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    【ADSE初學版文本】Absolutely Don't Study English Begninner Version1

    Tape 1 A Mother and Her Young Child Learning2 English
    Tape 2 A Father and His Young Doughter Go To America

    Tape 1 A Mother and Her Young Child Learning English

    Situation 1 Wake Up in the Morning

    (Mrs. Lee, a Korean housewife4, decides to teach English to her son Minsu. She will nickname5 Minsu “Michael” from now on. So she also decides to speak only English to him.)

    Mrs. Lee (Mother): Michael, it is time to wake up.

    Michael (Son): Huh?

    Mrs. Lee (Mother): Yes, it is time to wake up. And, also, from now on I will speak only English to you. And you should speak only English to me, too.

    Michael (Son): Okay, mom.

    Mrs. Lee (Mother): Right. That's good.

    Michael (Son): It will be hard at first, but I think I can do it.

    Mrs. Lee (Mother): I know you can do it.

    Michael (Son): I will do my best.

    Mrs. Lee (Mother): That is great. All I want is for you to do your best in everyting you do.

    Michael (Son): Mom, what time is it?

    Mrs. Lee (Mother): It is seven o'clock in the moring.

    Michael (Son): Seven o'clock? I have to go to school by eight.

    Mrs. Lee (Mother): Yes, so come and eat your breakfast.

    Michael (Son): Okay, I will wash my face, brush my teeth, and then I will eat breakfast.

    Mrs. Lee (Mother): Don't forget to wash your hands, too.

    Michael (Son): Mom, when I wash my face, I'm also washing my hands.

    Mrs. Lee (Mother): That's true. Okay, then don't forget to brush your hair.

    Michael (Son): I won't. I always brush my hair before I go to school.

    Mrs. Lee (Mother): You've never brush your hair or you teeth before! Whendid you start?

    Michael (Son): Mom, now that I'm in middle school, I have a girlfriend. So now I have to look good.

    Mrs. Lee (Mother): A girlfriend? When I was in middle school, I never thought of boys.

    Michael (Son): I know, Mom. You told me twenty times.

    Situation 2 Eating Breakfast

    (Michael goes into the kitchen and sits down at the table. His mom and dad are already there.)

    Mrs. Lee (Mother): Michael, what do you want for breakfast?

    Michael (Son): I would like some cereal6, please.

    Mr. Lee (Father): Cereal? Wouldn't you still be hungry?

    Michael (Son): Dad, you're speaking English, too?

    Mr. Lee (Father): Yes, your mother said it would help you. So I am speaking English, too.

    Michael (Son): It feels strange speaking English to you, Dad.

    Mr. Lee (Father): Don't worry about that! What you should worry about is you breakfast. How can you eat only cereal?

    Mrs. Lee (Mother): It is not only cereal. He will be eating it with milk.

    Michael (Son): Yeah, Dad. I will be having milk and cereal.

    Mr. Lee (Father): That doesn't matter. I don't think only milk and cereal is enough. You also need to eat some rice and kimchi.

    Michael (Son): Dad, young people don't like kimchi for breakfast.

    Mrs. Lee (Mother): Yes, dear. You know Michael doesn't like spicy7 food in the morning.

    Mr. Lee (Father): When I was young, we ate kimchi three times a day and liked it. And if I don't eat rice, I would be still hungry.

    Michael (Son): You always say that, Dad. But grandpa said you only like bread and chocolate.

    Mr. Lee (Father): That's not true.

    Michael (Son): Oh, that's what grandpa said.

    Mrs. Lee (Mother): Michael, it is seven thirty. You would be late.

    Michael (Son): Okay, let me eat this cereal, and then I'll catch the bus at seven forty-five.

    Mrs. Lee (Mother): Hurry up!

    Mr. Lee (Father): And tomorrow, you should eat some lice.

    Michael (Son): Dad, that's not right. It is rice with an R, not lice with an L. And I'll eat some rice today.

    Mr. Lee (Father): You will? good. Here, have some righ now.

    Michael (Son): No, Dad. I'll eat it for lunch and dinner. I just don't like it for breakfast.

    Mr. Lee (Father): All right. You win.

    Situation 3 Going to School

    (Michael finishes his breakfast and then walkes to the bus stop. A little while later, a school bus comes and he goes on it. On the bus, he meets his friend, Andy.)

    Michael: Andy, how are you?

    Andy: Huh?

    Michael: No, not "huh?' You should say, "what?'

    Andy: What?

    Michael: That's better. Let's speak in English.

    Andy: Okay, but why?

    Michael: Well, my mom decided9 that the best way to learn English is to practice it all the time.

    Andy: Everybody knows it.

    Michael: Yes, everybody knows it, but nobody does it. So we are going to do it.

    Andy: It sounds like a good idea.

    Michael: It's a great idea. Maybe we should tell our friends and teachers about it.

    Andy: Maybe, but we should think about it first.

    Michael: You're right. Let's think about it before we decide.

    Andy: What are you doing at lunch time?

    Michael: I don't know. Why?

    Andy: We can talk about it more then.

    Michael: That's a good idea. Let's talk about it more at lunch time.

    Situation 4 Back at Home

    (Mr. and Mrs. Lee are still back at home. They are talking about the idea of speaking only English. )

    Mr. Lee (Father): I am not sure that speaking only English is a good idea.

    Mrs. Lee (Mother): Why not?

    Mr. Lee (Father): Well, I'm worried that Machieal will forget Korean.

    Mrs. Lee (Mother): That is impossible.

    Mr. Lee (Father): No, it's not?

    Mrs. Lee (Mother): Of course it is. Even if we speak English to Michael, he will watch Korean television, listen to Korean songs, and go to Korean school. How can he forget?

    Mr. Lee (Father): You're right. I don't have to worry. But, why are we speaking English to each other?

    Mrs. Lee (Mother): Because if we don't speak English, then Machieal won't, either.

    Mr. Lee (Father): But my English is not very good.

    Mrs. Lee (Mother): Yes, it is. And it will get better if you speak it more.

    Mr. Lee (Father): That is true. And, even though it will be diffcult, I will do it for my son.

    Mrs. Lee (Mother): Thank you. I knew you would understand.

    Mr. Lee (Father): That is what partents are for. It is our job to help him.

    Mrs. Lee (Mother): Yes.

    (Mrs. Lee looks at the clock.)

    Mrs. Lee (Mother): What time do you have to go to work?

    Mr. Lee (Father): By nine o'clcok. Why?

    Mrs. Lee (Mother): Well, it's already eight fifteen.

    Mr. Lee (Father): Oh! I should go.

    Mrs. Lee (Mother): good-bye. See you tonight.

    Mr. Lee (Father): good-bye. I'll be home by seven.

    Situation 5 A Telephone Call

    (Mrs. Lee makes a telephone call to Andy's mother, Mrs. Cho.)

    Mrs. Lee: Hello, may I please speak with Mrs. Cho?

    Mrs. Cho: This is she. May I ask who is calling?

    Mrs. Lee: Yes, it's Mrs. Lee, Michael's mother.

    Mrs. Cho: Oh, Hello! How are you?

    Mrs. Lee: I'm fine, thank you. How have you been?

    Mrs. Cho: Fine, thank you. May I ask you a question?

    Mrs. Lee: Of course.

    Mrs. Cho: Why are we speaking in English?

    Mrs. Lee: Oh, yes. I am trying to teach English to Michael by speaking only English to him. Then I remembered that you majored in English literature in college, so I was wondering if you would help me.

    Mrs. Cho: I would be happy to help you. But I graduated from college fifteen years ago. My English is not very fluent10.

    Mrs. Lee: Then it will be good practice for you, too.

    Mrs. Cho: That's true. And it would be great for Andy. He really wants to improve his English.

    Mrs. Lee: I am so happy. Thank you so much.

    Mrs. Cho: You are very welcome.

    Mrs. Lee: By the way, what are you doing this afternoon?

    Mrs. Cho: I have no plans. Why?

    Mrs. Lee: Well, I'm going to go to the supermarket. Would you like to go with me?

    Mrs. Cho: Yes. That would be great. I need to go grocery11 with shopping, too.

    Mrs. Lee: I will drive my car. What time should I pick you up?

    Mrs. Cho: How is two o'clock?

    Mrs. Lee: Perfect, I'll see you then.

    Mrs. Cho: Okay, see you then.

    Situation 6 Grocery Shopping

    (Mrs. Lee drives her car to Mrs. Cho's house. Then they drive together to the supermarket. )

    Mrs. Lee: Sorry, I'm late.

    Mrs. Cho: That's Okay. It's only two ten.

    Mrs. Lee: Yes, but it's cold outside. I'm sorry.

    Mrs. Cho: No, really, it is no problem. Where are we going grocery shopping?

    Mrs. Lee: Let's go to the LG Supermarket.

    Mrs. Cho: I've never been there. How is it?

    Mrs. Lee: It's very nice. The prices and services are very good.

    (They arive at the LG Surpermarket, park the car and go inside.)

    Mrs. Cho: Wow, this is really nice. They have everything.

    Mrs. Lee: Yes, they do have the very good selection12. What do you need to buy today?

    Mrs. Cho: Today I need to buy vegetables.

    Mrs. Lee: What vegetables are you going to buy?

    Mrs. Cho: I'm going to buy lettuce13, mushrooms, tomatoes, potatoes, onions and garlic14.

    Mrs. Lee: But tomato is not a fruit, it's a vegetable.

    Mrs. Cho: Oh! Really? I didn't know that. What are you going to buy?

    Mrs. Lee: My husband really likes meat. So I have to buy a lot of meat.

    Mrs. Cho: What kind of meat are you going to buy?

    Mrs. Lee: I'm going to buy pork ribs15, beef steaks and chicken breasts16.

    Mrs. Cho: What about fish?

    Mrs. Lee: Oh, I almost forgot. I'm also going to buy some shrimp17, crab18 and tuna.

    Mrs. Cho: That's a lot of meat and a lot of seafood19.

    Mrs. Lee: Yes, but my family eats a lot.

    Situation 7 At Cafe

    (Mrs. Lee and Mrs. Cho finished their shopping and decide to go to a cafe to talk some more.)

    Mrs. Lee: Going to a cafe was a great idea. I have almost no time to rest during a day.

    Mrs. Cho: I understand how you feel. That is why I go to a cafe for one hour every day. It gives me a chance to rest, to think, and sometimes, to talk.

    Mrs. Lee: Yes, I think resting and talking are both very important. Especially when you are always busy.

    Mrs. Cho: Why don't we order first?

    Mrs. Lee: That's a good idea. Let's order. Waiter!

    Mrs. Cho: Oh, excuse me.

    (Waiter): Yes. May I take your order?

    Mrs. Cho: Yes, I would like an espresso, please.

    Mrs. Lee: I am coffee.

    Mrs. Cho: Oh, that's a Korean expression. You should say, "I'll have a coffee."

    Mrs. Lee: Ah, thank you. I didn't know that. I'll have a coffee, please.

    (Waiter): One espresso and one coffee, would you like anything else?

    Mrs. Cho: No, thank you.

    Mrs. Lee: Um... actually, could I also have a piece of cake?

    (Waiter): Of couse. I'll get that for you now.

    Mrs. Cho: I like cake, too. But I'm on a diet.

    Mrs. Lee: Why? You're so thin.

    Mrs. Cho: My husband says I need to lose weight.

    Mrs. Lee: That's funny.

    Mrs. Cho: Why?

    Mrs. Lee: Because my husband always says I need to gain weight. He thinks I'm skinny.

    Mrs. Cho: Ha...

    Mrs. Lee: Ha...

    Situation 8 Lunch at School

    (Back at school, Michael and Andy are eating lunch together.)

    Andy: Michael, did you speak English in your classes?

    Michael: I tried to, but some of teachers wouldn't let me.

    Andy: Me too. When I spoke20 English at my Korean language class, the teacher hit my hands with a stick.

    Michael: Yeah, that happened to me, too. But it was my math teacher who hit me. He said, "When we've in Korea3 and we should speak only Korean."

    Andy: Really? I didn't think anyone still thought like that.

    Michael: I know, but they do. There are still many people who think that Koreans can't speak English well. But I think if you practice, you can speak English very well.

    Andy: I think you are right.

    Michael: Of couse, I am. I am very smart.

    Andy: Ha...

    Michael: Ha...

    Andy: I know, but I'm even smarter.

    Michael: Do you think so?

    Andy: Yes, I do. Why? Don't you agree with me?

    Michael: No, I think I am smarter than you. Why don't we make a bet8?

    Andy: Okay. What is the bet?

    Michael: Ten thousand won.

    Andy: Okay. How will we know who is smarter?

    Michael: Let's see who gets a higher score on the next English test.

    Andy: It's a bet!


    1 version FiJwT     
    • His version of the events is pure supposition.他對這件事的說法純屬猜測。
    • What is your version of this matter?你對這件事情的看法 怎么樣?
    2 learning wpSzFe     
    • When you are learning to ride a bicycle,you often fall off.初學騎自行車時,常會從車上掉下來。
    • Learning languages isn't just a matter of remembering words.學習語言不僅僅是記些單詞的事。
    3 Korea dpXzcH     
    • Korea lies to the east of China.韓國位于中國東面。
    • Korea and China are separated by only the Yalu River.朝鮮和中國只隔一條鴨綠江。
    4 housewife 7c0xI     
    • The cleverest housewife can't cook a meal without rice.巧婦難為無米之炊。
    • She was a housewife of experience.她是一個有經驗的主婦。
    5 nickname aGuxJ     
    • She called me by my nickname.她叫我的外號。
    • Why do you fasten such a nickname on her?你為什么給她取這樣一個綽號?
    6 cereal Wrzz1     
    • I have hot cereal every day for breakfast.我每天早餐吃熱麥片粥。
    • Soybeans are handled differently from cereal grains.大豆的加工處理與谷類的加工處理不同。
    7 spicy zhvzrC     
    • The soup tasted mildly spicy.湯嘗起來略有點辣。
    • Very spicy food doesn't suit her stomach.太辣的東西她吃了胃不舒服。
    8 bet ddZy8     
    • I bet you can't do this puzzle.我敢說,你解決不了這個難題。
    • I offered to bet with him.我提出與他打賭。
    9 decided lvqzZd     
    • This gave them a decided advantage over their opponents.這使他們比對手具有明顯的優勢。
    • There is a decided difference between British and Chinese way of greeting.英國人和中國人打招呼的方式有很明顯的區別。
    10 fluent Xj7xF     
    • She is fluent in five languages.她通曉五種語言。
    • My father speaks fluent English.我父親講一口流利的英語。
    11 grocery FfPxV     
    • There used to be a grocery store on the corner.以前在這個街角有家雜貨店。
    • Her mother began operation of a small grocery.她母親開始經營一家小雜貨店。
    12 selection EZ3xX     
    • We left the selection of the team to the captain.我們把挑選隊員的工作交給了隊長。
    • The shop has a fine selection of cheeses.那家商店有各種精美乳酪可供選購。
    13 lettuce C9GzQ     
    • Get some lettuce and tomatoes so I can make a salad.買些萵苣和西紅柿,我好做色拉。
    • The lettuce is crisp and cold.萵苣松脆爽口。
    14 garlic ZhaxQ     
    • His breath smells of garlic.他的呼氣中有大蒜氣味。
    • This dish smells of garlic.這菜有大蒜味。
    15 ribs 24fc137444401001077773555802b280     
    n.肋骨( rib的名詞復數 );(船或屋頂等的)肋拱;肋骨狀的東西;(織物的)凸條花紋
    • He suffered cracked ribs and bruising. 他斷了肋骨還有挫傷。
    • Make a small incision below the ribs. 在肋骨下方切開一個小口。
    16 breasts 39e184020c59829b0abb8449e772072f     
    胸肉( breast的名詞復數 ); 胸部; 乳房; 前胸部份
    • The baby is nursing at its mother's breasts. 那孩子正在吃媽媽的奶。
    • They had chicken breasts for lunch. 他們午餐吃雞胸肉。
    17 shrimp krFyz     
    • When the shrimp farm is built it will block the stream.一旦養蝦場建起來,將會截斷這條河流。
    • When it comes to seafood,I like shrimp the best.說到海鮮,我最喜歡蝦。
    18 crab xoozE     
    • I can't remember when I last had crab.我不記得上次吃蟹是什么時候了。
    • The skin on my face felt as hard as a crab's back.我臉上的皮仿佛僵硬了,就象螃蟹的殼似的。
    19 seafood 7j6zUl     
    • There's an excellent seafood restaurant near here.離這兒不遠有家非常不錯的海鮮館。
    • Shrimps are a popular type of seafood.小蝦是比較普遍的一種海味。
    20 spoke XryyC     
    n.(車輪的)輻條;輪輻;破壞某人的計劃;阻撓某人的行動 v.講,談(speak的過去式);說;演說;從某種觀點來說
    • They sourced the spoke nuts from our company.他們的輪輻螺帽是從我們公司獲得的。
    • The spokes of a wheel are the bars that connect the outer ring to the centre.輻條是輪子上連接外圈與中心的條棒。
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