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             《賤女孩》(Mean Girls)是一部2004年的電影,由蒂娜·菲(Tina Fey)編劇、馬克·華特斯(Mark Waters)執導。本片改編自蘿瑟琳·魏斯曼(Rosalind Wiseman)撰寫的非虛構小說《女王蜂與跟屁蟲》(Queen Bees and Wannabes),該書描述高中女生的社交小團體,以及對于這些女生的影響。





    • 英語聽力:聽電影學英語-賤女孩 01 [00:33.62]This is your lunch, okay? 這就是你的午餐,好嗎? [00:34.46]Now, I put $1 in there so you can buy some milk. 我還放了一美元錢在里面,給你買牛奶喝 [00:37.14]You can ask one of the big kids where to do that. 你可以
    • 英語聽力:聽電影學英語-賤女孩 02 [00:01.70]What? 什么? [00:03.70]But so far, none in Evanston. 但是迄今為止,在伊云斯頓還一個也沒有 [00:05.94]導演:馬克沃特斯 [00:21.10]Hey. How was your first day? 嘿,第一天上學感覺如何? [00:37.18]Is that
    • 英語聽力:聽電影學英語-賤女孩 03 [00:01.42]Jason, why are you such a skeez? 杰森,你怎么是這樣一個爛貨? [00:03.26]I'm just being friendly. 我只是友善而為 [00:05.90]You were supposed to call me last night. 昨晚你應該給我電話的 [00:06.58]Jason. You do n
    • 英語聽力:聽電影學英語-賤女孩 04 [00:01.42]They went out for a year. 他們一年前才分手 [00:04.10]她都快崩潰了 [00:04.94]I thought she dumped him for Shane Oman. 我感覺是她為了謝恩阿曼而一腳蹬了他 [00:06.30]Okay, irregardless. Ex-boyfriends are just off-
    • 英語聽力:聽電影學英語-賤女孩 05 [00:01.46]Oh, God, honey, no. What kind of mother do you think I am? 噢,上帝,甜心,你把我想成哪種母親了? [00:06.30]'Cause if you're gonna drink, I'd rather you do it in the house. [00:06.46]Why? Do you want a little bit? 你想要
    • 英語聽力:聽電影學英語-賤女孩 06 [00:02.34]See you tonight. 晚上見 [00:05.18]Hey, Africa. You staying for the Mathletes meeting? 嗨,非洲人,你留下來,數奧隊要開會 [00:10.54]Yeah, I'll be right back. 好的,我就回來 [00:12.06]Okay, I lied, 好了,我撒謊了
    • 英語聽力:聽電影學英語-賤女孩 07 [00:02.38]Pretending like nothing was wrong turned out to be surprisingly easy. 裝作若無其事,顯出不可思議的放松 [00:06.38]Regina wanted me to tell you that she was trying to hook you up with Aaron, 莉賈娜要我告訴你,她當時是
    • 英語聽力:聽電影學英語-賤女孩 08 [00:03.58]Thanks for being such a great friend. Love, Regina. 作為摯友非常榮幸,愛你的,莉賈娜 [00:08.26]That's so sweet. 寫得真好 [00:09.42]Okay, back to Caesar. 好了,講回凱撒 [00:12.42]Once Gretchen thought Regina was ma
    • 英語聽力:聽電影學英語-賤女孩 09 [00:02.26]It's not going to happen. 再也不要聽到 [00:10.14]Why should Caesar get to stomp around like a giant 為什么凱撒要開始像巨人一樣跺腳呢? [00:10.82]while the rest of us try not to get smushed under his big feet? 而被他的
    • 英語聽力:聽電影學英語-賤女孩 10 [00:01.50]I have to admit, I was mildly horrified 我不得不承認,我有點怕了 [00:03.53]when Aaron didn't immediately ask me to be his girlfriend. 當亞倫沒有馬上讓我作他的女朋友 [00:06.03]I mean, I know he was sad, but how muc
    • 英語聽力:聽電影學英語-賤女孩 11 [00:02.14]Don't invite Gretchen. She's driving me nuts. 別叫格雷琴,她要逼瘋我了 [00:03.50]- Hold on. - Okay, hurry up. - 別掛 - 好,快點 [00:05.86]It's Regina. 我是莉賈娜 [00:09.18]She wants to hang out with me tonight, but sh
    • 英語聽力:聽電影學英語-賤女孩 12 [00:12.22]Get out. 出去 [00:56.26]- Hey. - Hey. - 嗨 - 嗨 [00:58.26]I've been looking for you everywhere. 我到處找你 [01:01.10]Me, too. 我也是 [01:02.10]Wow, you look... 你看上去... [01:04.62]- New clothes? - Thanks. - 新衣服? - 謝
    • 英語聽力:聽電影學英語-賤女孩 13 [00:04.42]I've ever met. 最下流的婊子 [00:10.26]Do not trust her. 不要相信她,她是個臭蕩婦! [00:14.10]She is a fugly slut! [00:32.46](莉賈娜喬治) [00:37.38]I found it in the girls' bathroom. It's so mean, Mr. Duvall. 我在
    • 英語聽力:聽電影學英語-賤女孩 14 [00:05.94]And it wasn't going away. 不可避免了 [00:14.46]Hey, I pulled these two off each other. 嘿,我把這兩個分開了 [00:17.46]Coach Carr, step away from the underage girls. 卡爾教練,別靠近未成年女孩 [00:25.02]Let me hel
    • 英語聽力:聽電影學英語-賤女孩 15 [00:02.30]I'm really disappointed in you, Cady. 我對你太失望了,凱蒂 [00:05.82]Okay, so we're all here because of this book, right? 好,我們來這是為了這本書,對嗎? [00:09.98]Well, I don't know who wrote this book, 呃...我不
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