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    • 時尚英語話題 前言 時尚英語話題 前言
    • 時尚英語話題 01添加文本 What's new? Can you smell, see or hear NEW? I think so. Did you ever smell new better school clothes, bags no books and pencils. You can see all sorts of new items and programs and teachers at school. You can hear the sounds of friends getting togeth
    • 時尚英語話題 02 2 Mom, the Toughest Job in the World If you know me, you know that I always describe moms as our domestic engineers as having the toughest jobs in the world. They have so many hats to wear, so many balls to juggle, the cleaning, the cooking, the kids
    • 時尚英語話題 03 Teaching and Learning Responsibility Teaching a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime. It sounds good in theory. But is it realistic to make your kids work? They are supposed to study or play or do something other than work. Parents work for t
    • 時尚英語話題 04 4, Nice Surprises Do you like surprises? Sure, there are 'bad' surprises, like a pop quiz given by your teacher or an unexpected bill. Those are no fun. But there are also nice surprises. Have you ever had a surprised party? Didn't it feel great to b
    • 時尚英語話題 05 05 Quality Time on the Weekend Do you have any plans for the weekend? I hope you do, if you don't check out the culture page in your local paper or on the internet or just sit down and think of something that you want to do. I hope to go on a small r
    • 時尚英語話題 06 Red When learning English, a good memory will help you, but a good imagination may help you even more. For example, in English we dont have many words for colors, but we have many ways to describe a color. We say red like a cherry, or red like blood,
    • 時尚英語話題 07 07 Green Another day, another color. What comes to mind when you think of green? I think of different things like a cool green forest where I can walk with a friend, a green leaf of latus to wrap my food in, a green watermelon that I can share, a gre
    • 時尚英語話題 08 Yellow Just tie your yellow ribbon around the old oak tree. What comes to mind when you think of yellow? Yellow makes me feel warm,its a sunny color. Sure, I think different things like a big tall glass of cool yellow lemonade, a large branch of ye
    • 時尚英語話題 09 09. blue blue blue la mue blue ...... What comes to mind when you think of blue? Blue is a cool color. It's not necessarily cold, but I definitely think It's cool. Clear blue skies on Autumn days are nice. Salty blue water next warm islands, anybody
    • 時尚英語話題 10 Black and White All colors are special, but there are something about black and white. And I am talking about the combination here that has real power. Black and white make people focus, they say that most people dream in black and white, I wonder wh
    • 時尚英語話題 11 11 Writing: Just a letter In the modern age, you can communicate in so many ways: text messaging, e-mailing, faxing, calling, but there is something about snail mail that is special. When was the last time you received a letter from someone? I mean a
    • 時尚英語話題 12 12Power WalkGetting more exercise Ive been thinking and talking and writing about how I need to get some exercise. But I havent done much about it. So, the other day, after a radio show, I went for a walk. I walked a little faster than normal, so it
    • 時尚英語話題 13 13 Asking questions Knowing how to ask questions is so important. I usually start an English class by writing questions on the blackboard, with words like who,what,when,where,why,how and which. The most simple conversation is made up of questions, fo
    • 時尚英語話題 14 14 Self-improvement-upgrating your life If you are given some money to fix up your residence, your apartment or house,what would you do?Would you get some new wall-paper?would you get some new light fixtures? would you get some new furniture? these k
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