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    • 聽電影學英語-附注我愛你1 [01:32.26]I know I should know this, darling, but are you mad at me? 我知道我應該清楚是怎么回事,親愛的 你是不是生氣了? [01:38.46]Baby. Holly. 寶貝,Holly [01:40.02](SIGHS) 我做了什么? 我做錯了什么? [01:42.
    • 聽電影學英語-附注我愛你2 [00:05.02]I should get my shoes. [00:06.22](CHUCKLES) 我得收拾下鞋了 [00:09.26]Theyre all over the place. Theyre gonna think I dont love them. 扔得到處都是,它們會以為我不愛它們了 [00:17.54](SIGHS) [00:25.78](MUSIC PLAYING O
    • 聽電影學英語-附注我愛你3 [00:03.14]...so we might as well have some fun. ...那么我們也能找些樂子 [00:04.90](CROWD CHUCKLING) [00:09.30]No, dont clean. 不,不要打掃 [00:10.98]No, I have to do something. I cant talk anymore. 不,我得做些事情 我沒辦法再
    • 聽電影學英語-附注我愛你4 [00:04.34]- John, tell me the truth. Did you do this? - No. I did nothing, I swear. - John,說實話,是不是你干的? - 不是,我什么都沒做,我發誓 [00:18.62](MUSIC PLAYING) [00:21.22]GERRY (O VER TAPE RECORDER): Hey, baby. Surpr
    • 聽電影學英語-附注我愛你5 [00:11.46]HOLLY (WHISPERING): I still know youre around. 我知道你就在旁邊 [00:15.38]Youre still here, arent you? 你一直在這兒,對吧? [00:22.42]MAN: So who lived here before? 這兒以前住著什么人? [00:22.58]A family. Theyre
    • 聽電影學英語-附注我愛你6 [00:02.34]I love you till the end 我愛你直到永遠 [00:09.78]I love you till the end 我愛你直到永遠 [00:20.70](APPLAUSE) [00:24.82](INDISTINCT CHATTER, LAUGHTER) [00:26.38]Okay, let me get this straight. 好的,讓我直說吧 [00:29.90
    • 聽電影學英語-附注我愛你7 [00:01.82]And its so much easier being abandoned by choice, is it? 比被不斷的選擇所牽絆容易多了,對吧 [00:19.82]Ive had my say. 我要說的都說完了 [00:20.62]I wont say anymore. 我不會再說了 [00:32.74]So wheres he sending
    • 聽電影學英語-附注我愛你8 [00:01.42]I met a little girl and we stopped to talk Of a fine soft day l-ay ∮我邂逅了一個女孩 我們談天說地度過了美好的一天∮ [00:06.30]And I ask you, friend Well, whats a fella to do ∮我問你朋友,小伙子該怎么做∮
    • 聽電影學英語-附注我愛你9 [00:02.60](SIGHS) 真抱歉 [00:05.18]Sorry about that. [00:07.60]Should I just lick it off the counter, then? 要我在臺子上舔嗎? [00:08.30]Would you like a drink? 你要喝一杯嗎? [00:11.54]- Oh, no! - Yeah. - 哦,不! - 嗯 [00:14
    • 聽電影學英語-附注我愛你10 [00:02.82]It is warm. I know youre lost, but you do know youre in Ireland, dont you? 是暖和,我知道你迷路了 你不知道自己在愛爾蘭? [00:08.42]Well, I better head back. Heh. 我要回去了 [00:13.46]- And where is that? - Im stay
    • 聽電影學英語-附注我愛你11 [00:04.42]DENISE: I cannot believe you are not calling me back! DENISE:難以置信,你還沒給我回電話呢! [00:07.90]GERRY: You cant be a secret agent... 你當不了特工... [00:09.58]DENISE: Im getting married. Where are you? SHARON: P
    • 聽電影學英語-附注我愛你12 [00:02.02]Im alone and... 我孤單... [00:05.10]...it doesnt matter what job I have, or what I do or what I dont do... ...不管我做什么工作,或者做什么,不做什么... [00:08.70]...or what friends I have. Hes not here. ...有什么朋友
    • 聽電影學英語-附注我愛你13 [00:03.74]Forever. 永遠 [00:07.34](SIGHS) [00:17.26]Whats wrong, friend? 怎么了,朋友? [00:19.02]Its Gerry. 是Gerry [00:22.90]Its been a year... 一年了... [00:27.58]...and I dont feel him around me anymore. ...我已經感覺不到他在身
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