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    • 外貿英語口語UNIT1添加文本 Unit 1:Establishing trade relation. The following conversation is between Mr.Gatty, an importer from Britain, and Mr.Dong,a director of Liming Foodstuffs factory. Mr Gatty is visiting the sample room of the factory and Mr Dong is accompanying with hi
    • 外貿英語口語UNIT2 A:Mrs Mar,I saw your raising bicycles over there.It really looks smart. B:You said it.They are the new models of our name brand Phynex raising bicycles,a lot lighter than the other ones.A great favourite with the young people abroad. A:How much do t
    • 外貿英語口語UNIT3 Inquiries Mr Clife from a company in Canada comes to a machinary plant for the prices of small hardwell.Mr Yang is meeting with him. A: Im glad to have the opportunity of visiting your corporation.I hope we can do business together. B: Its a great pl
    • 外貿英語口語UNIT4 A company of American wants to import some toys and dolls from China.Mr Baker,the representative of the American side,was sent to shanghai to hold a business talk.Mr Li from shanghai toys import and export corporation makes an offer to him. A: Look,
    • 外貿英語口語UNIT5 Unit 5 placing an order Mr Wise is a buyer from overseas,visiting the offices of an import and export corporation in Shanghai.Mr Joe is the manager of the corporation with Miss Li as his secretary. A: Mr Wise is to see you,Mr Joe.Shall I bring him i
    • 外貿英語口語UNIT6 Unit 6:Packing After a large of problems regarding the purchase of bundling terms had been settled.Mr White,a businessman, from Austria,performs the subject of packing with Mr Fung,the marketing manager of north neating import and export company. W:W
    • 外貿英語口語UNIT7 Unit 7:Quality Mr Woman,purchasing manager of sattle German BH,is discussing with Mr Wang, sales representative of eastern from citical corperation,regarding the quality problem derived from the transaction valemin of which is important for citical i
    • 外貿英語口語UNIT8 Unit 8:On price After he got the offer from European trade company,Mr Linger is talking about the price with Mr Nobot,a representative from the company. L:To tell you the truth,we are greatly surprised to the price you offered us.We are expecting muc
    • 外貿英語口語UNIT9 Unit 9:On terms of payment 1 Having settled the price of transaction. Mr Fracer is having a talk about payment terms with Mr Li from our trading corporation. F:Of talking over the price,at all is on the high sides as compared with those of arrival go
    • 外貿英語口語UNIT10 Unit 10 On terms of payment 2 After the finished talking of questions about the price,Mr Blag is going to talk about payment term with Mr Wang from our trade company. S:I am glad we are likely to conclude the first transaction with you soon.We settle
    • 外貿英語口語UNIT11 Unit 11:Shipment 1 Having settled all the terms of payment,now Mr Joson and Mr Wang get to talk over the question of shipment. J:Now that we have satisfactory with the deal for the question of payment term.I am desired to know if it is possible to ef
    • 外貿英語口語UNIT12 Mr.James is a representative of a British company, and Mr.Liu is a staff member of China National Foodstuffs Import Export Corporation. They hold a discussion on the seafood. J: Now, Mr.Liu, Let's have a word about delievery. Can you make prompt ship
    • 外貿英語口語UNIT13 外貿英語口語UNIT13
    • 外貿英語口語UNIT14 外貿英語口語UNIT14
    • 外貿英語口語UNIT15 unit 13 insurance Mr smith, a newzerland businessman,is importing a batch of porcelain ware from china.The price terms have been fixed on CIF oakland basis. After loading the goods on board ship,Mr smith go to the insurance company to have the porcel
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