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    • 原版英語小短文 1. Brush Your Teeth She walked into the bathroom. She took the cap off the tube of toothpaste. She squeezed some toothpaste onto her toothbrush. She turned on the cold water. She brushed her upper teeth and spit out some toothpaste. She brushed her lower teeth and spit
    • 原版英語小短文 2. Buy a Lotto Ticket He went to the liquor store. He walked over to the lotto stand. He grabbed a SuperLotto form. He marked six numbers. They were the numbers for his birthday and his mom's birthday. He went to the counter and gave the clerk his form. The clerk put the
    • 原版英語小短文 3. Watch a DVD He took a DVD out of the package. The DVD was for Season 2 of the TV series Lost. He pointed the remote at his DVD player. He pushed the Open button on his remote. The tray slid out of the player. He placed the DVD onto the tray. He pushed the Close
    • 原版英語小短文 4. Get Dressed He put on his underwear. He put on his slacks. He put a belt through the belt loops in his slacks. He put on a pair of black socks. Then he put on his brown shoes. He tied the shoelaces. He stood up and walked over to his closet. He found a short-sle
    • 原版英語小短文 5. Vacuum the Carpet She inspected the carpet for small items. She saw a paper clip and a rubber band. She picked them up. She put them into a little box on the kitchen counter. She plugged in the vacuum cleaner. She turned on the switch. The cat ran out of the room. She
    • 原版英語小短文 6. New Shoes She is young. Her shoes are old. She wears them to work. She goes to work five days a week. She loves her work. She is a waitress. She works at a restaurant. The restaurant is near her home. She walks to the restaurant. She stands up all day long. Sh
    • 原版英語小短文 7. Hotel Germs He called the hotel. He asked for a room for one night. He drove to the hotel. He checked into the hotel. The clerk gave him the room key. He went to his room. He took the sheets off the bed. He took the pillowcases off the pillows. He went into the
    • 原版英語小短文 8. A Brand New Bike It was a new red bike. It was a brand new red bike. He loved his brand new red bike. He had paid $300 for it. It was a mountain bike. It had 12 gears. He rode his bike everywhere. He rode up steep hills. He rode down steep hills. He rode on dirt road
    • 原版英語小短文 9. Make Some Toast She took a bagel out of the package. She took a knife out of the drawer. She sliced the bagel in half. She sliced it carefully, because a bagel is hard to cut. If the knife slipped, she might cut her finger. She put each half of the bagel into the to
    • 原版英語小短文 10. 30 Years Late She found a book in her basement. It was an old book. She opened the book. It was a library book. It was an old library book. The library card was inside the front cover. The due date was on the library card. She looked at the due date. The due date
    • 原版英語小短文 11. Buy a Goat I hate mowing my lawn, said Gil. Every week I have to mow my lawn. Every week for six months I have to mow my lawn. What can I do? You should dig it up, said Brenda. Take out all the grass. Pave your yard. Make a concrete yard. Then you won't have to
    • 原版英語小短文 12. Fry an Egg She poured a little vegetable oil into the frying pan. Then she turned on the stove. She took an egg out of the refrigerator. She cracked the egg into a small bowl. She put the eggshells into the kitchen trash bag. She waited for the oil to get hot.
    • 原版英語小短文 13. An Unlucky Winner Sammy won the lottery. He was so happy. He jumped up and down. I won the lottery! I'm rich! Life is great! he yelled. He checked the numbers online again: 2, 22, 3, 33, 4, and 44. Yes, those were the winning numbers. Yes, those were the numbers on hi
    • 原版英語小短文 14. Shave Your Face He walked into the bathroom. He turned on the water and rinsed his face. He picked up the can of shaving cream. He put some shaving cream onto his fingers. He spread the shaving cream all over his face and neck. He picked up the razor. He shaved both
    • 原版英語小短文 15. Peel a Carrot She opened the refrigerator. She took a carrot out of the refrigerator. She took a carrot peeler out of the kitchen drawer. She peeled the carrot. She put the carrot skin on a white plate. She rinsed the carrot peeler. She chopped off the two ends of
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