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    • 世博實用聽力01:看電影也不錯啊 【Transcript】 (Music) Professor: Winnie, today we're going to listen to Emily and Peter talking about movies on their blind date. 哎,初次約會通過聊電影來了解對方,這辦法不錯! Professor: I agree! Now let's find out if they
    • 世博實用聽力02:找個地方歇腳 【Transcript】 Professor: Jeff is at an apartment building. He's meeting the landlord to ask about renting an apartment. Professor Bowman, landlord這個詞由是land─土地,和lord─主人組成的,應該就是房主的意思吧? Professo
    • 世博實用聽力03:你喜歡聽什么音樂? 【Transcript】 Ernie和Beth是大學同學,倆人想組個樂隊。 不過,他們要先了解一下彼此的音樂口味是否相同。 Professor: So, let's find out what kind of music they like. Ernie: So Beth, what kind of music do you listen
    • 世博實用聽力04:問候身邊的朋友 【Transcript】 Lawrence給Jen做媒,讓她和自己的另一位朋友William約會。 Professor: Today Lawrence and Jen have met for coffee to talk about how Jen's date with William went. Lawrence: So Jen, what did you think of William? Did you g
    • 世博實用聽力05:談談你的大學生活吧 【Transcript】 Eric和Patty是好朋友,也是大學同學。他們中午一起吃飯,聊起了校園生活。 Professor: In this first part, we will learn how to ask what classes someone is taking. Patty: Hi Eric! Are you having fun at college
    • 世博實用聽力06:你是哪兒人啊 【Transcript】 Professor: Kevin and Jose are roommates at college. Today they are moving into their room and meeting each other for the first time. Professor Bowman, 這可是件大事。我的第一個大學室友睡覺鼾聲如雷,還經常偷吃
    • 世博實用聽力07:買個什么樣的禮物好呢 【Transcript】 Kevin準備在女友生日的時候跟她出去浪漫約會,為此,他特意到商場,打算買身兒精神的衣服。 Professor: Winnie, I think Kevin must be a very good boyfriend. It's nice of him to buy a new suit for his
    • 世博實用聽力08:你平時喜歡上網嗎 【Transcript】 A:Do you like computers? B: I have one, but I don't know much about them. A:I see. What about baseball? B:No. I'm not into sports. A:So... are you seeing someone? B:Well, that's a personal question. A:Sorry. I didn't mean to
    • 世博實用聽力09:你好,請問是在等人嗎 【Transcript】 A: Um, excuse me, miss. Are you waiting for someone? May I sit with you for a second? B:Yes, I guess it's OK. A:Thanks. So, um, do you go to bars often? B:Of course not! A: Sorry, I didn't mean anything bad. Would you like another dr
    • 世博實用聽力10:可以請你喝一杯嗎? 【Transcript】 A: Hey Don! Who's that girl? B: Why do you care? Don't you have a 1) date with a guy? A: Oh, come on. Who is she? She's... B: Just your type? I think so, too. Just go over and talk to her. Go on! A: I can't! B: You can! In fact, you'
    • 世博實用聽力11:有沒有碰到什么帥哥美女? 【Transcript】 A:So have you met anyone yet? B:Lots of people. A:I can't imagine you meeting lots of people. This is 1) incredible! B:Yeah! Yesterday over one hundred people wanted to talk to me! A:About what? 【參考譯文】 A: 遇到過什么人
    • 世博聽力專區12:工作與愛情,哪個更重要? 【Transcript】 A:Well, you're so pretty. I thought you must have a boyfriend. B:My work is the most important thing in my life. A: I like my job, too. What do you do? B:I teach piano. Most of my students are young kids. A: I only like heavy metal.
    • 世博實用聽力13:他太緊張了,直在冒冷汗 【Transcript】 Don:Herb, why are you still sitting here? Herbert: I'm too 1) nervous. Look! 2) I'm in a cold sweat! Don: It's OK to be nervous. It's only 3) natural! Herbert: You'd be nervous, too. Don:Me, nervous? Never. But most people would be.
    • 世博實用聽力14:你一定要邁出第一步 【Transcript】 Herbert:Every time Im near a girl, I get 1) tongue-tied. Don:You have to 2) make the first move, Herbert. Herbert:Like what? Don: Why not write a letter? Herbert: Im not 3) good with words. Don:I'll write a great love letter for you.
    • 世博實用聽力15:我這段時間有點忙 【Transcript】 Don: Hey, Herb! 1) What's up? Herbert: I've been busy lately. Don: Doing what? Herbert: I've been spending a lot of time 2) on-line. Don:On-line? Herbert:On the 3) Internet, talking to people in chat rooms. Don: Is that helping you w
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