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    • 小紫帶你輕松學美劇 第1期 《絕望主婦》原句: So let me get this straight. He chopped down one of our pine trees? 單詞詞組講解 Get sth straight: to make a situation clear; to make sure that you or sb else understands the situation 明確某事;把某事弄清楚
    • 小紫帶你輕松學美劇 第2期 《絕望主婦》原句: Husbands clash with wives, parents cross swords with children, but the bloodiest battles often involve with women and their mothers-in-law. 單詞詞組講解 Clash: to argue or disagree seriously with sb about sth and to
    • 小紫帶你輕松學美劇 第3期 《絕望主婦》原句: First off, I'm very pleased with the work we've done in our sessions thus far. We're making excellent progress. 首先,我對我們目前的工作進展非常滿意。我們取得了很大的進步。 單詞詞組講解
    • 小紫帶你輕松學美劇 第4期 《絕望主婦》原句: We were all singing carols and the dog was howling because everybody in my family sings off key except for me. 單詞詞組講解 Carol:圣誕頌歌 Howling:怒吼的;猛烈的 怒吼著的風 A howling wind 我經理暴
    • 小紫帶你輕松學美劇 第5期 《絕望主婦》原句: This is getting really weird. I think we should go to the police. 單詞詞組講解 Weird 奇異的,不尋常的 A weird dream 離奇的夢 A weird girl 古怪的女孩 發音講解(單詞,連讀和吞音) 單詞
    • 小紫帶你輕松學美劇 第6期 《絕望主婦》原句: So you think shes cheating on you? 單詞詞組講解 Cheat on sb: 出軌了,對某人不忠 He is cheating on you. 他出軌了。他對你不忠。 發音講解(單詞,連讀和吞音) 單詞 Cheat On 吞音 You
    • 小紫帶你輕松學美劇 第7期 《絕望主婦》原句: I dont see why you have her. 單詞詞組講解 I dont see why you turned him down. He is so nice. 我不明白為什么你拒絕他了。他人真的很好。 發音講解(單詞,連讀和吞音) 單詞 See Why Have
    • 小紫帶你輕松學美劇 第8期 《絕望主婦》原句: You know, baby, it would be a good idea if we cut back on expenses. 單詞詞組講解 Cut sth back/cut back on sth: 減少,消減,縮減 cut back production:減產 發音講解(單詞,連讀和吞音) 單詞 B
    • 小紫帶你輕松學美劇 第9期 《絕望主婦》原句: I cant be with the kids all day. Id lose my mind. 單詞詞組講解 Lose my mind: to become mentally ill 發瘋;神經錯亂 發音講解(單詞,連讀和吞音) 單詞 Kids All Day Lose Mind 連讀 Kids all 吞音
    • 小紫帶你輕松學美劇 第10期 《絕望主婦》原句: How are we gonna scrape together fifteen grand for this endowment? 單詞詞組講解 Are gonna=are going to Scrape sth together or scrape sth up: 勉強湊集 Endowment:捐贈 Grand: 1000美元 發音講解(單詞,連
    • 小紫帶你輕松學美劇 第11期 《絕望主婦》原句: Bree, we just told the kids were getting divorced. Its time to spoil them a little. 單詞詞組講解 Spoil:有2個意思 1.破壞 天氣不好,破壞了我們的旅游。 Our trip was spoilt by bad weather. 2.寵壞 她的
    • 小紫帶你輕松學美劇 第12期 《絕望主婦》原句: A: Are you sure you didnt leave them open this morning? B: No way. 單詞詞組講解 Leave sth open 美語發音技巧(連讀,吞音,弱讀) Didnt Leave them:可以把th去掉,直接leave+schwa+m 翻譯: A:你確
    • 小紫帶你輕松學美劇 第13期 《絕望主婦》原句: Though she didnt know it at the time, Susans luck had finally started to change. 單詞詞組講解 Start to change (Sth had started to change) 美語發音技巧(連讀,吞音,弱讀) Didnt know 的t吞音 Know it連
    • 小紫帶你輕松學美劇 第14期 《絕望主婦》原句: I didnt mean it. 單詞詞組講解 Mean: 動詞 1)表示什么意思 What does this sentence mean? 這句話什么意思? 2)打算,有.目的 I mean it. 我是認真的。 Mean: 形容詞 吝嗇的,小氣的 Shes al
    • 小紫帶你輕松學美劇 第15期 《絕望主婦》原句: Rex, whats this about? Whats all this about a modelling school? 單詞詞組講解 What is this about+ sth 自己可以造句 發音講解(單詞,連讀和吞音) 單詞 About Modelling school 連讀 This about About
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