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    Tape 2 A Father and His Young Daughter Go to America
    Situation 1: Talking about America

    (Mr. Park, a Korean father, decides to go to America with his daughter Sumi. To get ready to go to America, he also thinks it would be good if she speak only in English.)

    Mr. Park (Father): Sumi, would you like to go to America?

    Sumi (daughter): What?

    Mr. Park (Father): I ask you if you want to go to American with me. I will go next Tuesday. I think you would learn a lot if you go with me.

    Sumi (daughter): Dad, of course I want to go with you. But why are you speaking English to me?

    Mr. Park (Father): Well, next Tuesday is only five days form now. If we're going to America, we should practice our English everyday3.

    Sumi (daughter): That is a good idea, Dad. If we speaking English together until next Tuesday, speaking English at America will be easier.

    Mr. Park (Father): That is right. So, do you promise?

    Sumi (daughter): Yes, Dad. I promise to speak only English until next Tuesday.

    Mr. Park (Father): No, you must promise to speak only English until the week after next Tuesday.

    Sumi (daughter): Why?

    Mr. Park (Father): Because we will be at America for one week. And you have to speak only English until we come back to Korea2.

    Sumi (daughter): Yes, I promise.

    Mr. Park (Father): That's a good girl.

    Sumi (daughter): Is mom going with us?

    Mr. Park (Father): No, your mother has to stay here, and take care of your younger brother.

    Sumi (daughter): So Taijun is stay in Korea with mom.

    Mr. Park (Father): Yes, your brother Taijun is only twelve years old. He doesn't know much English yet.

    Sumi (daughter): But I am only fifteen years old.

    Mr. Park (Father): I know. But that means4 you have already learned5 English in school. Now I want you to practice your English with me, and with people in America.

    Sumi (daughter): Okay, Dad. But I don't think mom and Taijun are going to be happy.

    Mr. Park (Father): Don't worry! I would explain to your mother and your brother.

    Sumi (daughter): Okay, Dad. Good luck!

    Situation 2: Explaining to Mrs. Park and Taijun

    (Mr. Park and Sumi go into the living room. Mrs. Park and her son Taijun are there watching television.)

    Mr. Park (Father): Um, I have something I want to tell you.

    Mrs. Park (Mother): Okay, but why are you telling me in English?

    Mr. Park (Father): Well, that was what I want to tell you. Sumi and I are going to America next week. That is why I'm practicing my English.

    Mrs. Park (Mother): What? You're going where?

    Mr. Park (Father): We're going to visit America. I want Sumi to see American and practice her English.

    Mrs. Park (Mother): And when did you decide this?

    Mr. Park (Father): I decided6 it last week.

    Mrs. Park (Mother): And why didn't you tell me?

    Mr. Park (Father): Well, I wasn't sure until just now.

    Mrs. Park (Mother): Why not?

    Mr. Park (Father): Because I just asked Sumi.

    Mrs. Park (Mother): And what did she say?

    Sumi (daughter): I said yes. I really want to visit America, please?

    Mrs. Park (Mother): I don't know.

    Mr. Park (Father): It would be a very good chance for her to practice her English and to see many new famous, too.

    Sumi (daughter): Yeah, Mom, it would be a good chance, please let me go?

    Mrs. Park (Mother): What about Taijun? It's not fair if only Sumi goes?

    Taijun(Son): Yeah, what bout1 me? I want to go, too.

    Mr. Park (Father): What? Where did you learn English? You're only twelve!

    Taijun(Son): Dad, now you've learned English at evening elementary school. I started learning7 English two years ago.

    Mr. Park (Father): Okay, Taijun. I promise to take you to America next year. But this year only Sumi and I will go.

    Taijun(Son): Okay.

    Mrs. Park (Mother): And what about me? When will I go to America?

    Mr. Park (Father): I don't know. But I will buy you a present.

    Mrs. Park (Mother): That sounds good. I want a Boborea's coat.

    Mr. Park (Father): But those are very expensive.

    Mrs. Park (Mother): If you don't buy me a coat, you cannot go to America.

    Mr. Park (Father): Okay, you win. I will buy you a Boborea's coat.

    Situation 3: Talking about the Vacation

    (Sumi goes home and talks to her father about the vacation.)

    Sumi (daughter): Dad, I want to talk to about the trip.

    Mr. Park (Father): Okay, what do you want to talk about?

    Sumi (daughter): I want to talk about where we will go?

    Mr. Park (Father): Well, my sister, your aunt, lives in Los Angeles, so I thought we would go there first.

    Sumi (daughter): Great! Then can we go to New York, Boston and San Francisco?

    Mr. Park (Father): I don't know. We will be there only for a week. And New York and Boston are very far from Los Angeles. But I think we can go to San Francisco.

    Sumi (daughter): Okay, what about Yellow Stone Park and Grant8 Canyon9. Can we go there, too?

    Mr. Park (Father): I don't know about the Yellow Stone, it's also very far. But the Grant Canyon is pretty close to LA, So maybe we can go there.

    Sumi (daughter): That's great! I am going to see LA, San Francisco and the Grant Canyon.

    Mr. Park (Father): I said maybe. I can't promise you anything. First we have to go there and ask your aunt about traveling inside the United10 States.

    Sumi (daughter): I know, Dad. But I am still very happy anykersidid about this trip.

    Mr. Park (Father): Good. I know we will have fun wherever11 we go.

    Sumi (daughter): Yes, but we'll have more fun if we go to more places.

    Mr. Park (Father): That's true. I will try my best to visit San Francisco and the Grant Canyon.

    Sumi (daughter): Thanks, Dad. You're the best.

    Mr. Park (Father): Will I still be the best if we only go to Los Angeles?

    Sumi (daughter): Of course, you'll always be the best dad to me.

    Mr. Park (Father): And you will always be the prettiest daughter to me.

    Situation 4: Going to the Airport

    (Next Tuesday comes, and Mr. Park and Sumi are going to the airport.)

    Mr. Park (Father): Sumi, are you ready to go?

    Sumi (daughter): Almost, I'll be ready in 5 minutes.

    Mr. Park (Father): Okay, I'm going to say good-bye to your mother and brother.

    (Mr. Park goes into the living room where Mrs. Park and Taijun are waiting.)

    Mr. Park (Father): Sumi and I will be leaving in about 5 minutes. Don't worry, Taijun. We will go next year.

    Mrs. Park (Mother): And next year, I will get a Boborea's skirt to go with my coat.

    Mr. Park (Father): No. Next year you can go with us.

    Mrs. Park (Mother): What if I don't want to go!

    Mr. Park (Father): Then I'll buy you anything you want.

    Taijun(Son): I want to go! I don't want a present!

    Sumi (daughter): Okay, I'm ready. Let's go!

    (Sumi goes to his mother and brother.)

    Sumi (daughter): Mom, we'll be back in one week. Don't worry! Taijun, you'll be good and listen to mom.

    Mr. Park (Father): Yes, listen to your mother. We will see you in one week.

    Mr. Park (Father): Good-bye!

    Sumi (daughter): Good-bye!

    Taijun(Son): Good-bye!

    Mrs. Park (Mother): Good-bye!

    (Mr. Park and Sumi go out the house and get in the car.)

    Mr. Park (Father): Let's go!

    Sumi (daughter): Yeah! Let's go to America.

    Mr. Park (Father): Well, first we have to go to the airport. Do you know the name of our airport in English?

    Sumi (daughter): Yes, it's called Kambao.

    Mr. Park (Father): That's right! But its full name is Kambao International Airport.

    Sumi (daughter): Okay, then, let's go to Kambao International Airport and then to Los Angeles International Airport.

    Mr. Park (Father): Very good! You learned quickly.

    Sumi (daughter): Of course I do! I'm your daughter!

    Mr. Park (Father): That's true. I am pretty smart, too. So you should thank me for your intelligence12.

    Sumi (daughter): Thanks, Dad, for the intelligence and for this vacation.

    Mr. Park (Father): You are welcome for the vacation. But I really think you should thank your mother for your intelligence. She is much smarter than I am.

    Situation 5: At the Airport

    (Mr. Park and Sumi arrived at Kambao International Airport and get ready to go.)

    Mr. Park (Father): We are here! Let's go get our tickets.

    Sumi (daughter): What? We don't have tickets yet?

    Mr. Park (Father): Yes, we have tickets. But I bought them on the internet. Now we have to get them.

    Sumi (daughter): Okay, where do we have to go to get them?

    Mr. Park (Father): Well, We are flying Egana airlines13. So we should go to the Egana ticket window.

    Sumi (daughter): Good, let's go!

    (Mr. Park and Sumi go the Egana ticket window.)

    (a woman): Hello, may I help you?

    Mr. Park (Father): Yes, please. My name is Park Jiangyork, and this is my daughter Park Sumi. We are traveling to Los Angeles today and want to get our tickets.

    (a woman): Please wait here.

    (The agent-employ looks at the computer.)

    (a woman): Yes, Mr. Park. I have two tickets for you. Here you are. Have a nice trip!

    Sumi (daughter): Thank you very much. Have a nice day!

    Mr. Park (Father): Mr. Park takes his ticket and gives the other ticket to Sumi. Here is your ticket. Don't lose it!

    Sumi (daughter): Thanks, Dad.

    Mr. Park (Father): You are welcome. Let's go to the restaurant and wait for our airplane. There are still two hours before we leave.

    Sumi (daughter): That sounds good. I am thirsty.

    (Mr. Park and Sumi go to the restaurant inside the airport.)

    (Waiter): Hello, may I take your order?

    Mr. Park (Father): Yes, I would like a cup of coffee, please?

    Sumi (daughter): Me too. One more cup of coffee, please?

    Mr. Park (Father): No, you're too young to drink coffee.

    Sumi (daughter): Okay, one hot coco, please?

    (Waiter): One cup of coffee and one cup of hot coco. Would you like anything else?

    Mr. Park (Father): No, thank you.

    Sumi (daughter): Dad, can I have a sandwich, too?

    Mr. Park (Father): Are you hungry?

    Sumi (daughter): Yes, I am very hungry.

    Mr. Park (Father): Okay, you can have a sandwich, too.

    Sumi (daughter): All right, then I will get your drinks now. Your sandwich will be ready in a few minutes.

    Situation 6: On the Airplane

    (Mr. Park and Sumi finished their drinks and food. They're now ready to get on the plane.)

    Mr. Park (Father): It's twelve o'clock. Our plane leaves at twelve-thirty. I think we should get on it.

    Sumi (daughter): Okay, where should we go to get on the plane?

    Mr. Park (Father): Our plane leaves from gate number six. So we have to go there.

    (Mr. Park and Sumi go to gate number six.)

    Sumi (daughter): Here is that! Gate number six.

    Mr. Park (Father): Yes, let's get on the airplane.

    (At the gate, an agent-employ is taking tickets)

    (a woman): Good-afternoon. May I have your tickets?

    Sumi (daughter): Dad, do you have the tickets?

    Mr. Park (Father): Yes, here they are.

    (a woman): Thank you, Sir. You'll sit at 29A and 29B.

    Mr. Park (Father): Thank you very much.

    Sumi (daughter): Yes, thanks a lot.

    (a woman): You are very welcome. Have a nice trip!

    (Mr. Park and Sumi go to take the seats.)

    Mr. Park (Father): These are great seats. We are close to the window and the bathroom.

    Sumi (daughter): Dad, can I sit by the window?

    Mr. Park (Father): Of course you can.

    Sumi (daughter): Thanks, I want to see soft me air.

    Mr. Park (Father): That's a good idea. You can also see Los Angeles form the air later.

    Sumi (daughter): Hi, that's a good idea, too. Dad, how long you thought fly to LA?

    Mr. Park (Father): I think it takes ten hours.

    Sumi (daughter): Ten hours? That is really long time!

    Mr. Park (Father): Yes, it is. But you can watch two free movies.

    Sumi (daughter): Two free movies? That's great! Two movies take four hours, so we will only have to wait six more hours.

    Situation 7: Arriving in Los Angeles

    (Mr. Park and Sumi finished their flight and arrive in Los Angeles.)

    Mr. Park (Father): Sumi, how is the flight?

    Sumi (daughter): It was long and boring, but the movies were fun.

    Mr. Park (Father): Really? I don't know because I was sleep most of the time.

    Sumi (daughter): Where do we go now?

    Mr. Park (Father): Now we have to go through emigration14.

    Sumi (daughter): Emigration? What's that?

    Mr. Park (Father): Emigration is where they check your passport15. Don't worry. It's very easy!

    Sumi (daughter): Okay! I won't worry if we can go through emigration together.

    (Sumi and Mr. Park go to emigration together.)

    (A man): Hello, may I please see your passports16?

    Mr. Park (Father): Yes, here they are.

    (A man): Is she your daughter?

    Mr. Park (Father): Yes, she is.

    (A man): What would you do in American?

    Mr. Park (Father): We're going to see Los Angeles and San Francisco.

    Sumi (daughter): And the Grant Canyon.

    Mr. Park (Father): Oh, yes, and the Grant Canyon.

    (A man): And where were you be stay in?

    Mr. Park (Father): My sister lives in LA. We will be stay at her house.

    (A man): All right. I'll hope have a nice trip.

    Sumi (daughter): Thanks.

    Mr. Park (Father): No, Sumi. You should say, 'Thank you, Sir.' It's more polite.

    Sumi (daughter): Oh, I'm sorry! Thank you, Sir.

    (A man): You are very welcome.

    (Mr. Park and Sumi go out of the emigration. And meet Mr. Park sister, Mrs. Kam.)

    Mrs. Kam: Jiangyork, it's so good to see you. And Sumi, you're so big! How old are you now?

    Sumi: I am fifteen years old. I was only eleven years old the last time I saw you.

    Mrs. Kam: Well, you have grown a lot. You are now a young woman. Jiangyork, you must be tired. Let's go to my house.

    Mr. Park (Father): Yes, I am very tired. Let's go to your house now.


    1 bout Asbzz     
    • I was suffering with a bout of nerves.我感到一陣緊張。
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    • Korea lies to the east of China.韓國位于中國東面。
    • Korea and China are separated by only the Yalu River.朝鮮和中國只隔一條鴨綠江。
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    航空公司( airline的名詞復數 )
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    • He often flies Northwest Airlines. 他經常乘坐西北航空公司的飛機。
    14 emigration apCxo     
    • He called for a halt to the recent wave of emigration.他呼吁停止近期的移民潮。
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