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    • 聽電影學英語-蒸發的摩根夫婦 01 [00:52.52]Hi. Youve reached Meryl Morgan. I cant take your call right now, 這里是梅莉摩根的辦公室,我現在不在 [00:54.88]so leave a message and have a great day. Thanks. 有事請留言,謝謝 祝你有個愉快的一天 [00:59.04]Hello
    • 聽電影學英語-蒸發的摩根夫婦 02 [00:02.04]But... 但是┅ [00:04.36]But what that means... 這也就是說┅ [00:14.56]Im sorry. 不好意思 [00:20.92]Well, I... 我┅ [00:22.92]Basically, what Im saying is, 總之我想說的是 [00:27.80]we want your money right now. 快捐錢吧
    • 聽電影學英語-蒸發的摩根夫婦 03 [00:03.88]You did something wrong. 一定是你做錯什么事 [00:12.60]Here comes the rain. 下雨了 [00:15.08]You slept with someone else, Paul. 保羅,是你有外遇的 [00:18.60]You are not good at talking about the weather. 你還真會在談論
    • 聽電影學英語-蒸發的摩根夫婦 04 [00:05.28]Stop pushing the buttons. 不要再按了 [00:30.36]Theres an emergency. 有急事 [00:32.36]Well, I certainly hope so, Marshal. 我想也是 [00:34.04]Thank you. Do you mind? Do you mind? 謝謝.不好意思,你可否? [00:36.24]Not at all
    • 聽電影學英語-蒸發的摩根夫婦 05 [00:02.80]Were here. Its time. 時間到了,就是這里 [00:13.16]Marshal Wheeler will take good care of you. 魏警員會照顧好你們的 [00:15.84]Youre not coming? 你不來嗎 [00:16.52]Im going back to find this guy. Good luck. 我得回去抓兇
    • 聽電影學英語-蒸發的摩根夫婦 06 [00:04.64]You gotta know Emma to appreciate her humor. 這就是艾瑪式的幽默 [00:08.16]Sometimes that doesnt even help. 好像沒什么共鳴 [00:12.20]Hey, I just wanna say that I think what you people are doing is very brave, 我只是想表達
    • 聽電影學英語-蒸發的摩根夫婦 07 [00:03.20]And believe me, it would... 而且你要知道我┅ [00:06.20]It would be so much easier if I could just make myself forget. 對我來說,遺忘或許是最容易做到的 [00:10.40]But 但是 [00:14.88]when I look at you, I just feel regr
    • 聽電影學英語-蒸發的摩根夫婦 08 [00:02.20]Oh. No, no, thanks. Im actually a vegetarian. 喔不了,我是素食者 [00:07.56]Morning. 早安 [00:10.24]I got news for you, Sheriff. Your cousin, here, is a vegetarian. 警長,有個新消息,你親戚她吃素 [00:16.28]You never think
    • 聽電影學英語-蒸發的摩根夫婦 09 [00:06.24]You know, you dont need to hear this. 嗯我覺得你不用在乎這個 [00:07.28]- What is it? - Okay. -是什么? -好吧 [00:09.60]As a last resort, assume a cannonball position 最后一招,維持加農炮姿勢 [00:12.96]covering your
    • 聽電影學英語-蒸發的摩根夫婦 10 [00:03.80]Mustve been a big decision for you. 你應該下了很大決心 [00:06.96]Well, I really thought about telling you, but I didnt really know where we were at. 其實我原本想跟你說的 但我一直搞不定我們之間的關系 [00:11.8
    • 聽電影學英語-蒸發的摩根夫婦 11 [00:13.84]There you go. 去吧 [00:15.20]- Blew its head off. - That was good. -殺很大 -太棒了 [00:17.88]- Wow, its very, very loud. - Yeah. Yeah. -很大聲耶 -對啊 [00:19.40]No, no, no. Cause I got two more cans. 喔可是我還有兩個罐頭
    • 聽電影學英語-蒸發的摩根夫婦 12 [00:03.76]So, I really just wanted to apologize 我覺得很抱歉 [00:06.76]for any trouble we may have caused you. You know, I know theres been 我們給你們帶來的不便 [00:10.76]a certain amount of screaming and shouting and so on. 你知道
    • 聽電影學英語-蒸發的摩根夫婦 13 [00:01.28]I mean, not me, specifically. Im an agnostic. 當然并不是在說我,因為我是無神論者 [00:04.96]Next thing youll be telling us youre Democrats. 你該不會要跟我說你是民主黨人吧 [00:08.12]Well, I mean, theres gotta be
    • 聽電影學英語-蒸發的摩根夫婦 14 [00:08.52]- Hi, Kelly. - Hi. -凱莉你好 -你好 [00:10.36]Hi. 早安 [00:23.08]- Hi. - Morning, Lucy. -你好 -早安露西 [00:23.24]Lucy. 露西 [00:32.60]- Doc. - Hey, Doc. -醫生 -哈羅醫生 [00:32.92]Howdy, Fosters. 你好 [00:38.28]Its a
    • 聽電影學英語-蒸發的摩根夫婦 15 [00:18.56]Come in. 進來吧 [00:24.08]Hello. 嘿 [00:24.44]Hi. Are you asleep? 你睡了嗎 [00:29.96]Very much so, yes. 對啊,很熟 [00:30.12]I hate to interrupt that, but you have to see this. 抱歉打擾你,你跟我來看看 [00:37.48]Good Go
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