Can you drive? Xia Dan:Yes, I have adriving license. Mark:Are you willing to drive yourself if the job requires? Xia Dan:Sure. Mark:One more thing, if you are wanted in this position, you must prepare to travel aboard frequently. Xia Dan:That's
    • 求職英語:輕松進外企 11問工作業績 Hook:Now please tell me something about your achievements in your work unit. Jiang Li:All right. In my first teaching position I received the Excellent Teaching award the past two yearsin succession. Hook:Have you received any otherhonors? Jiang Li:Y
    • 求職英語:輕松進外企 12問在校職務 William:Were you in a leadership position when you were a college student? Lin Qing:Yes. I was president of the Student Council of our university. William:Did you get any honors or awards at your university? Lin Qing:Yes. I was elected Excellent Part
    • 求職英語:輕松進外企 13問英語基本功 Tom:Employeesin this company have to have a good command of English. Do you think you are proficient in both written and spoken English? Qian Wei:Yes, I think I am quite proficient in both written and spoken English. Tom:Well, then, please tell me ab
    • 求職英語:輕松進外企 14閑聊幾句 Marianne:You would be using mainly English in this job. Do you think you can make yourself understood in Englishwith ease? Sun Min:Yes, I think I speak English quite fluently. I've often explained historical places in Xi'an to foreign tourists in Eng
    • 求職英語:輕松進外企 15問性格特點 Paul:What do you think of your personality? Mr. Li:I am quitealiveand energetic. I am a curious person, and I like to learn new things. Paul:Do you think you are introvertedor extroverted? Mr. Li:I am quite outgoing, I think. Paul:How do youget along
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