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    • 聽電影學英語-羅丹島之戀1 [01:13.30](ALARM CLOCK BEEPING) [01:35.98]ADRIENNE: Amanda! Amanda! [01:36.98](HEAVY METAL MUSIC PLAYING LOUDLY) [01:40.22]Amanda, turn that down! Amanda 關掉它! [01:42.74]Jeez. 該死 [01:48.86]Danny, are you still on that thing? Weve gotta go, h
    • 聽電影學英語-羅丹島之戀2 [00:01.90]-Love you. -Be safe. - 我愛你 - 小心點 [00:05.50]Have fun for the both of us. 我們都要開心 [00:09.18]Have fun yourself. 玩的愉快 [00:17.46](SIGHS) [01:41.42]Hello? 你好? [01:46.90](BELL RINGS) [02:03.38]Anybody here? 有人嗎
    • 聽電影學英語-羅丹島之戀3 [00:02.74]Its not considered a good omen. 被認為不是好兆頭 [00:04.62]Thanks for warning me. 謝謝你的提醒 [00:07.86]Its from a folktale my dad used to tell me. 那是個傳說 父親以前講給我的 [00:13.86]He loved telling stories. 他
    • 聽電影學英語-羅丹島之戀4 [00:01.74]What exactly did you hear? 你聽說了什么? [00:02.26]Look, you dont owe me any explanation. 聽著 你不需要像我解釋什么 [00:04.42]No, I dont. What did you hear? 沒錯 我不需要 你聽說了什么? [00:07.82]Huh? 啊? [00:0
    • 聽電影學英語-羅丹島之戀5 [00:05.10]Oh, its Amanda. 哦 是Amanda [00:07.70]Oh. 哦 [00:08.86]Hi, sweetheart. 嗨 甜心 [00:13.38]I knew you were gonna have a good time. Thats great, sweetie. 我就知道你會玩得很開心 太好了 甜心 [00:17.82]Im looking at a baby p
    • 聽電影學英語-羅丹島之戀6 [00:00.78]I wanna know what went wrong. 我想弄清是怎么回事 [00:06.18]Your wife, Mr. Torrelson, what happened to her... Torrelson先生 你妻子的情況... [00:11.14]...it happens in one out of 50,000 cases. They react to the anesthesia. ..
    • 聽電影學英語-羅丹島之戀7 [00:53.38]I know youre hurting... 我知道你很難過... [00:57.78]...because you werent there with your son last night. ...昨晚不能陪著兒子 [01:02.42]But I want you to know... 我想告訴你的是... [01:07.82]...that I envy what you have
    • 聽電影學英語-羅丹島之戀8 [00:52.38]Okay, this is where Ill be flying into Esmeraldas. 坐飛機可以到埃斯梅拉達 (厄瓜多爾地名) [00:55.98]And then you take this long road... 然后是很長一段路... [01:01.66]...closer up into these mountains over here. ...到達
    • 聽電影學英語-羅丹島之戀9 [00:17.22]PAUL: Dear Adrienne, when I write to you, I feel your breath. 親愛的Adrienne 每次寫信給你 都能感覺你的氣息 [00:23.66]When you read these letters, I imagine you feel mine. 我希望你讀信時 能感受到我的氣息 [00:2
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