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       《新概念英語詞匯隨身聽手冊》根據廣大讀者——特別是英語自學者——的要求,外語教學與研究出版社和朗文公司共同推出了一批《新概念英語》(新版)的輔導用書,涵蓋了自學導讀、練習詳解、詞匯總表、語法及錄音練習等方面的內容。我們相信,這套新的輔導用書將為各個層次的學習者提供多方位的幫助,有助于他們通過學習《新概念英語》(新版)提高自己的英語綜合運用能力。此次推出的第二批輔導用書包括:詞匯隨身聽速記手冊、口語補充練習、語法補充練習和詞匯補充練習。新概念英語專題視頻講座     新概念英語默寫本  新版新概念英語文本Word版  新概念英語第一冊單詞背誦





    • 單詞聽力 新概念1詞匯 01-05 Lesson 001 New Word and expressions 1. excuse Excuse me. Excuse me. Is this your pen? Excuse. What time is it? 2. me Give me that book. Please tell me more. 3. yes Yes, it is. - Are you a student? - Yes, I am. - Can I have a cup of tea? - Yes, of cou
    • 新概念1詞匯 06-10 Lesson 006 New words and expressions: 1. make What make is it? What make is your watch? The rich man has cars of all makes. 2. Swedish Its a Volvo, Swedish. Nobel is a Swedish scientist. Jenny Lind is a famous Swedish singer. 3. English Its a Mini, E
    • 單詞聽力 新概念1詞匯 11-15 Lesson 011 New words and expressions: 1. whose Whose shirt is that? Whose watch is this? Whose house is this? 2. blue My shirts blue. The sky is blue. The sea looks dark blue at night. 3. perhaps - Is this shirt Tims? - Perhaps it is, sir. Perhaps it
    • 新概念1詞匯 16-20 Lesson 016 New words and expressions: 1. Russian We are Russian. Can you understand Russian? His mother is Russian. 2. Dutch Are you Dutch? There are some Dutch students in my class. 3. these What are these boxes for? Whose books are these? 4. red Wh
    • 新概念1詞匯 21-25 Lesson 21 New words and expressions: 1. give Give me a book please, Jane. Who is coming to give us a talk? He gave me a lot of good advice. 2. one This one. Which one do you like better? The apples are nice. Would you like to have one? 3. which Which
    • 新概念1詞匯 26-30 Lesson 26 New words and expressions: 1. where Where is it? Where are my glasses? Where are you eating? 2. in There is a glass in the cupboard. Whats in your bag? Lily is in her room now. Lesson 27 New words and expressions: 1. living room Mrs. Smiths
    • 新概念1詞匯 31-35 Lesson 31 New words and expressions: 1. garden She is in the garden, Jean. Mr. Brown has a beautiful garden. Shes in her garden now. 2. under Shes sitting under the tree. A cat is sleeping under the desk. Please write your name under your photo. 3. t
    • 新概念1詞匯 36-40 Lesson 36 New words and expressions: 1. beside Hes sitting beside his mother. Come and sit beside me. My cat likes to lie beside me when Im at home. 2. off They are jumping off the branch. He fell off his bike and hurt his leg. He took his hat off hi
    • 新概念1詞匯 41-45 Lesson 041 New words and expressions: 1. cheese A piece of cheese Whos stolen the cheese? My mother is good at making cheese. 2. bread A loaf of bread I had a glass of milk and some bread this morning. Would you like another piece of bread? 3. soap A
    • 新概念1詞匯 46-50 Lesson 46 New words and expressions: 1. lift I can lift that chair, but I cant lift this table. I tried to lift the sleeping girl, but she was too heavy. He lifted his hands when he saw me. 2. cake I can make cakes, but I cant make biscuits. Would yo
    • 新概念1詞匯 51-52 Lesson 51 New words and expressions: 1. Greece I come from Greece. Greece is an ancient country. They are taking a holiday in Greece. 2. climate Whats the climate like in your country? Mr. Black doesnt like the climate in Britain. This kind of plant
    • 新概念1詞匯 53-54 Lesson 53 New words and expressions: 1. mild Its mild, but its not always pleasant. We had a mild winter this year. She is a mild woman. 2. always She always has a smile on her face. You are always late for school. 3. north The weathers often cold in
    • 新概念1詞匯 55-59 Lesson 055 New words and expressions: 1. live The Sawyers live at 87 King Street. Where do you live? I live with my parents. 2. stay Mrs. Sawyer stays at home every day. Who did you stay with when you were in Beijing? I will stay at home for a few da
    • 新概念1詞匯 60-63 Lesson 61 New words and expression: 1. feel He feels ill. How are you feeling now? He felt sad after reading a letter. 2. look He looks ill. The picture looks nice. My mother looks angry. 3. must We must call the doctor. I must be off now. We must fi
    • 新概念1詞匯 64-67 Lesson 064 News words and expressions: 1. play Dont play with matches. The children are playing in the garden. He likes to play with his little son when he is at home. 2. match I want a box of matches, please. Dont strike a match. I can smell gas. 3.
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