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    • 《心靈驛站》精講01 嘲諷 Morning, professor. 早上好,先生. Good morning. 早上好. What do we have on the board today? 今天有什么車到? Dr. Cross will be wanting to pick up those three 629 Pullmans. 克勞斯博士要搭6點29的豪華列車 And 630 Observation. 6點
    • 《心靈驛站》精講02 唯一老友 Who's showing the movie tonight? 今晚是誰在放電影? Carl. 卡爾. The billowing smoke as it's coming forward. 伴著滾滾白煙,列車在前進. My wife was inside the car, staying warm, 我老婆呆在溫暖的車廂里, but I was on the h
    • 《心靈驛站》精講03 遺產 He was a nice man. He was a nice man. 他是個好人. 他是個好人. I don't think we've ever met. 我想我們以前沒見過面. No, but I've seen you around. 不, 我應該見過你. Well, like, you're one of those memorable people. 像你這樣的
    • 《心靈驛站》精講04 新環境 Then where'd you go? I see. 你要去哪?我知道. So, what else, dude? 還有啥事, 你這家伙? Yeah? Andy, why don't you come out here, bro? 好?安迪, 為什么你不能來一趟,兄弟? I'm going out of my mind. 我要瘋了. Holy shit. Hey,
    • 《心靈驛站》精講05 巧遇奧利維拉 Oh! Aah! 噢!啊哈! Oh, my God. just stay there. 哦,天啊.呆在那! Don't move. Don't try to get up. 別動.別起來. Oh, I'm so sorry. God. 哦,我真抱歉.上帝啊. Are you okay? - I'm fine. 你沒事吧? - 我很好. Can you move everythi
    • 《心靈驛站》精講06 心懷怨念 Oh, shit. There he is. 哦,該死.又是他. Ow! Oh! Oh!God! Oh! 噢 哦 Oh, my God. Oh. Oh. Oh. 天啊. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. I can't believe this. 哦 我的上帝.簡直不敢相信. I can't. I am so sorry. 我不是故意的.我很抱歉. Here.
    • 《心靈驛站》精講07 邀請 Yeah? Did she ask about me?What'd you tell her? 她問到我了嗎?你怎么跟她說的? Don't fucking tell her that. 別他媽的告訴她那些! I don't know. Make some shit up. 我不知道.你別亂說話! I'll call you back. Bye. 再聯系.
    • 《心靈驛站》精講08 夜訪 You're safe. No car. 很安全.沒有汽車. I never told you my name. Olivia Harris. 我還沒告訴你我的名字.奧莉維亞 哈里斯. This is for you. 這是送給你的. A housewarming slash sorry I ran you off the road gift. 一點小禮物,慶
    • 《心靈驛站》精講09 孤男寡女 Who left you this place? 誰給你留下了這個地方? My friend Henry. 我的朋友亨利. When did he die? 他什么時候去世的? Three weeks ago. 三周前. I'm sorry. 真遺憾. My son, Sam, died. Two years ago. 我的兒子,薩姆,也死了
    • 《心靈驛站》精講10 嘿,你是男人 Come on. Tell me what happened. 快點.告訴我發生了什么. You're not going anywhere today, are you? 今天你哪也不去,對吧? I'd like to return this. Do you know where she lives? 我要還給她.你知道她在哪住嗎? I'd freeze her ou
    • 《心靈驛站》精講11 逃避 Hi, leave a message. 嗨,請留言. Olivia?Are you there? Liv? 奧莉維亞?你在嗎? Look, I really need to talk to you now. 聽著,我現在真的需要和你談談 It's important, so please call me back. 這很重要,請回我電話 And I hope yo
    • 《心靈驛站》精講12 圖書館的相遇 Aah! Oh, I'm so sorry. 啊!哦, 真抱歉. Oh, God, I didn't know anybody was in here. 哦,天啊,我沒看見你在那. Can I help you? 有什么需要? Check this book out? 借這幾本書 Okay. Um, do you have a library card? 好的. 你有借書證
    • 《心靈驛站》精講13 新小友的認識 Olivia left it. You're my hero, dawg. 奧莉維亞留下的.你真行,朋友. Hey, Fin. You want a cold one? 嗨, 芬.來罐冰啤酒? So, what else? 還有啥事? Hey, Fin, I'm taking off! Manana, baby! 嗨, 芬,我走了!明天見! Hey, what are yo
    • 《心靈驛站》精講14 捍衛自己擁有的友誼 Hey, Fin!Wakey, wakey, baby! 嗨, 芬!醒醒, 伙計! Hey, I'll be at the truck. 嗨,我去餐車那了. Hey, Joe! Big Joe! 嗨, 喬!大喬! What's up, fellas? 怎么了,伙計們? Oh, look at the stash. Ron Jeremy. 哦, 仔細看. 這是朗 杰里米
    • 《心靈驛站》精講15 你能正常和暗戀的人獨處嗎? Hello, Olivia. 哈嘍, 奧莉維亞. Hi. 嗨. One cafe con leche, extra sugar, coming up. 一杯咖啡,雙份糖,快點. Thanks. - All right. 謝謝. - 馬上來. Gonna pop in on Fin? 來看芬? What? Oh, no. I just drove past him. 什么? 哦, 不.我
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