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    • 聽電影學英語-人生駕駛課1 [00:45.43]Thank you, Ben. [00:46.92]Tell your mother she's an angel, cooking for all us oldies. [00:49.96]When's the driving test? -This afternoon. [01:12.99]You got a girlfriend yet? [01:14.68]Oh, no, no. Not yet, no. [01:25.68]Don't forget. Hand br
    • 聽電影學英語-人生駕駛課2 [00:03.24]Oh, excellent. [00:05.88]Well, we do seem to be getting along famously, don't we, Ben? [00:09.63]Now, I'll show you around. [00:18.47]Hi, Ben. [00:19.47]Hi. [00:21.87]Been swimming? [00:25.12]Um, yeah. [00:28.47]What are you all dressed up
    • 聽電影學英語-人生駕駛課3 [00:01.27]Where on earth have you been? It's 6:00. [00:04.99]I got held up. [00:06.32]Got held up? [00:08.96]We had a driving lesson at 4:00. [00:10.92]You should have let me know. [00:12.79]There was nowhere to call from. If I had a mobile... [00:15
    • 聽電影學英語-人生駕駛課4 [00:09.35]Hello, there. [00:14.63]And what brings you here? [00:17.04]Mmm? [00:19.43]Do you think Mum will let me go camping? [00:21.23]Camping? [00:23.44]Why on earth would anyone want to go camping? [00:26.27]To escape? [00:27.59]He can't possibly.
    • 聽電影學英語-人生駕駛課5 [00:02.43]* And I'm destroying [00:06.51]* Every bet I've made * [00:36.43]All well? [00:40.32]Fine. [00:44.08]Don't feel guilty. [00:47.43]Guilt's a wicked ghost. [01:06.28]I'm just going for a stroll. [01:09.67]I'll be down the road a little way. [
    • 聽電影學英語-人生駕駛課6 [00:01.72]You wanted to see me? [00:03.24]Yes, come in. [00:07.43]I thought Dougal would at least have had [00:09.36]the decency to meet us at the hotel. [00:11.60]One doesn't ask much of one's agent. [00:17.20]I need some water. [00:30.64]Thank you.
    • 聽電影學英語-人生駕駛課7 [00:01.51]I'm sorry. [00:04.24]Ben. [00:05.24]Yes? [00:07.12]You're a lovely guy. [00:10.20]Thank you. And thank you for having me. [00:22.72]Stop at an offy. I need a drink. [00:48.99]Miss Walton? Emma Pagent, Vintage Press. [00:52.35]For a moment t
    • 聽電影學英語-人生駕駛課8 [00:02.39]Just when we think it's all over, it throws a view like this at us [00:07.67]and we don't know where we are. [01:20.72]Shall I bring in the things? [01:22.15]Tomorrow. I'm going to rest now. [01:30.80]I tricked you into going all that way,
    • 聽電影學英語-人生駕駛課9 [00:04.36]And now, as the final chapter of our story unfolds, [00:09.44]we watch God's angels [00:11.91]surrounding the stone that lies across the mouth of the cave [00:16.27]in preparation for the greatest miracle of all, [00:27.15]Christ's resurrec
    • 聽電影學英語-人生駕駛課10 [00:03.42]Free verse. [00:05.81]Ah. [00:07.77]Some mysteries I will never understand [00:10.54]The way the Earth rotates around the sun [00:13.29]three minutes short of every day [00:15.66]Or the way the dead are gone [00:17.70]Like putting down the
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