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    • 外貿英語口語900句 01對外貿易與外貿關系(1) Opening Remarks(1) Dialogue A (I =Interviewer 主持面試者; A =Applicant 應征者) A:Excuse me.May I see Mr. John Watt,the manager? I:It's me.What can I do for you? A:I have come at your invitation for an interview.Nic
    • 外貿英語口語900句 02對外貿易與外貿關系(2) Unit 1 Part 2 第1單元 第2部分 Can we do a barter trade? 咱們能不能做一筆易貨貿易呢? Is it still a direct barter trade? 這還算是一種直接的易貨貿易嗎? If you agree to our proposal of a barter trade, we'll give you p
    • 外貿英語口語900句 03對外貿易與外貿關系(3) We want to develop direct contact with Continental buyers for ourselves. 我們想為自己的公司同歐洲大陸的買主建立起直接的聯系。 We see that your firm specializes in Light Industrial Goods, and we are willing to establish bus
    • 外貿英語口語900句 04對外貿易與外貿關系(4) When could you introduce me to your sister company? 什么時候把貴公司的兄弟公司介紹給我們? Would you please introduce us to some of the most reliable exporters of Chinese handicrafts? 請向我們推薦一些最可靠的中國手
    • 外貿英語口語900句 05關于運輸方式(1) We arrange shipments to any part of the world. 我們承攬去世界各地的貨物運輸。 From what I've heard you're ready well up in shipping work. 據我所知,您對運輸工作很在行。 What is your specific transport requirement? 你們
    • 外貿英語口語900句 06關于運輸方式(2) Unit 2 Part 2 第2單元 第2部分 Transport by sea is the most important mode of transportation in the world today. 海運是目前世界上最重要的一種運輸方式。 Usually, it is cheaper to have the goods sent by sea than by railway. 通常
    • 外貿英語口語900句 07關于運輸方式(3) We think it necessary to move the articles by way of combined transportation. 我們認為聯運貨物十分必要。 Sometimes, the way of combined transportation has the complicated formalities. 有時聯運的手續十分繁瑣。 The two sides
    • 外貿英語口語900句 08關于運輸方式(4) Unit 2 Part 4 第2單元 第4部分 Who will bear the extra freight charges? 多出的運費由誰負擔? Please quote your current tariffs. 請報你公司的最新運費表。 Freight for shipment from Shanghai to Hongkong is to be charged to you
    • 外貿英語口語900句 09關于運輸方式(5) Unit 2 Part 5 第2單元 第5部分 This is one set of the shipping documents coverning the consignment. 這是一套這批貨的裝運單據。 We'll send you by air a full set of non-negotiable documents immediately after the goods are loaded. 貨一
    • 外貿英語口語900句 10關于裝運方式(1) Unit 3 Part 1 第3單元 第1部分 The shipment has arrived in good condition. 運到之貨情況良好 I hope you'll be entirely satisfied with this initial shipment. 我希望您能對第一批貨感到滿意。 Please exercise better care with fu
    • 外貿英語口語900句 11關于裝運方式(2) Unit 3 Part 2 第3單元 第2部分 Can our order of 100 cars be shipped as soon as possible? 我們訂的100輛小汽車能盡快裝運嗎? An early reply from you will help us to speed up shipment. 如果你們盡快答復,我們便可以加速
    • 外貿英語口語900句 12關于裝運方式(3) Unit 3 Part 3 第3單元 第3部分 It's better to designate Tanggu as the loading port. 在塘沽裝貨比較合適。 A manager of a Japanese Company and a staff member of a Chinese corporation hold a discussion on the loading port at Beijing Hotel
    • 外貿英語口語900句 13關于裝運方式(4) Unit 3 Part 4 第3單元 第4部分 Don't you think it's troublesome to transship the goods at Sydney? 您不認為在悉尼轉船太麻煩了嗎? Do you wish to transship the goods to Macao at Hong Kong? 您是不是想把貨物由香港轉至澳
    • 外貿英語口語900句 14關于保險問題(1) Unit 4 Part 1 第4單元 第1部分 I'm looking for insurance from your company. 我是到貴公司來投保的。 Mr. Zhang met Mr. William in the office of the People' Insurance Company of China. 張先生在中國人民保險公司的辦公室接待
    • 外貿英語口語900句 15關于保險問題(2) Unit 4 Part 2 第4單元 第2部分 What risks is the People's Insurance Company of China able to cover? 中國人民保險公司承保的險別有哪些? What risks should be covered? 您看應該保哪些險? What kind of insurance are you
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