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    • 萬用英語口語句典01-介紹自己 01.01.01 介紹自己 1. May I introduce myself to you? =May I present myself to you? *Let me introduce myself to you *Please let me introduce myself *I'd like to introduce myself 2. My name is David Smith. 3. Please call me David. 4. Excuse me, I'm Dav
    • 萬用英語口語句典02-介紹別人 01.01. 02 介紹他人 1. Hi, Peter. Have you met Bob? 2. I 'l introduce you to everybody. 3. I'd like to introduce Mr. Brown. 4. I'd like you to meet my friend, Jane. 5. I don't think you met David, did you? *Have you two been introduced? A:I don't thi
    • 萬用英語口語句典03-回應介紹 01.01. 03 回應介紹 1. Pleased to meet you. 2. I've heard so much about you. 3. I'm pleased to make your acquaintance. 4. Charmed. 5. I've been looking forward to meeting you. 6. I think we've met before.
    • 萬用英語口語句典04-辨認別人 01.01. 04 辨認別人 1. I believe we've met before. 2. Is the man in black the dean? 3. You may not remember me. My name is Jane Green. 4. Who is that man? 5. Do you know that boy? 6. Excuse me, are you Mr. Brown?
    • 萬用英語口語句典05-日常問候 01.01. 05 日常問候 1. Good morning, David. 2. How are you this morning? 3. How do you do? 4. What's up? 5. What's new with you? 6. How are things going? 7. How are you doing? 8. How's your little girl? 9. How nice to see you! 10. How is everything?
    • 萬用英語口語句典06-特定問候 01.01. 06 特定問候 1. Happy New Year! 2. Happy Lunar New Year! 3. The very best of luck to you in the New Year! 4. Have a Merry Easter! 5. Happy Thanksgiving Day! 6. Happy New Year to your family.
    • 萬用英語口語句典07-久別重逢 01.01. 07 久別重逢 1. It's been a long time, hasn't it? 2. What luck for running into you! 3. How's life, Kate? 4. Fancy meeting you here. 5. How've you been all these days? 6. Long time no see. 7. Haven't seen you for a long time. 8. Hi, it's good
    • 萬用英語口語句典08-日常告別 01.02.01 日常告別 1. So long. 2. Bye-bye. Have a nice day. 3. Have a good weekend. 4. See you. 5. Look forward to seeing you again. 6. Let's do lunch sometime. 7. I hope we'll meet again sometime. 8. I hope you can come over again. 9. I'll stop by l
    • 萬用英語口語句典09-晚上告別 01.02.02 晚上告別 1. Good night. 2. Good night. See you tomorrow. 3. Guess I should get going. Good night. 4. Good night. Have a nice time. 5. Oh, God it's late. I've got to go. have got to 是 have to 的口語表達方式 .
    • 萬用英語口語句典10-外出時告別 01.02.03 外出時告別 1. Goodbye. Have a nice trip. 2. Goodbye. Have a nice flight.( 用于機場告別 ) 3. I'm looking forward to seeing you again. 4. Good luck! 5. Be sure to drop us a line. 6. Take care!
    • 萬用英語口語句典11-回應告別 01.02.04 回應告別 1. I have to leave. 2. It's too bad you have to leave so early. 3. Why don't you stay a little longer? 4. I hope to see you again. 5. I hope you drop in again whenever you're free. 6. I won't keep you then. 7. I'll miss you. 8. Let
    • 萬用英語口語句典12-提出邀請 01.03.01 提出邀請 1. We're going to have a few friends over at my house. 2. We have a party tonight. Would you like to come? 3. I want to buy you a drink. 4. Could you come to my house for a beer? 5. I'd like to have you dance with me tonight. 6. Wh
    • 萬用英語口語句典13-接受邀請 01.03.02 答應邀請 1. It's OK. I'll be there on time. 2. I'd like to be together with you. (請校對) 3. I'm not doing anything. 4. That's what I'm thinking about. 5. I have nothing to do this weekend. 6. I'll be here to pick you up at six. 7. I'll b
    • 萬用英語口語句典14-拒絕邀請 01.03.03 拒絕邀請 1. I'm not sure about it. I'll have to check. 2. I'll be busy all day long. 3. I won't be free until Wednesday. 4. Any time except this Sunday. 5. I have to work overtime tonight. 6. I'll have to attend a conference that day. 7. I'
    • 萬用英語口語句典15-邀請有變 01.03.04 邀請有變 1. Do you think it's convenient to postpone it till 10:30? 2. Is it OK if I postpone my appointment on next Sunday? 3. I'm afraid I'll be a bit late. 4. I'm so sorry I can't keep the appointment with you today. 5. Do you mind if I
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