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      愛 情不會輕而易舉。





    大喜之日The Wedding Date字幕

    • 英語聽力:聽電影學英語—大喜之日 01 [00:-6.00]font color=#38B0DE大喜之日/font [00:03.00](Woman) 'Hi, this is Kat. Leave a message and I'll call you back.' 你好, 我是 Kat. 請留言,我回來后給你回電. [00:07.52](Man) 'Hi, Kat. This is Nick Mercer. 你好, Kat. 我是 Ni
    • 英語聽力:聽電影學英語—大喜之日 02 [00:04.44]Make me long for your kiss [00:05.36]Go on, go on [00:08.00]Come on, leave me breathless [00:09.80]Tempt me, tease me [00:14.08]Until I can't deny this loving feeling [00:18.24]Make me long for your kiss [00:22.72]Go on, go on [00:24.40]Com
    • 英語聽力:聽電影學英語—大喜之日 03 [00:01.96]- We look like we're trying too hard. - Exactly. - 看起來我們有點太做作了. - 的確是. [00:05.24]I want us to look like we fit but not like we're trying to look like we fit. 我也想讓我們很般配 但不是想盡辦法讓我們
    • 英語聽力:聽電影學英語—大喜之日 04 [00:01.76]Hello. Hello? 喂. 喂? [00:04.84]Oh. Wonderful. It's finally working. 哦.太好了.它終于能用了. [00:08.64]Does everybody have a drink? Because I am going to say a few words. 所有人都有喝的了嗎? 因為我要說幾句話. [0
    • 英語聽力:聽電影學英語—大喜之日 05 [00:04.56]Spilling your guts to a total stranger, it's not natural. 跟個陌生人說真心話, 我覺得不正常. [00:09.44](Laughter) [00:11.20]Oh, God. 噢, 上帝. [00:16.20]It's just... 只是... [00:16.36]There's this girl that I care for...
    • 英語聽力:聽電影學英語—大喜之日 06 [00:05.92](Clears throat) [00:09.40]The part where you were a sexual surrogate and then started to... 關于你以性做代理的部分,后來你開始... [00:15.48]branch out, is... 越做越大,是... [00:18.36]Is that really how it happened? 是真的
    • 英語聽力:聽電影學英語—大喜之日 07 [00:02.24]One fine day [00:09.52](Humming) [00:18.08](Smacks lips) [00:22.20](Nick) What's with the socks? (Kat) It's a golf-themed bachelorette. 那雙襪子干嘛的? 這表示未婚少女的意思. [00:27.60]Have you ever done a wedding before? 你以
    • 英語聽力:聽電影學英語—大喜之日 08 [00:19.08]I can't believe you found him first. I am so depressed. 我不能相信是你先見到他的. 我太傷心了. [00:22.12]Will somebody buy my hoo-hah a drink? 有人能給我買杯喝的嗎? [00:31.40]You remember when we took the girls hik
    • 英語聽力:聽電影學英語—大喜之日 09 [00:38.28]- (Man) Morning. - Morning. - 早上好. - 早上好. [00:58.08]Ahoy, there! 嗨, 你在那! [01:04.92]Hi, Dad. 嗨, 老爸. [01:35.92]I don't know what works for you but I brought you some black coffee 我不知道你喜歡吃什么, 我只給
    • 英語聽力:聽電影學英語—大喜之日 10 [00:05.68]Only you have that magic technique [00:09.28]When we sway I go weak [00:12.36]I can hear the sound of violins [00:17.24]Long before it begins [00:21.80]Make me thrill as only you know how [00:23.56]Sway me smooth, sway me now [00:28.76]Like
    • 英語聽力:聽電影學英語—大喜之日 11 [00:02.52]and now you'd like just a moment? 現在你就要一分鐘? [00:04.28]Sure. Go right ahead. 當然.繼續吧. [00:13.76]Thanks for the solidarity, Mum, but next time a little less information. 謝謝你維護我的利益,媽媽, 但下次少透
    • 英語聽力:聽電影學英語—大喜之日 12 [00:01.28]for the entire weekend. 整個周末一直這樣. [00:06.60]But then, I don't know, something happened and now... 但后來,我也不清楚, 一些事情發生了. 現在... [00:09.36]I hope this doesn't hurt your feelings but I'm just sick
    • 英語聽力:聽電影學英語—大喜之日 13 [00:03.40](Knocking) [00:11.64]Hey. 嗨. [00:16.64]Hey. 嗨. [00:31.72]I want to tell him, just not the night before our wedding. 我想告訴他, 但不是婚禮前一天晚上. [00:34.44]You know, with these things, timing is everything. 你知道,這
    • 英語聽力:聽電影學英語—大喜之日 14 [00:15.16]Hello, darling. Your mother said you wanted to have a quick word. 親愛的.你母親說你要跟我說幾句話. [00:17.32]No, no, no, I... 不,不,不,我... [00:25.60]There's something you should know before you marry me. 在你娶我之前
    • 英語聽力:聽電影學英語—大喜之日 15 [00:03.32]You go back, 你回去, [00:07.88]you get to spend the rest of your life having really great makeup sex. 在你的余生里體會真正意義的性愛斗爭. [00:15.92]- Ed? - (Ed) Must run! - Ed? - 趕時間! [00:17.40]Hi. 嗨. [00:21.12]H
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