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       《生活英語手冊》完全以日常生活的實際需要為著眼點,把英語口語中最常用的語句加以精選,分門別類,供學習者有針對性地查閱和學習掌握。為保證地道、準確,編寫完后由廣東外語外貿大學美籍專家Ken Foster博士通篇仔細審閱,并對全書英文文字精心潤色修改。




    • 生活英語手冊 001(1.日常生活-1.1居家生活-早上) 我六點半起床。I get up at half past six. 早上好。Good morning. 該起床了。It's time to get up. 鬧鐘響了。The alame clock is ringing。 快點起來。Get up soon。 鬧鐘響了嗎?Did the alame clock go off? 你醒了嗎?Are you awake? 快七點了,叫醒他吧。It's ne
    • 生活英語手冊 002(1.日常生活-1.1居家生活-中午) 你幾點吃午飯? What time do you have lunch? 中午吃的很簡單. I have a light meal for lunch. 你中午吃什么? What do you have for lunch? 我吃方便面. I have instant noodles for lunch. 你回家吃午飯嗎? Do you go home for lunch? 午休時間有多長. How much time
    • 活英語手冊 003(1.日常生活-1.1居家生活-晚上) 我回來了。 I'm back. 累死我了。 I'm worn out. 我好餓。 I'm starving. 晚飯準備好了嗎? Is supper ready? 一切都好吧? How did it go? 為什么這么遲才回到家? Why are you so late getting home? 我加班了。 I overworked. 晚飯吃什么? What shall we have for s
    • 生活英語手冊 004(1.日常生活-1.1居家生活-生活習慣) 生活習慣: 我早睡早起:I go to bed early and rise early 我煙酒不沾:I stay away from smoking and drinking 我早上跑跑步:I do some running in the morning 我早上運動健身:I walk out in the morning 我每天都午休:I take a nap everyday 我每天都練氣功:I
    • 生活英語手冊 005(1.日常生活-1.2天氣) 今天天氣怎樣? What's the weather like today? 廣州天氣怎樣? What's the weather like in Guangzhou? 氣溫多少度? What's the temperature? 最高溫度三十八攝氏度。 The maximum is thirty eight degree celsius. 最低溫度攝氏零下十五度。 The minimum is minus
    • 生活英語手冊 006(1.日常生活-1.3日期與時間) 今天是星期幾? What day is today? 今天是星期天。 It's sunday today. 今天是幾號? What's the day today? 今天是三月五日。 It's March fifth. 幾點了? What time is it please? 請問您的表幾點了? Excuse me,what time is it by your watch? 現在是七點正。 It'
    • 生活英語手冊 007(1.日常生活-1.4打電話-打電話) 我給你打電話。 I will give you a ring. 接線員,我想打個由對方付款的長話到加拿大。 Operator,I'd like to make a long distance collect call to Canada. 我要對方付款。 I want it collect. 請找約翰.史密斯聽電話。 May I speak to John Smith please. 我想和瑪
    • 生活英語手冊 008(1.日常生活-1.4打電話-接聽電話) 早上好,這里是希爾頓酒店。有什么能為您效勞嗎? Good morning,Hilton Hotel.May I help you? 銷售部,我姓王。 Sells department.Mr Wang speaking. 早上好,這里是約翰.史密斯辦公室。 Good morning,John smith's Office. 喂。 Hello. 我就是。 Speaking. 是我。 Th
    • 生活英語手冊 009(1.日常生活-1.4打電話-電話找人) 凱特,有電話找你:Kate, youre wanted on the phone ABC公司的李先生打電話找您:You have a call from Mr Li of ABC 卡爾,邁克爾打電話找你 Karl, Michael wants to talk to you on the phone
    • 生活英語手冊 010(1.日常生活-1.4打電話-打錯電話) 對不起,我想你打錯電話了: I'm sorry,I think you'v got the wrong number. 恐怕你撥錯電話了: I'm afraid ,you dial the wrong number. 這里沒有叫這個名字的人: There's no one here by that name. 這個號碼查無布朗先生: There's no Brown at that number. 請
    • 生活英語手冊 011(1.日常生活-1.4打電話-無法 對不起,他不在 Sorry,he is not here right now. 恐怕她出差了 I'm afraid she's away on business. 他今天休息 He is off today. 他打電話請了病假 He called in sick. 對不起,他現在有客人 I'm sorry he has company at the mo
    • 生活英語手冊 012(1.日常生活-1.4打電話-留言 你要留言嗎? Would you like to leave a message? 要我轉告他嗎? Can I take a message for her? 我可以請你捎口信嗎? May I leave a message? 我等會再打吧 I will call back later? 請告訴他我給他打過電話 Please tell him
    • 生活英語手冊 013(1.日常生活-1.4打電話-線路 線路很糟糕。 The line is very bad. 有很多雜音。 There is a lot of background noise. 線路有干擾。 The line is crossed. 你大聲點好嗎? Could you speak louder? 你說慢點好嗎? Could you speak slowly? 對不起,我聽不太
    • 生活英語手冊 014(1.日常生活-1.4打電話-說明 我打電話詢問有關。。。 I'm calling to inquire about.... 我打電話想問是否。。。 I'm phoning to ask if....
    • 生活英語手冊 015(1.日常生活-1.4打電話-掛電 請隨時給我打電話。 Please call any time. 恐怕我得掛電話了。 I'm afraid I have to get off the phone. 我得掛電話了。 I have to go now. 我沒說完他就掛了。 He hang up on me. 斷線了。 I was cut off. 電話打不通。
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