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          《這個男人來自地球》(The Man from Earth)是一部2007年出品的獨立電影。由Richard Schenkman執導,Jerome Bixby編劇。本片在IMDB上獲得了8.1的高分(截至2009年11月7日)。

      歷史學教授約翰·歐德曼(John Oldman)令人意外地從大學辭職后,他的同事們來 到他的家中為他舉辦告別聚會,并希望教授解釋他為何離開。教授聲稱他是一個不會衰老的克洛曼儂人,到目前為止已經活了一萬四千多年。。。。。。




    • 聽電影學英語-這個男人來自地球 01 [00:42.90]嘿 老兄 Hey, buddy. [00:45.23]你可真抓緊時間 You dont waste time, do you? [00:47.26]我試試慢慢來 I try not to. [00:48.96]需要幫忙嗎? Well, you need help? [00:50.30]當然 Sure. [00:55.10]你能告訴我們 Harry: would
    • 聽電影學英語-這個男人來自地球 02 [00:02.20]對付這種病 我有特效藥 John There are over-The-Counter remedies for that, john. [00:07.43]你果然有問題 So there is a problem. [00:08.80]不 No. [00:10.60]我只是喜歡時不時地搬家 I just like to move on now and then.
    • 聽電影學英語-這個男人來自地球 03 [00:02.63]只是他們知識不多 They just didnt know as much. [00:04.43]John說的那個人可以與人類文明同步學習 Johns man would have learned as the race learned. [00:07.43]事實上 如果他喜歡刨根問底 In fact, if he had an in
    • 聽電影學英語-這個男人來自地球 04 [00:01.46]當然 那時候我們是游牧民族 We were semi-Nomadic, of course, [00:03.03]根據氣候變換和獵物而遷移 Following the weather and the game we hunted. [00:06.03]第一個2000年間很冷 The first 2,000 years were cold. [00:08.
    • 聽電影學英語-這個男人來自地球 05 [00:02.13]像你剛才說的 她們說我不會變老 As youve said, theres talk of my not aging, [00:04.86]一旦有人談起 我就會離開 And when that happens, I move on. [00:07.66]這就解釋了 你會換下一個身份 Well, it might make se
    • 聽電影學英語-這個男人來自地球 06 [00:02.50]再練1000年吧 Give it another thousand years. [00:05.93]行了 行了 我可以的 Well. I got it, I got it, I got it. [00:09.56]耶穌啊 Jesus. [00:10.56]偷雞不成蝕把米 哈里 Smooth demonstration, harry. [00:12.46]別鬧 丹 Si
    • 聽電影學英語-這個男人來自地球 07 [00:03.00]John! John! [00:04.10]很高興我逮住你了 Im glad I caught you. [00:05.60]有人說你要走了 Someone mentioned that you were leaving- [00:07.56]打你電話 和你說過快擋不住了 Called you, told you that Ive lost it. [00:09.4
    • 聽電影學英語-這個男人來自地球 08 [00:02.60]先入為主的觀念 宗教的阻礙 Preconceptions, screams from the church. [00:05.83]10個博士學位 Ten doctorates. [00:07.00]太厲害了 John 你全部教過嗎? Thats impressive, john. Did you teach them? [00:08.90]某些教過 So
    • 聽電影學英語-這個男人來自地球 09 [00:01.60]經常 Often. [00:02.63]你有愧疚感嗎? Have you ever felt guilt about that- [00:05.06]類似對生者的愧疚? Something akin to survivors guilt? [00:07.35]從嚴格的心理學角度說嗎? In the strict psychological sense? [00:09.6
    • 聽電影學英語-這個男人來自地球 10 [00:00.70]Who? [00:01.96]His wife. [00:05.83]She had, uh, pancreatic cancer. [00:09.43]威爾! Will! [00:12.13]我不知道瑪麗的事 I didnt know about mary. [00:13.86]對不起 我沒預料到這對你的打擊 Im sorry. I can see how this might
    • 聽電影學英語-這個男人來自地球 11 [00:02.30]你閑暇時間做什么? What do you do in your spare time? [00:05.76]每隔50年左右 Every 50 years or so, [00:06.90]當我想放松一下的時候 When I wanna get away from the rush, [00:08.80]我會去新幾內亞島的一個原始部落
    • 聽電影學英語-這個男人來自地球 12 [00:01.98]他不想看到他們變成 He didnt like what they became- [00:03.70]一座巨大的屠殺機器 A giant killing machine. [00:05.93]他來到了近東 他想 He went to the near east thinking, [00:07.66]為什么不把佛祖的道義用現代
    • 聽電影學英語-這個男人來自地球 13 [00:05.63]不論是佛祖還是十字架 From the buddha to the cross, [00:07.83]我認為都是虛構的 I have always imagined both as entirely mythic- [00:12.53]但我還是想聽聽 But I would like to hear more. [00:14.93]我能在沙發上坐會嗎
    • 聽電影學英語-這個男人來自地球 14 [00:01.60]即席創作 有些寫得很真 Improvisation, some of it very sincere, [00:04.20]填補了空白 Fills the gaps. [00:05.33]那時候偽造 It would have been easy [00:06.70]一段歷史很容易 To falsify a past back then- [00:09.63]寥寥數
    • 聽電影學英語-這個男人來自地球 15 [00:04.20]沒有從東方來的智者膜拜馬槽 No wise men came from the east to worship at a manger. [00:07.83]我倒是做過點治療 I did do a little healing [00:09.96]用我所學的東方醫術 With some eastern medicine Id learned. [00:14.
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