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    • 聽電影學英語-阿童木(Astro Boy) 01 [00:09.87]NARRATOR: Here we are, floating peacefully in the sky. 我們到了,空中的寧靜之城 [00:13.04]Metro City, the jewel in the crown. 大都會,皇冠上的明珠 [00:16.21]Beautiful, isn't it? But how did we get here? 很漂亮,不是
    • 聽電影學英語-阿童木(Astro Boy) 02 [00:02.17](SIGHS) [00:03.88]Nobody likes a smarty-pants, kid. 沒人喜歡自作聰明的小孩 [00:05.71]Take this boy to a safe place and keep him there. 把他帶到安全的地方 看管起來 [00:08.09]What the... 什么 [00:09.13]- Dad! - I thi
    • 聽電影學英語-阿童木(Astro Boy) 03 [00:07.60]Toby! 透比! [00:09.43](BEEPING) [00:14.73]Fire now. 開火 [00:45.18]Where's Toby? Where's my son? 透比在哪?我兒子在哪? [00:50.85]I'm so sorry, Tenma. 我很遺憾,天馬 [01:03.44]Toby. 透比 [01:05.32](PANTING) [01:09.
    • 聽電影學英語-阿童木(Astro Boy) 04 [00:03.89]Dad? 爸爸? [00:05.69]Toby. 透比 [00:11.15]Whoa. Whoa. [00:14.07]Dad! 爸爸! [00:15.90]Welcome back, Son. 歡迎回來,兒子 [00:18.12]Thank you, Elefun. I'm going to take it, him, home now. 謝謝你,茶水 我現在就帶它,
    • 聽電影學英語-阿童木(Astro Boy) 05 [00:07.36]Oh! [00:08.49]Now, that is impressive, Master Toby! 這才是真的精彩,透比主人 [00:12.37]Just Toby is fine, Orrin. 叫我透比就行了,奧倫 [00:20.58]Toby. 透比 [00:21.96](EXCLAIMS) [00:25.51]What are you doing? I said to
    • 聽電影學英語-阿童木(Astro Boy) 06 [00:31.06]This is so cool. I gotta show Dad. 太酷了 我要讓爸爸看看 [00:41.95]How can my approval ratings be this low? 為什么我的投票率這么低? [00:44.78]I was very popular in high school. I've cut taxes for a lot of very influen
    • 聽電影學英語-阿童木(Astro Boy) 07 [00:11.76](GROANING) [00:36.66]No, no, no! 不,不,不! [00:38.87](SCREAMING) [00:40.12]Oh, no! 不好 [00:50.50]Send in the Spirit of Freedom. 發射自由的靈魂 [00:53.13]Destroy the robot, then collect the Core. 干掉那小子,再回收核
    • 聽電影學英語-阿童木(Astro Boy) 08 [00:01.92]Oh, my gosh! He talked to me twice. 我的天,他又和我說話了 [00:03.72]Well, this is definitely going in my diary as the most exciting day of my life. 我要寫日記 這是我人生最激動的一天 [00:07.47]Okay, I get it. You
    • 聽電影學英語-阿童木(Astro Boy) 09 [00:04.06]I'm running for re-election, in case you hadn't noticed, 提醒你一下 我在參加競選 [00:06.44]and we're in an arms race with the Surface! 我們還在和地面進行軍備競賽! [00:08.35]An arms race? What nonsense. 軍備競賽?
    • 聽電影學英語-阿童木(Astro Boy) 10 [00:01.44](EXCLAIMING) [00:03.15](KIDS LAUGHING) [00:04.52]This whole place is a parent-free zone. 這整個地方都是家長禁區 [00:06.36]I was born in the scrap heap. I was raised by wild dogs. 我在垃圾堆里出生 我被野狗養大 [00:09
    • 聽電影學英語-阿童木(Astro Boy) 11 [00:01.65](KIDS LAUGHING) [00:03.16]What? Oh, him? He wasn't really working out anyway. 什么?他? 他都不算完成品 [00:07.37]But, hey, this guy's something else! Look at the legs on this baby. 但這好家伙! 看看這寶貝的腿 [00:1
    • 聽電影學英語-阿童木(Astro Boy) 12 [00:03.50]Can... Can I tell you something, my secret? 能說個我的秘密嗎? [00:07.29]Sure, that's what friends are for, right? 可以啊,朋友就是這時候用的 [00:11.05]Do you ever feel like you just don't fit in, 你會不會覺得自己
    • 聽電影學英語-阿童木(Astro Boy) 13 [00:04.22](CHUCKLING) [00:07.26]I'm not doing this. 我不會動手 [00:15.85](GROANS) [00:27.78](KIDS LAUGHING) [00:34.12]- Yeah! - Go, Astro! - 好啊 - 好樣的,阿童木 [00:43.00]Bring out the Little Stinker! 下一個小刺刺 [00:49.59]Will
    • 聽電影學英語-阿童木(Astro Boy) 14 [00:01.10]It doesn't matter anymore. 沒什么關系了 [00:04.52]- I'm okay. I'm okay. - Come on. - 我不要緊 - 來吧 [00:07.06]CROWD: Boo! [00:11.73]- I'm sorry. I tried to tell you. - Keep moving. - 我想過告訴你實話 - 快走 [00:15.36]
    • 聽電影學英語-阿童木(Astro Boy) 15 [00:04.11]Arrest them immediately! I want them shot for treason. 逮捕他們! 以叛國罪處死 [00:07.19]We're gonna have to use the Peacekeeper to get the Blue Core back. 用和平衛士來取回藍核 [00:09.82]Don't use the Red Core, the nega
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